Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update; Dharmi tries to attract Mukhi ji

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 11th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aru comes to thank Dharmi for her dupatta. Dharmi says Sharabi is bringing the dupatta. Abhay reaches, Rami introduces him with Dharmi. Mukhi ji says Abhay would be declaring the results of winner.
Madhur and Kaveri were near the idols and worried what to do. Madhur brings Chammo eating some leaves and places them over Aru and Mukhi ji’s idol. Everyone was asked to bring their idols, Aru comes to see Chammo was eating from over the idol. She hushes it and thinks the Murti look incomplete without its decorations. The contestants bring their idols, Aru was nowhere to be seen. Rami asks Mukhi ji about her. Soon Aru comes running with idol in her arms. She had torn her dupatta finally. Mukhi ji compliments the idol and takes it over the stage. Mukhi ji asks Aru how she changed the clothes, Aru says she reached there to see Chammo had eaten up all the jewellry and clothes of Chammo; she was upset that Mukhi ji brought the dupatta out of love. Arjun announces the winning couples; first was Mukhi ji and Aru’s; second was Kaveri and Madhur. They were to get a chance to reach the next level. Mukhi ji comes up on the stage and says in their society, it’s thought that woman is incomplete without a man. Aru has proven he is incomplete without the woman. They decorated their idol with leaves, if he had gone to bring it they must have lost. It was Aru who saved him today. Sanvi comes to send Aru on stage. Rami comes to Dharmi and says this should have been hers, Aru snatched everything. Aru was intelligent, she made a powerful man as her husband. People say it truly, the prey won’t go into the mouth of a sleeping lion.
At night, Dharmi comes to Aru and Mukhi ji’s room and says she never share anything with others so easily. She removes the curtain from between them. Rami watches this and thinks she has taken the correct aim this time. Mukhi ji wakes up from sleep wondering who else was there. Aru was half hanging from the bed. Mukhi ji notices Aru removed the curtain and tries to wake her up else she would fell down. He tries to save her, Aru turns her side and sleep hugging Mukhi ji. He smiles and sleep again. Aru wakes up and says this time he came towards her side of bed and takes his picture as a proof.
In the morning, Aru wakes Mukhi ji up as it’s the last day of game. Mukhi ji says its because of her that he couldn’t sleep. Mukhi ji says he saved her from falling. Aru wasn’t ready to accept her mistake again. On their return from walk, Aru cheerfully comes in as she had won. She meets Dharmi and asks if she is coming for the game? She proved lucky for them. Dharmi says she has no clothes. Aru offers her wardrobe to Dharmi.
Madhur and Kaveri were worried, as today’s game would be decisive. Kaveri says she only knows they need to win these 2 lacs at every cost. Madhur mixes a powder of the sweets and say if Mukhi eats a single from them he would sit right there. No one can snatch the right from them.
Rami comes to Aru’s room and doesn’t recognize Dharmi wearing Aru’s clothes. Dharmi smiles towards her and says Dharmi looks completely changed. She tells her to change into Aru’s clothes. Dharmi says she has a right over everything Aru has, why wear something else. Rami smirks as Dharmi leaves the room.
Mukhi ji comes from behind thinking Dharmi as Aru and ties a red thread over her hand. He asks her to turn so that he can tie it well but was shocked to see Dharmi smiling towards him. He says she didn’t say it was her. Aru comes with a corn for Mukhi ji and finds him confused. Mukhi ji explains he confused Dharmi with her and divides his thread to tie onto Aru’s hand. He leaves with Aru.

PRECAP: Madhur and Kaveri bring the sweet laddu to Mukhi ji and Aru. They take one each.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Please don’t stop the show. It is a very good TV show compared to others. Aru and Mukhi are a wonderful pair, Dialogues are well written, Cast with talents, Consistency in characterization, and what not. I don’t know how they come up with TRP. It is a very bad decision to assess a show based on TR. This show has received good attention overseas. Eijaz, Benaf, Niyati, Riima are all very good actors. Would like to see them atleast for another year. There are so many shows with crappy storyline still going on. Will miss Aru Mukhi onscreen and offscreen masti. Atleast please do few more interviews with Niyati and Eijaz.

  2. Dont stop this serial. Good theme good acting but too much evil things makes the serial boring. Make it positive and interesting instead.

  3. Dharmi should not listen to Raamiben who has been a trouble maker for Mukhi n Aru. Dharmi needs to get out of the house n be independent n not b a burden on them.

  4. This is the only positive show, please don’t make it negative again or close the show. Dharmi should turn positive and leave the house leaving rami all alone

  5. I love this serail please don’t stop it mukhji i lv u i love ur innocence and the serial is very interesting.

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