Porus 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Attacks Hephastian’s Battalion

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Puru addresses his soldiers that they will fight for their motherland till there is a last drop of blood in their body and protect it. Laachi does his aarti. Anusuya says she is proud that her husband and son are both going for a war to protect their motherland and will return after kicking out intruders from their motherland. Puru with Bamni, Hasti, and soldiers leave for a war. Olympia watches from window and thinks whatever rituals they do, Puru is going to die soon. She starts black magic.

Laachi sadly looks at Puru’s path. Anusuya says she need to go with Puru, even then can be his strength as women are their’s husband’s emotional support, she is sure her son will return with victory. Laachi says both mother and son think same, Puru also said same before leaving. She calls her mother and apologizes for her brother’s mistake. Anusuya gets emotional hearing mother from her mouth and says she is very happy hearing that. Their emotional bonding continues.

Alexander watches Dasyus’s building bridge on Jhelum river. Hephastian says looks like Dasyus will build bruidge in 7 days istelf instead of 10, soon they will be attacking Puru. Alexander asks to be alert as Puru can attack bridge anytime. Puru with his team discuss that they will attack Hephastian’s battalion as discussed as and reminisces Ambhi raj explaining Alexander’s plan. Puru says they will show foreigners that they can go to any extent to kick them out of our motherland.

Olympia meets Anusuya and says there was no need to apply red color on Puru as he would returned in red soon, her son Alexander would defeat Puru and brutally kill him. Anusuya says it is kumkum which encourages warrior towards victory and warrior defeats his enemies. She is sure her son will kick Alexander out of Bharath soon, now she should go and rest. Olympia leaves fuming, goes to her room and does black magic on Puru’s doll and thinks she will not kill Puru easily and let him suffer first.

Puru with his team reaches Hephastian’s battalion with Hasti and Bamni.. Cletius laughs that he came with a few soldiers to attack big battalion. Soldiers attack and cover all 3 sides of land. Puru asks how will the escape now. Cletius gets afraid.

Precap: Olympia slits Puru’s doll repeatly shouting enough now, Puru should be ready to die. Hephastian stabs Puru repeatedly.

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  1. incredible superp and overwhelming.

  2. Porus is superb but so is Alexander.. Alexander should have been a better human though.

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