Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 2nd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Upmanyu asks Manvi to come with him. You don’t have to stay in the house where no one respects you. Shilpa denies. She tells Manvi to handle her problems and manage it here in this house itself.

Manvi questions rahul. Your father’s respect is respect but it means nothing for my Baba? He reasons that Harsh pushed his father. Manvi says it means you don’t trust me. He again asks her why she hid truth from him. She says enough. I don’t think there is anything to be said now. She leaves. Shilpa wonders what’s happening. Manvi never lies but everything is against her today.

Manvi gives medicines to kabir. He thanks her. I know you dint steal money. I have full faith on you. Maybe someone is playing a very bad joke with you or there is a real thief here. Manvi is surprised by his trust. He speaks positively in her favour. She is sad that Rahul dint believe her. He offers to talk to Rahul but she wants Rahul to figure it out on his own. I am happy that atleast you trust me. He nods.

Someone calls Prithvi. Kabir was seen when Nidhi was brought in this stable. Everyone is scared of this stable. They are sure something wrong is happening inside. People hear strange noises. Prithvi agrees to check. Kabir is also under my doubt now. I can easily call him for questioning. He has started to live at Rahul’s home nowadays. What could be the reason? is Rahul a small pawn in his big game? I have to find out.

Ambika says tomorrow is the perfect day to kill that tiger. It is a very auspicious day. You have created enough misunderstandings in that house. Rahul will be in tiger’s avatar tomorrow. Tiger and bull will come face to face. One of them will win. Kabir is confident of his win. I will also get manvi. Ambika agrees.

Rahul is restless at night. Manvi too is crying badly. Rahul thinks to talk to Manvi. She must be upset. She walks away when he comes in front. She hurts herself as she turns to look back at Rahul, who is gone by then.

Lightning strikes. Guru ji gets tensed. He takes out some book. It is going bad. Deaths will continue till Rahul will continue to turn into tiger. Innocent people will lose their lives. He reads the death reports. Curse is creating havoc in the city. He has to be stopped so people can be safe. Kabir comes there. Why don’t you save them? Guru ji asks him to leave right away. he tries to touch Kabir when he falls down. You are not a human being as they are not this powerful. Who are you? What do you know about Rahul and his secret? Kabir shares that he is the reason because of which that tiger is back. I am his biggest enemy. His bull avatar shocks Guru ji. What do you want from Rahul? It isn’t his mistake. Kabir says he killed so many people. So many more people will lose their lives! Help me in taming this tiger. Guru ji says he is a pious tiger. Kabir calls it rubbish. Raj did everything for himself. Just leave it all on me. Guru ji thinks I too thought that Rahul’s body will have to be killed to end the tiger. Will it be right? He asks Kabir what he has to do. Kabir asks him to call Raj. Ask him to send Rahul to ghaat. It will all happen easily then. Guru ji is sure it wont happen till Manvi is with him. Kabir reasons that none of them remember it is Purnima tomorrow. Guru ji says Rahul wont listen to me. Kabir takes Raj’s name. Guru ji finally agrees.

Rahul is in the jungle. He notices a blood trail and begins to follow it. The tiger attacks Rahul and he wakes up breathing heavily. Thank God it was a dream. But what’s the logic of seeing a tiger in dream? Rahul is shocked to see blood on his face. how did it come on my face when I am not even hurt? Was it a dream or reality? He wipes it off with water. what’s happening to me?

Next morning, Manvi is all lost in kitchen. Sonali says you have high fever. What are you doing here? Manvi says i thought to drink turmeric milk. SOnali asks Chotu to bring it. She brings Manvi to her room and makes her lie down. Did you eat something wrong? I too have a headache. Manvi asks her if she trusts her. Sonali nods. Take rest now after drinking turmeric milk. I should not see you doing any work at home. Kabir hears them. Manvi cannot go out while Rahul cannot stay at home today. It means we will come face to face today. Who will save Rahul when his shield will not be there?

Raj tells Sonali not to tell him all this. I don’t care if Manvi is unwell or not. I am very busy. Guru ji comes to meet Raj. I can free you and your family tonight from the curse. Raj closes the door. How? Something bad has come out from our previous tries. Guru ji says it wont happen now as we dint know the enemy. I read the book sent by Ambika. I have found a solution. I know Rahul wont trust me so you will have to tell him what I say to you. It will free Rahul from the curse finally. Tonight’s Purnima comes in 55 years. I will chant mantras. Rahul will have to come to ghaat to drink water. I will make a Rakshakavach for him which will free him from the curse forever. Raj asks him if he is sure. Guru ji nods. It is written in the book. Be confident. It is about Rahul’s life.

Precap: Rahul looks at the full moon. How did I not recall it is Purnima today? I have to go from here (jungle). He tries to go but then he begins to turn into tiger.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. new promo of 4 the may episode shows rahul turns tiger kabir turns bull maanvi as witness of fight and rahul get injured while maanvi hold goodness durga trishool hope tiger track end soon

  2. Wat rubbish…tiger bull…….?

  3. full of nonsense tiger and bull hahaha.

  4. I wish rahul and maanvi romance start quickly all the misunderstanding will be finish

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