I am strong (episode 4)

I know after a long time I am writing so please ten million times sorry from the depths of my heart to u all so back to the episode

Episode 4

Anika-dadi, Omru air Jhanvi aunty asap dab log kya kar rahe hai
Dadi-tu kaisi hai
Anika-maien to bindass go dadi aur apna event management keep company hai dadi abhi
Dadi-Achha hai puthar abh kaise hai tu?
Anika- mean achi Ho dadi party thoda sa dard ho raha hai.
Dadi- dard to hoga hei jab tune apne ishqbaazi ki tashan ke upar apne pyaar ke uper bharosa nahi that…. Dard to hoga hei tujhe
Anika- dadi kabhi kabhi aise faisle karne padthe hai jab aapko apne pyaar karne wale kids zindagi kids kushi rehnai chahiye
Dadi -jo tune faisle keiya hai kya woo sahi hai
Anika was speechless as she knew she was wrong and her face was too sad. She wanted to be alone for sometime which was seen on her face and because of that reason they all went out. She cried and cried and cursed her fate and life that why it is always bad with her why?? Because of all crying she slept peacefully and when Shivaay came to see her she was sleeping and the tiredness was seen in her face while sleeping too and he just caresed her hair and went to kitchen to have something for him and Anika.

Gyz I know that this is short but I will post the next one a quite long and my exams are rounded up so posting the next part is difficult for me but I will try surely and I have decided to make Ragini as a positive person and more details will be in next episode so please I hope that u all will the positive side of Ragini

Precap-Not yet decided

Keep smiling
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