Muskaan 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Tabassum strikes a deal

Muskaan 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rakhi making Muskaan do much work. Suzaine looks on sadly. Muskaan says I know what all work I have to finish today. She does the work. Tabassum asks Rakhi to do anything, but not let Muskaan’s face get spoiled. She goes. Rakhi looks for Sujoy. Sapna says he has gone to help Muskaan. Rakhi thinks he is a fool to help Muskaan. She asks Sapna to not let Muskaan snatch her brother, he is protecting Muskaan a lot. She asks Sapna to rule in the house, as she is her daughter. She goes to see Sujoy. Sujoy shows the new slippers to Muskaan and surprises her. She asks him how did you get this, you have stolen money, I won’t talk.

He says I just took a ring, it was fallen there, I got the slippers for you, wear it and see, I got it with love. Rakhi comes there. He wears the garland and makes Muskaan wear slippers. She says its very soft. Rakhi comes there and sees them dancing. She gets shocked. She gets angry on Sujoy and beats him with the slippers. Sujoy jokes on Rakhi, who always beats him. Muskaan feels bad.

Suzaine, Jaya and Lumi take care of Muskaan and Sujoy. Ghosh comes and asks them to get ready fast, guests would be coming. Muskaan gets sad and says I m feeling hungry, but I m not upset for food, I want a doll to get mumma back. Muskaan gets ready and goes. Tabassum smiles and says today’s evening will be good. Sapna gets angry seeing Muskaan and goes to scold. Sujoy jokes that Sapna has become like Rakhi. Tabassum waits for a Vip client. She asks him to come. She calls Muskaan. Muskaan greets him. He asks her to have chocolates. Tabassum asks her to get water for guest. Muskaan gets water. He asks her to go to her friends. Suzaine and others dance. Aarti dances too. She feels restless.

Tabassum sells off Muskaan to the client. He gives her a bag of money. She says she is still 7 year old, you have to wait till she grows up to 18 years. He says its fine, I will wait for some years, I want to book my happiness. Suzaine looks on and worries. He gives another bag. Suzaine comes to them and scolds. Tabassum slaps her. Bouncers stop Suzaine and others. Rakhi goes to dance on the stage. Suzaine cries and gets angry. Jaya and Lumi take her. The man says I think this money will be enough for Muskaan. Tabassum laughs and says this is less, our thing is priceless.

Tabassum and Suzaine fight. Suzaine says you have to return this money. She gets slapped. Police comes. Suzaine says I called you, arrest this woman, she is selling Muskaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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