Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mansi’s mehendi ceremony

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik recalling Naira’s words. Rukmani asks how can you break off the marriage. Dadi says like you can cheat us. Naira and Kartik ask Dadi to think once. Kartik says Rukmani did this for Mansi and Anmol, its my fault also, when I knew about pregnancy, I have hidden it, Naira and I always tried that no family gets hurt… Manish and Naitik look on. Yeh rishta….plays…..Kartik says I always tried that everything goes fine. Rukmani says nobody will marry Mansi if you do this. Naitik says whatever happened was wrong. Mohit says I request you not to spoil their life. Nandini also requests. Dadi says come on time for mehendi rasam. Everyone smiles. Kartik says Naira, you danced very well, it was very nice, are you fine. She asks did you see my dance. She thinks I thought you left. He says sorry, I didn’t listen to you, I should have told them about Mansi’s pregnancy, Dadi would have not got this confusion. She says thanks for watching my dance performance. She goes.

He says how could I miss such an imp thing. She says I wish you had praised me after the performance, but you were busy. Dadi cries and says I had a hope, but it also ended. Manish hugs her. She says they got away two years ago, when they met in Mumbai, I felt they would come together, I did puja for them too, I thought my family will unite again, my hope and happiness has been destroyed, now divorce date will be fixed, everything will be over. He says we thought they will agree to us and everything will get fine, the fact is they will make their own decisions, we can’t do anything. She asks are they never going to unite. He says what can I say, they know about it or Lord, we can just hope that they realize how incomplete they are without each other.

Kartik and Naira see a dancing couple showpiece and recall their dance. Yeh rishta….plays….. They think the past. The showpiece breaks by Kartik’s hand. Suwarna looks on. She says I was right Maa ji, I have to make my son happy soon. Naitik comes to Naira. She says kartik did the same thing which I did two years back. He says but no one told him anything. She says they wouldn’t have told anything to me either, if the result was not such, if Shubham was between us, no one would have blamed me, I don’t want to blame anyone, maybe everyone is right on their place, my fate didn’t support me. He says you don’t stop believing in yourself. Manish comes to Kartik and picks the dolls. He says promise me, you will think about it. Kartik says I thought well. Manish says you know you can’t change your decision later. Kartik says I can’t do anything, it was her decision. Manish says you could have opposed. Kartik says I m fed up of opposing, let this go on as it is, I m accepting things as they are. Manish asks what’s the problem. Kartik says if I knew, I would have done something.

Ashi gets leg pain and says I danced so much. Suwarna gives her balm and says you danced very well. Ashi says yes, but Naira is the best, I swear she is amazing, thanks for this. She goes. Suwarna says I was also mistaken, what did I get, this time I won’t let this happen, my son will get the best girl. Dadi says don’t make that blunder, for the last two years, you did what you wanted, I didn’t stop you as you were grief stricken, now I can see revenge or someone else, as long as their relation exists, don’t involve a third person, its going to affect everyone, try to be patient. She goes. Naira gets mehendi cones. She imagines Kartik. The flower basket drops. Devyaani asks are you fine. Naira says yes. Bhabhimaa says we should leave now. Devyaani says Naira and I will not come, you all go, Suwarna is the reason, her foolishness and stubborness, she is just waiting for Kartik and Naira’s relation to end, she wants Kartik and Ashi to get married. Naira and everyone get shocked.

Devyaani says I heard them yesterday, I couldn’t tell you, Naira danced after two years, everyone was happy, I didn’t wish to spoil their happiness. Naira says we are getting late for mehendi. Devyaani says you want to go there. She says yes, when we are out of someone’s life, we have nothing to do there, if we go with sad faces, Mansi and Anmol won’t like it. She thinks this would just be in Suwarna’s heart, it won’t get true.

Ashi records everyone dancing. Naira gets mehendi. Surekha and Kirti get Mansi. Ashi asks Devyaani what she wants to say about marriage. Devyaani says marriage means joining relations, not breaking them. Bhabhimaa stops her. Kartik comes and sees Naira. Mansi gives her hands to Naira and Kirti. Rukmani says Naira, you let it be, its shagun mehendi, you are neither married nor divorced, let Kirti do shagun, anyone will apply mehendi design. Everyone gets shocked. Nandini asks what are you saying. Kartik thinks why is Naira not saying anything. Naira says Rukmani is right, Kirti you apply it. Kartik thinks what happened to her, how is she listening to this nonsense. Naira sings Aai shubh ghadi…. and dances with everyone. Kartik thinks of his mehendi moment with Naira. He dances with Lav and Kush. He falls near Naira and looks at her. Ashi takes him and dances with him. Suwarna dances with them. Suwarna goes to receive something.

Naira gets Kartik’s name stamped on her palm. He asks her to try harder and erase it. They argue.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nikeita satrohan

    Nice track but please let naira and kartik get together before the wedding is over and let suwarana get out of their lives

  2. naira arrogant idiot always has prblm wid evrythn karthik praised u genuinely still u want to show ur shitty attitude.nd ystrday ur so desperate dat he didnt said anythn nw y doing drama
    Split personality naira
    Nd her family another chamchas i dont knw y they r showing dis much tantrum
    Bt can v expect frm a family who r nthn bt chamchas of naira
    Nw ur realising ur foolishness naira dat bcz of ur mahanta shubam truth gt hidden nd ur blamed fr his death .
    bohat shauk haina naira hamesha khudko victim banaeka aur attention panaeka
    Atlst evn a sane person knw dat its nt a small thing 2 hide
    Bt no she did wat she wants lyk always
    I dont knw wats wid her dat evry1 s praising kirti dances well than her bt no writers hav to show naira mahaan so dat her chamchas wl b happy
    D group dance s so much good den nairas dance

    1. U seem to hate naira way alot but if u think she is the one who is bearing the torture. She is doing things just to help his partner and expects only from on the other hand Kartik seems to be Mummas boy who does everything Momma says. Upar se at least father should be like Naitik who keeps his daughter above the society…

    2. Nikita I agreed wit u?

  3. Soofia bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I really hate kartiks Mam she is always being b*t*h towards naira kartik should be more nice towards naira he should take a stand support naira kartik is doing the opposite supporting his Mam I don’t like kartiks Mam anymore kartik grandmother should throw kartiks Mam out of the house I can’t wait until naira kartik patch up really soon

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