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Santoshi Maa 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu saying I know you want Dhairya’s good. She asks Kaka why did he call Riya here. Vidya says Riya will talk to Dhairya and go in sometime. Nupur says Papa is right, maybe Dhairya will change. Madhu says Riya should not be here more than 15mins. Kaka says don’t worry, she will go. Madhu says I know no one can explain Dhairya is so less time, its good for Santoshi if he understands. Santoshi looks on.

Riya goes to meet Dhairya. He gets glad seeing her and they smile. She asks why did you get surprised seeing me. He says wow, come. Santoshi does her work. Kaka asks her not to hide her jealousy, he can see she did not like Riya going to Dhairya’s room, I m glad your heart has place for Dhairya, love is growing, that’s why you are jealous, don’t worry, I spoke to Riya, once she explains Dhairya, he will change, he will apologize to you for his mistakes. Kaka goes.

Dhairya hugs Riya and says I missed you a lot, I was thinking when will you come back in my life, now I m so happy. They smile. Santoshi thinks if it turns true what Kaka says and imagines Dhairya apologizing to her, and saying you are my life, I will never hurt you, we should start our life again. He hugs her. Sanam re……plays………. He makes her wear a necklace and kisses her hand. She thinks I should give time to Dhairya to make a new start, he will understand my emotions.

Riya asks Dhairya why did he not come to her if he was missing her. He says I wanted to come, but Mabhi and house reputation, I got punished, they made Santoshi my wife, you were angry and I wanted to talk to you. She says your Papa met me and fixed our meeting, I wanted to explain you should be with Santoshi, but I love you so much, I will not go anywhere leaving you.

Santoshi thinks to get ready and wonders whats happening to her. She prays to Santoshi Maa. Riya tells Dhairya that she won’t go anywhere. He asks how, I have to ask Mabhi. Riya recalls Madhu’s words. She says you ask anyone, but now I will be with you as your wifey. He says then I have to become your husband, you have to behave as my wifey. She asks what do you mean. He says I will explain meaning. She runs laughing.

Devi Paulmi says Devi Santoshi, I m on earth because of this punishment, but I think this is blessing, as I m between humans in human form, my effect is more than you on humans. Seshnath gets lemon water and apologizes to her. She says your fate is good that I don’t have my powers, else I would have punished you. He thinks her voice is so sweet, she is scolding me and I feel like flowers are showering. He asks to drink it, else he will get lassi. She says fine, I will drink it. He compliments her beauty and asks her not to get angry. He asks about her jewelry, does she have much property, though I don’t want anything, I was asking to show off to my rich relatives, I can boast infront of them. Madhuri comes there and sees Seshnath asking Devi Paulmi is she married…… Madhuri gets angry. Seshnath praises Devi Paulmi and sees Madhuri standing behind. He says no, I mean I m married, she is my wife Madhuri. Madhuri takes Seshnath. Devi Paulmi thinks she won as she got importance. Santoshi thinks to make Dhairya’s fav food. Kaka comes and asks her to be careful. She asks for his phone to talk to Dadi.

Daksha and Madhuri show Devi Paulmi’s jewelry to jeweler Sonaram. Devi Paulmi is glad to sit between her devotees. Seshnath asks Sonaram to agree that its pure gold. Sonaram thinks its purest gold, how did this woman come in this house, and why, there is something fishy. Daksha asks what happened. He says jewelry is real, I will go shop and get money. He leaves. Seshnath says this man will give right rate. Devi Paulmi thinks just my jewelry made them greedy, I don’t need my powers. She smiles. Santoshi calls home. Tinu answers call. She asks for Dadi. He says she went to temple, and elders are with princess, a Didi has come who looks like princess, everyone is with her. She says fine, I will call later. She ends call. She thinks who to tell Dadi about her happiness and who is this princess…..

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