Om’s POV:What’s the time!? Hey Shankar Ji its 6 in the evening and I didnot even realize…. Yeah how would i realize when I was busy in making this painting of Gauri…. My Gauri… Oh! How much I love this girl…. And suddenly om looks at the painting of gauri he had made… Hmm I guess she would like it… 1 yr how much things have changed in this one year… That gauri who i used to hate now I can’t even stay without her for a minute… Like this girl has changed me completely… And she had mudered the Independent omkara inside me… Coz now i am so dependent on her even for little things like i don’t know where my clothes are, I don’t know where my phone is, And she is the one who takes care of all my things kyunki uske mere life mein aane ke baad… I stopped caring about those stupid things coz I know she’s there…And when she says mujhe barielly jana hai I am like dead because of 2 things first of all I can’t handle anything without her help like for little se bhi little things i want her to be there and secondly coz I will miss her like helll!!! And yeah tomorrow will be the day for which all of my family has planned so many things and I was wait I am still waiting for the sun to rise tomorrow coz tomorrow is that day… That special day… My wedding anniversary…. Ahh! My head is aching! Oh God! Where is this gauri she knows that I am addicted to her glucose wali chai right? Then why didn’t she bring it yet? Oh god! I can’t wait longer i am so addicted to her chai and I drink it like 3 times a day and aaj iss painting ke chakkar mein subah se chai nahi pee.. So obviously sir mein dard toh hoga hi… Uggh! This gauri where is she? Wait I will go and checkout what is she doing? Om goes to omri’s room and there he sees gauri sitting on the floor with bowl of popcorn in her hand and watching a something on the tv… Probably a movie he thinks a Salman Khan movie.. Oh God! Seriously I am really jealous of this salman khan i mean isme aaise kaunsi khass baat hai ki gauri mujhe chodke yeh iske bakwaas film dekh rahi hai! Haad hoti hai yaar! I mean seriously she always keeps saying na that I am her bhagwan etc etc… Then she should devote her time to me not this 50 yr old bachelor… Gauri! He shouts. What? she asks calmly… Get up! Come on make it quick I want my glucose wali chai… He says. No! I am gonna make it she said it casually not paying any interest in what he wanted to say… Om stands there and stares her angrily… Now go from here.. she says still not looking into his eyes. No I won’t you have no rights to throw me out of my own room! he says. Stay then… gauri said still concentrating on what salman khan is saying to sonakshi sinha… Om was quite irritated that he had done so much mehnat in making her painting and she is ignoring him just becoz of some guy who doesn’t even know to dance properly… Tum toh tiger shroff ho na… Aaye bade.. Gauri said while chewing her popcorn. What? Om asked.. Was she reading his mind or what how come she got to know I was thinking the same thing… Nothing gauri said bringing him back from his world of thoughts.. Dabbang hai! Dekhoge? She asked him excitedly but No was his reply as usual! Hmm… Gauri made faces then jao na nandi kahinke kabhi positive reply aa hi nahi sakta aap se… Om looked at her funny faces and was admiring her… Go na.. What are you staring at my face? Go! But why should i go mai toh aaj disturb bhi nahi kar raha hu na.. he said looking out of the window. Ok then stay! But remeber agar pura 1 ghanta bhi aaise hi khade rahe na tab bhi mai tumhaare liye chai nahi banaaugi… Then what’s the use of staying!Om says this and disappears from the room into the kitchen.. He goes there and says to himself. Come on! Om you can do this! I know you can do this! Ur a world famous artist om its a shame on you if u can’t even make a glucose biscuit wali chai for urself… Come on! I know I can do this! What can u do Om? Shivaay asks Oh! Nothing Om replies. O! Come on!

Jhoot mat bolo! Tell us na what happened gauri bhabi naraz hai kya? Nahi mai naraz hu gauri se.. Om replies while litting the stove. Acha! Now i understood gauri bhabi is watching salu bhai ki movie right? And isme naya kya hai she is ignoring u.. Hai na? Yea! Rudra its so annoying u know I like soo irritated I mean i don’t understand uss 50 yr old bachelor mein gauri ko kya dikh gaya? I mean he can’t even dance properly… Oh! Come on! Om as if u can dance.. What shivaay u think i can’t dance i can very well atleast better than that salu walu bhai.. Then lets do this! Come lets dance waise bhi Obro moment hue bohot time ho gaya and waise bhi kal ghar mein party hai toh Om’s full time will be devoted to bhabi only! Then we will not have a chance to spend quality time you know..?Just shut up! Rudra mera mood bohot karab hai.. Oh! And gauri uska toh naam bhi mat lo.. Ek toh mujhe ignore kar diya aur dusra mere liye chai bhi nahi banayi and mera yaha sir dukh raha hai aur uss dard ko kam karne ke liye mai chai bana raha hu aur tu meri help toh dur ki baat mera dard aur bada raha hai… Om calm down! Areey how should i calm down shivaay? Ok ok rudra silence! Om I undersatnd u have a head ache and yeah also that ur jealous… Yeah! Shivaay I admit i am jealous to the core… So what am i supposed to do? And you also know na that i can’t bear gauri ignoring me and praising any other guy! Yeah I know Om but just think.. Be pratical.. Everybody has crushes and even after marriage u can have crushes right? Om nods. So listen even i have crush on Megan Fox but is anika jealous? No coz she knows that love and crushes are 2 different things and also she knows that its impossible for me and megan to even meet? So just think gauri has a crush on Salman Khan but she can’t meet him all she can do is kiss his picture? Right! So there’s no pint of worrying and secondly mere bhai gauri loves you. She cares about you and you know that right then why are u being so insecure?

Rudy says Yeah! O I agree aap toh aaise behave kar rahe ho jaise gauri bhabi ko salman khan se nahi apne padosi pe crush ho.. See even soumya also has a crush on Zayn Malik but i know that Zayn Malik Gigi Hadid ko chodke iss moti ke pass nahi aayege.. In the same way salu bhai bhi lulia ko chodke gauri bhabhi ke pass nahi aayege… Yeah om! And by the way if salman ki movies dekh ke gauri ko khushi milti hai then u should also be happy na coz at the end gauri’s happiness matters tAccha toh yaha pe patiyo ke rights mein baare mein discussion chal rahi hai… Gauri says as she enters the kitchen. No! Nothing of that sort. U guys carry on! We gotta go! saying this shivru leave. Toh kya chal raha tha? gauri asks. Nothing much and yeah one thing film abhi abhi toh shuru huyi thi itni jaldi khatam bhi hogayi? Om asks. Nahi! Vo mujhe yaad aaya ki chai ke bina toh aap ko sir mein dard hota hai na…. Toh isliye.. Sorry. Om ignores her sorry and asks her Toh tum mere liye film chod ke aa gayi? Haan nahi aate toh kya karte.. Pati hai na aap humaare fikar hoti aapki bohot zyada… Om just looks at her and smiles while she is making tea and remembers the words shivaay told him she cares about you.. She loves you and his smile grows wider. Omkaraji her voice brings him back from his dream world. Yeah he simply replies. Chai she says and hands him over a cup of tea and then says ab hum jaa rahe hai hume Film dekhna hai. Saying so she leaves. Om starts sipping and the tea and says Yeah her happiness is what actually matters..

Next day{Matlab wedding anniversary}

All wake up and get ready and everybody is looking great.. Here Om is searching for gauri as he wanted to ask her what’s there for his gift? Om was not finding gauri and was getting restless.. Then he found anika talking to someone he dragged her out from there and asked Please bhabhi! I beg you to tell me mera surprise kya hai? Surprise toh surprise hota hai and I can’t tell you gauri ne kasam di hai varna mai pucca bata deti.. Anika’s response made him restless he asked shivaay, rudra, jhanvi almost everyone but he was recieving a similar kind of response from everyone.. So he gave up.. And sat in a corner quietly until soumya announced that now it’s time for the couple to exchange their gifts. Om u give the gift first everyone ordered and he couldn’t reject so he nodded his head.. Gauri was excited. Rudra said Bhabhi don’t be so excited. Vo aapko koi boring tasveer gift karega ya toh aapki ya toh uski.. Vahi karne wala tha rudra but maine mind change kar liya.. Saying this he handed over gauri a gift.

She quickly unwrapped it and could not believe what she saw.. She rubbed her eyesa couple of times but Yess! It was a DVD collection of all super hit movies of Salman Khan.. She couldn’t believe it how could he? When he hates Salman Khan and when hates me watching his films? How could he when he is so insecure? She was not able to understand just how could he? Did he really have such a big heart.. Ishq mein karna padta hai he says smilingly looks towards her.. What how does he know what am i thinking? Is he reading my thoughts or what? Now ur turn give me my gift om asks bringing her back to the reality.. Yeah Sure.. she says with a bright smile. Come over here Om! He goes. She makes him touch her belly. He says what? Really? I know your kidding right.. Gauri nods no.. You don’t know what have you done gauri.. This is the best gift I have ever received in my whole life… Thank U Gauri.. thank you soo much… He cries and and lifts her in his arms.. That was their first wedding anniversary and there were many to come and they promised each other that they will celebrate all of them together. Yeah all might not be this happy bwill still make it memorable…
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