Ek Duje Ke Vaste 2nd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Prita is talking to someone about the menu. It cannot be changed now. She asks Sumo if she dint sleep at night. Sumo says I dint get sleep. I spent entire night like that. Prita is confused but Sumo dismisses it. Prita wants to know what Shravan asked as fees.

Pushkar is speaking to someone on phone while Preeti enjoys pastry. She asks him if he is really this serious or is acting. He shares that it is the hearing os his first independent case. She tells him to beat stress by eating pastry. He takes a bite and calls it nice. She shows him how to enjoy it and beat stress. Pushkar follows her style. She asks about his routine but it is all too boring for her. Don’t worry, we are friends now. I will teach you how to live life. He smiles. She says she is sure he will win this case today. he asks her how she is so sure. She says this pastry is a proof of it. He smiles happily. we will come here again to eat another pastry if we win. She agrees.

Prita says this Shravan wants to impress you maybe by asking for friendship. He will then talk to you about love. All the men are like that only. How would you know about boys anyways? I will tell you.

Prita talks about the type of men. Some are like my husband who attack on people straightaway. People like Shravan like to make girls falls for them slowly. Take his test. Try giving him too many instructions all at once. He would say no if you are only his friend. He will listen to everything you say if he loves you. Sumo tells her to do her work if her lecture is over. I don’t want to take any test. Prita says it was my job to make you understand. Rest is on you. Sumo refuses to heed to her advice.

Kamini instructs servant on sweets. She notices Pushkar coming in with Ramnath looking tensed. She gets tensed too but Ramnath says has any lawyer of Malhotra family ever lost a case. He has won. He tells Pushkar to seek his mother’s blessings as blessings of elders are always needed. Kamini gets emotional. She blesses her son happily. I was so tensed to see your sad face. Pushkar shares he got nervous as Sir (Ramnath) kept his hand on my shoulder. Ramnath says it is support when elders keep their hand on your shoulder. No nervousness anymore! Pushkar thanks him. Kamini asks servant to bring sweets. it is such a good day. Ramnath agrees. Pushkar will handle 4 big clients independently now. Pushkar is thrilled. He thanks Ramnath who hugs him back happily. Kamini is also happy to see Pushkar happy but her smile goes away soon.

Sumo makes bitter gourd and tastes it. This is authentic Sumo karele! A flashback is shown. Shravan sits holding his nose as the smell of karela irks him. Sumo teases him. You don’t eat ginger too. Now I can say it to you, Bandar kya jaane adrak ka swad! What if your wife’s favourite dish is bitter gourd? He says I will change then. She says bitter gourd? He denies. I will change wife. Sumo thinks to put Prita’s words into action.

Prita reminds Sumo how the client said he does not want bitter gourd. Sumo mutters it is for Shravan.

Lala ji asks his servant to treat him with something delicious once. Sumo comes there. Lala ji asks Sumo what she has brought. He gets excited when she says there is bitter gourd. He gets happy. She keeps changing the name of the dishes as he makes happy faces. He finally gives up as she takes the name of the dish he dislikes. She agrees to bring something tasty next time. She heads upstairs.

Shravan and Sumo have a cute scene as she enters without knocking. She says we are friends now so why do we need to knock. She hands over the lunch box to him. This is authentic Sumo karele! Try them. I have cooked them especially for you. Shravan eats them and even appreciates them. She is super happy. This means he? He goes to washroom to wash hands. Sumo jumps with joy. Shravan shares how it became his favourite dish in London as his roommate used to make it too often. She gets sad. Shravan joins Sumo. How did you know I love karela? She replies that they are friends after all. I should leave now. He asks her if she came to feed him karela’s only. She says no. Nanu asked me to give file so I brought food along with it. She goes. Shravan is confused

Sumo peeks back inside the room. Can you take me somewhere as my car’s clutch is not working? He smiles.

Sumo brings Shravan to a salon. Shravan asks her why she brought him here. She thinks it is to test him. Any boyfriend waits for his girlfriend and any husband waits for his wife here. If you wait for me then. He refuses to go inside with her but she insists. Come inside with me for 5 minutes. He agrees for her sake.

Inside, Sumo intentionally gives a long list of what all she wants to do. The receptionist says it will take 2.5 hours. Shravan says what I will do here for 2.5 hours. I will come back to pick you up. She requests him but he reasons that he will only get bored here. He goes out but then stops. she keeps looking at him. He finally comes back inside which brings a big smile on her face.

Sumo sits down to get all pampered. She happily looks at Shravan. I now know Shravan that you think of me more than your friend. I will hug you as soon as I get free. Sumo is free. A parlour lady asks Sumo to see her face. It is shining so much. Sumo thinks this shine is because of something else. She is startled to see the chair empty.

Precap: Sumo looks in the parlour for Shravan. How do I find out what is in Shravan’s heart? Shravan comes to talk to Sumo when she is sitting with Mami ji and Rachna. mami ji advises him to wait outside but he says he has to talk to Sumo.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. though i didnt watch it,it seems very sweet and lovely only by reading….i think epi was AWESOME
    other couple feelings has started increasing
    why pushkar calls ramnath SIR??

    1. Its because pushku is ramnath’s assistant also he is little scared of him …so by calling sir in office always ,he got used to that,…

    2. oh..i see..but i find it very strange that pushkar behaves with ramnath formally…i have never seen anyone calling his uncle sir at home
      well,u r calling pushkar as pushki…??☺

    3. Yes…pushku..cute name na?

    4. its really cute name haha

    5. Of course…toooo cute????

  2. Thnx pooja di for the update….

  3. Wow such a rocking episode ….I liked it ….in fact I lived it?…….and thank u so much Pooja di for the fastest update

  4. My Swwet shravan loves kerala…
    my Plce… hw sOo swwet …. yaaar

    1. When did he say that he likes Kerala..?

  5. Shravan Is really care about Suman…such a nice episode. ….Like it very much.And also Pushkar and Preeti ‘s conversation was soo nicely executed..I love the show

  6. Ranaji (EDKV Fan)

    Again this show rocked the epi. I love shraman scene. I think suman doubt is clear that shravan loves suman.. Right Na guys??

    1. But shravu went from there na..?If no,then u r right,sumo got clear about shravu loves her,…But if he left,then it will be little complicated..he will have to convince her now..?

  7. Lovely episode and cute episode I think pushkar-Preeti will fall in love first and then ShraMan I think shravan will fall for Suman once he is about to leave for london

  8. m still confused whats in shravan’s heart….

    1. Iam also little confused seeing shravu’s behaviour..

    2. I think shravan sab Jan bujke kar raha hai.taki suman pehle confess karde.

    3. yeah u r right..actually written updates doesn’t give u the details of the expression..when i saw the epi i understood..that shravan still feels for her..

    4. Actually Shravan used to love sumo in childhood… But as he got upset with her, he left for 10 years.. That made him mad and he stopped thinking about sumo.. thos 10 years wait made sumo love shravan even more… But due to the distance of 10 years shravan does not realise that he still loves sumo… Him helping her in the case.. Getting upset when sumo flirted with gufol is non another than his love… He just has to realise it once again that he loves her..

    5. yeah.. u remember the note which he kept in the red colored book…the love letter which sumo never read…

  9. really cute episode… sumo’s smile whn she saw shravan waiting for her…it was beautiful…but still confused whn shravan goes from there …may be he needs to attend any call… preethi-pushkar scenes too are good….i get addicted to this show ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  10. Today epi is nice. Bt he like bitter guard??.

    1. I was also shocked to hear that,..bitter guard..i hate it …its smell itself is enough for me to get headache n he likes it..oh no…

    2. lol guys,,even i hate it..

  11. Nice episode,…??
    Preeti n pushkar’s jodi is so cute…He won the case,so again another pastry??…waa…loved it..i think Pushkar will fall for Preeti first.,.Really yaar,..pushkar,ur routine is too boring??..but dont worry Preeti will change it all??
    Ohhh…cannot spare that kamini..pushku won the case na..now whats her problem???
    The way sumo entered his room was cool..with full haq??..then shouts sorry.,then the way he said he has worn tracks..That was so cute.???
    Kareli wala scene bhi acha dha,..The way she jumped in happiness ,,. sudden disappointmnt?..so cute.I loved the way he asked u came for giving this kareli only..??
    Saloon wala scene…superb..the way he came back..i loved it..her happy face seeing it.. But atlast he went..thats so sad…??
    Precap is awesome.I loved the way he said I came here to talk to sumo..???

    1. abhi i think these days u r nt viiting dahleez page at all

    2. No no…iam commenting there…i didnt comment only on yesterday’s episode,…anyway.,Now iam coming….??

  12. Hmmmmm nice epi. I also like bitter guard?

    1. U like bitter guard

    2. Not like but I will eat. Otherwise amma will make it repeatedly. So I’ll eat

  13. another rocking episode….sumo’s expressions are superb and pushkar and preethi seens are also too good

  14. Thanks a lot Pooja di….???

  15. @sindhu di…
    Iam in 10th…?

    1. Oh abhi atleast some one is younger than me
      Anyways yesterday’s epi was super

  16. Kamini’s gonva die! Pushkar will fall for Preeti & Shravan with Sumo. She hates that family! Tiwari girls!

  17. How many of u think tht shravan spit tht karela in washroom because he went immediately to washroom after eating it…I don’t think one who hates any dish will like it after eating so many times…and he doesn’t like karela smell only then how he will taste it even if it is daily made

    1. I agree with you

    2. I never thought like that..but now i do feel so..if he did that then its sure that he loves her..??

    3. U r right

    4. sree di u r correct!!! i also think so… tht means he live sumo …. shravan plz confess it yaar… *^▁^*

    5. oh my..i never thought that…wow..so romantic..

  18. Spoiler,….Its too cute…
    Suman applying ice cube on Shravan’s feet & massaging his feet Shravan goes ouchhh in pain & covers his eyes..
    Suman : tum kya kehte the mard ko dard nahin hota..
    He tries to move & she threatens to hit him with ice cube…
    He asks her why she came so late And Suman: that’s because I am going to give you the most memorable day of your life ever & she got late in preparing for that. Shravan : madam I think you’ve forgotten that I have sprained my leg And Suman: pata hai that’s why I am putting ice.
    She’s decided that since they have so little time left together why not bring Delhi to the Malhotra house She: kya hua samjhe nahin? Shravan nods his head AWWW Suman throws the ice at Shravan & gets up.. she hurts him in the process of getting up & Shravan screams in pain & holds his feet . she: sorry sorry
    shravu: pagal ladki..

    ShraMan sitting together & staring somewhere (at the TV probably) Popcorn next to them And Shravan requests Suman to dance for him.. she’: that was my bachpan.. he emotionally blackmails her that I am going tomorrow
    Suman: OK but aankhen band rakhni padegi And he covers her eyes .She snaps his hands away & said your eyes! He takes the popcorn & turns away in sadness with some dialogue.
    Suman: ho gaya tumhara melodrama And walks to the front to dance for him Suman throwing popcorn at Shravan for laughing at her dance which was more like a monkey jumping in the air. He even takes a video/pictures of it And she’s all roothi hui..he gives her popcorn but she pushes his hand away & picks up popcorn from the floor & throws it at his face.. Shravan can’t stop laughing..
    Guys..in upcoming episodes we will be seeing the most cutest side of our shravu,i think.

    1. omg!!! is this spoiler?? omg omg….they will be cute…cnt wait… is this gona happen in this week???? ♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♡♡♥♥♡♡♡♥♥♡♡♡

    2. I think so..anyway it will happen either this week or next..???

    3. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Superb and thnx abhi for it. Shraman ?????

  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfhjPLvbR78
    here is another upcoming cute scenes…
    do you want written update of this.

    1. thkw sooooo much d…. they are soo cute together…. aww ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ i cnt wait anymore 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. Yes written update

    3. Here is the written update.
      Shravan limping to table with Sumo’s support blindfold over his eyes.. he sprained his foot .She seats him down Touches his head/hair to take out the blindfold! There are samosas, patties on the table..their school ki canteen ka khana AWWW Shravan is thrilled Suman’s basically trying to relive those old childhood memories Nikki makes a mistake & pours all the chuttney on the plate, Namik laughs .Suman feeds Shravan samosa.. and he has this adorable sa face!! THEY BOTH SMILE!NAMIK TOTALLY STUFFS THE PATTIES IN HIS MOUTH & He said THIS IS MY FAVOURITE AND SUMANS CALLS SOME OTHER FOOD HER FAVOURITE…

      Namik’s fries break & Nikita quickly takes another & puts it into his mouth for him.
      Even the director was laughing while taking shots….They r too adorable????

    4. ?That’s lovely… thanks a lot abhi…..??

  20. Okay so what did Shravan talk about karela or kerela is it bitter gourd or the place. If the place kerela than okay but bitter gourd yuck I hate it

    1. its kerala… korola (in bengali) to be specified

    2. He said …he likes bitter guard..

    3. Oh thanks Tara and Abhi I hate bitter gourd yuck once I accidentally consumed i had to get 3 spoons of sugar and if I eat it again I will get diabetics for sure

    4. seriously even i don’t know how they will eat…even my amma and annaya will eat that….I used to eat all masala stuff leaving karela pieces

  21. @Ranaji….its Neil na(DP)….is awesome ..??

  22. TU HAS ADDED SECURITY CHECKS,and a new feature upper,I think…plzzz add the views number or any like button….the ff writer will be more than happy….it’s a request 4m me and I think it’s also wanted from the writers…. it’s a humble request from the visitors it plz consider it

    1. Really ireena? Thanks now I can know if people are really liking my ff or not

    2. Oh okay I just got to know it’s ur suggestion really a good suggestion 🙂

    3. Thats an awesome idea…i wish ki tellyupdates will do that…??

  23. Namik Paul on Twitter: “Thinking about spoilers after a couple of you tagged me. Isn’t it better to just watch the story? That’s my personal preference. Thoughts?”
    Namik Paul on Twitter: “Guys this is just what I think. Clearly there’s a huge demand, but me personally, I avoid them. So this is just me talking with you guys ?”
    Guys,looks like namik has become little..??

    1. I had already saw this post…But I dont think he is angry,he is just sharing his POV as he is being tagged on those…Thats ok…
      Me too have an opinion that they can give spoilers..but written not video…then it will be more interesting for us to watch…But for me..even though I know whats gonna happen through spoilers still I watch it with the same excitement??

    2. actually abhi,now i dont read spoiler so much. sometimes watch on location shoot(sometimes u provide them)
      once i used to read a lot of spoiler and got different kinda news…some of them were true but most pf them were proved to big big rumour…but as soon as i read those news,i informed my friends and so on….and at last i got fooled..
      and i think namilk is right in his place…u suppose,if anyone talk to u just 4 ur giving spoiler and 4 nothing else,u must feel sad….isnt it??so….

    3. U r right..Its not good to do like that..people should also consider about other’s feelings…
      B4 I said only about reading spoilers..reading spoilers is one’s wish…but no one has the right to ask him for spoilers…Thats wrong…

  24. As per twitter:

    Ek Duje Ke Vaaste : Shravan’s dad Ramnath is dead ??

    1. Me too saw that news….but was not sure if it is true or not…..if it is true,then it will get more emotional…we will see some emotional bond of Shraman….But I dont want Rajnath to die…

    2. *Ramnath

  25. I just read somewhere that Namik’s first show is not Ek Duje Ke Vaaste he was previously seen in Qubool hain? But really? I can’t remember at all because after Sahil separation I didn’t watch the show much and stopped watching it after azad’s death anyone have any idea?

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Yes he played a role but I also don’t know.. Akka.. Same pinch give me a munch…

    2. in episode 800 …i saw him….

    3. he is friend of armaan

  26. i knew that u would like it,abhi and fatarajo….because i understand ur situation.
    though i dont write any ff,i knw u guys type a long update and post it here.so u always have a expectation that peoples’ liking ur writing…without commen theres no way to tell u..and we know manytines we cant comment..through views and likes we can encourage u guys….i hope TU CONSIDERS IT
    i always wish that our writers friends dont get disappointed….after a long work..

    1. Nowadays..iam not writing ffs..still once I was writing na..thats why I can understand it…
      So I agree with u…I wish Tellyupdates will do that..ps

  27. I understand u guys…. u type a long update and post it here…and almost to all ofif them it’s their first writing… so they keep a great expectations that people will like their writing… but comments is only one to reach them. U know sometimes we cant comment but like it….then many writers become disappointed leave it…I want u always know that u have a great potential and should continue it..4 that view and like will be fruitful

    1. Thanks a lot ….such comments encourage the writers …?
      Good to find such kind of understanding n supporting people in our group…?

  28. What’s happening?? Why its not coming 4 moeration???

  29. Pooja

    You’re welcome guys 🙂

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