Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

rahul maanvi comes in hall where sonali is deep in thoughts. sonali worries how raj will react when he finds out. raj comes and asks what has her worried. sonali makes excuse to send raj in room.
rahul stops and informs raj about adopting kids. rahul clarifies that they tried to have them placed with good family but they mistreated kids. raj acts all angry but only about not getting chance to welcome them properly. raj supports the idea. raj jokes with sonali.

boy talks with nurse and appolize for yelling at her last night.
maanvi and rahul comes to take the kids. maanvi wishes to meet the doctor lady but nurse informs she took sick leave. maanvi says she will thank her on phone. doctor lady wakes up and is shocked to find she slept all day. she is hurting and has some swelling. she calls nurse to inform she will be late. nurse reveals about adoption and her part in it. doctor lady in total shock. she remembers nothing that happened yesterday. nurse is confused and asks if she is ok. doctor lady worried for sabarwals. rahul maanvi shows the kids their room. rahul maanvi play with kids.

**cute rahul maanvi romance**
rahul teases maanvi. they put the kids to bed and leave. rahul reminds maanvi she agreed to do anything for him in return. shadow lady visits the kids. kids wake up and says they did as she asked. boy asks if now she will stay with them. kids are happy. rahul maanvi asleep.

maanvi wakes up and goes to check up on kids. maanvi moves the curtains and wakes up the kids. kids get comfortable with maanvi. rahul wakes up and hears maanvi with kids. he comes and scolds all 3 of them to tease maanvi. rahul holds maanv i and lets kids tickle her. rahul picks maanvi in his arms. rahul teases maanvi for her height. sonali and dadi happy about having kids in house. sonali has lot of dishes made for kids. dadi worried what nisha will do when she finds about kids. sonali and dadi agrees on kicking out nisha if she tried anything. dadi says she will cook something for the kids as well. maanvi braids the girl’s hairs. maanvi sees her injury and asks about it.

boy comes and calms his sister. boy reveals the identity as aditya and piya… kids of bilimaurya. boy also tells how piya got injured and how their mother died in car accident. maanvi appolize to them for bringing up bad memories. lady doctor in her office. she finds her signatures on files but he cant remember how and when she did this. she calls maanvi who is happy and thankful. rahul also thanks her and suggests if she can continue the treatment. lady doctor still cant make out details about what happened. she decides that she will keep an eye on kids but not sure what she could do.

upu and shilpa comes to sabarwal house. upu all excited to know about surprise. maanvi dont know how to tell. rahul says we wanted to introduce you to kids. raj talking to someone about the deal of that abandoned house. raj upset about file missing from registrar office. sonali says let go but raj is persistent about buying that property. sonali asks raj to meet maanvi’s parents. raj denies and leaves for office. sonali is leaving when she hears some movement and turns around. there is nothing so she leaves. shadow appears there.

episode ends

upu and kids playing with ball. aditya throws the ball and piya misses it. ball rolls near the ganesha idol. kids comes to pick up their ball but stops seeing the idol.

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