Swaragini 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ragini asking Swara, if she told Laksh or Sanskar? Swara says no. She says you have to tell me everything. She says we are sisters and our existence is in Swaragini’s avatar. She says you know well that Swaragini can solve any problem. She says you can’t keep me far from your problems and asks her to tell….Ragini hugs her and cries. Swaragini plays…….Ragini tells her everything…how Parineeta blackmailed her and sent her video. A fb is shown. Parineeta drowns in river. Fb ends. Swara asks did you…..Ragini says no, and says I was just snatching phone from her and she was also doing the same. She takes her mangalsutra promise. Swara asks then why didn’t you tell us? Ragini says I didn’t do anything. She says nobody would have believed me. She says my black past always overshadows my present and whenever I try to tell someone then I was threatened to keep quiet. Swara asks what do you mean. A fb is shown, blackmailer takes Ragini’s video and blackmails her with the video, asking her to do as he says. She says I was doing all those things which I haven’t done. Swara says you have to tell truth to everyone and have to tell Police. Ragini says that man is threatening me.

Swara says we will face him. Ragini says nobody will believe me. Swara says I believe on my sister and says you can’t do anything wrong. I trust you. Ragini thinks about Chotu and says if they do anything wrong with Chotu. Swara is shocked and asks how do you know about Chotu. Ragini asks do you know about our brother. Swara says yes, and says he is alive. Ragini says he is very good. She says he played with my fingers and tells that she went to meet him and made excuse of parlour. She says they have kidnapped my brother. A fb is shown, she tells how she got the baby and then he was kidnapped.

Swara tells Ragini that Dadi gave money to Nurse to get rid of him. Ragini is shocked. Swara says we have to solve this mystery. Ragini says I can’t believe that our Dadi can do this. Swara says now we have to find our Chotu, file missing complaint of Parineeta, and says Dadi will be punished. Ragini says if they harm our Chotu then? Swara says I have a plan and asks Ragini to support her. Ragini asks about her plan. Swara tells something which is muted. Ragini asks are you sure that everything will be fine. Swara says yes, and asks her not to tell even Sanskar and Laksh. She says we will communicate through messages, and hugs her. She says I trust my sister, I won’t let anything happen to you. She says we will bring our brother back….and shakes hand with her, says enemy is unaware of our strength. Swaragini plays……..

Swara comes back to her room. Sanskar wakes up and asks where did you go? Swara says I went for a walk. Sanskar says tell me if you need help. Swara thinks asking Ragini not to tell them. She tells I was thinking how to stay without you, when you go to Jaipur. Sanskar says you will not know when I will be back. He asks her to sleep. Next day, Swara and Ragini find camera while cleaning the house. Swara messages Ragini to meet her in lawn.

Swara tells Ragini that camera and recorders are in the house. Ragini asks if there is any camera here. Swara says no and says I have checked. Ragini says what does he want? Swara says he knows us from close proximity and that’s why know everything. Ragini says we have to do something. Swara sees Durga Prasad, Ram and Adarsh coming and changes the topic. Adarsh asks what you both were talking? Swara says we were talking about shopping. Annapurna tells Durga Prasad that Sumi called and invited us for Janmasthami celebration. Durga Prasad says it is good. Annapurna says she sounded happy after a long time.

Blackmailer calls Ragini and says your brother is hungry. Ragini cries and asks him to give food to baby. Blackmailer asks her to get Durga Prasad’s signatures on the stamp papers. Ragini agrees to do. Blackmailers threatens to give proofs of Parineeta’s death to Police. Ragini cries and asks him to take care of chotu.

Swara gets Sanskar’s call. Swara tells they are going for Janmasthami and wishes he was there. Sanskar says we three will buy gift for you. Swara asks who? Sanskar says our baby. Swara feels shy and says she is busy. She ends the call. Sanskar is also happy and smiles.

Sujata praises the food made by Ragini and Swara. Annapurna smiles. Swara asks Ragini to take bowl and says I will take other bowls. Ragini looks at the bowl and says okay. They go to kitchen. Ragini comes to kitchen and reads blackmailer’s chit. She reads that blackmailer want empty home when everyone go to Baadi. Swara says that man is seeing us from close, and says who is he? Ragini says this man is very dangerous and have been controlling me. It is not easy to defeat him. Swara looks on.

Ragini and Swara give water to plants in the garden. Ragini says I don’t know what he wants? Swara says even I couldn’t understand. Ragini worries for Chotu. Swara says today is Janmasthami and God will not let anything happen to him. They wipe each other tears….

While Maheshwari family are at Gadodia’s house for the Janmasthami puja. Swara enters home and hits blackmailer. She lifts his hood and is about to see his face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Omg finally the time is soooo close

  2. Mica

    ty for update H hasan mom..
    Omg Swara, now you turn to be a liar in front of your husband ? huufftt no more swasan
    seriously, sanskar will get heart attack someday to have a wife like her.
    now, swaragini on the show.. i love girls power.
    good luck your both…

  3. Mica

    uh nooo, camera in raglak’s room ??????? any ‘something2″ video ? *dirty minded

    1. Heltej

      Even i had same thought… Dirty cvs! Durty mind

    2. i’ll wait for the video to be leaked.. i’ll download it for sure hahhah

    3. Mica

      i’ll waiting for the video to be leaked, i’ll download it for sure hahahha

  4. It’s adarsh guys

  5. this is getting good

  6. Can any tell me about the video what is in it that ragini is so afraid.sorry guys i didn’t saw few episodes and so i think i missed itmif anyone can tell me then thank u so much and happy rakshabandhan.☺

    1. Mica

      1. the video was showing ragini holding a baby, parineetha blackmailed her that she was trying kidnap a baby.
      2. the video was showing ragini pushed parineetha to the river, the truth ragini tried to snatch parineetha’s phone, parineetha fallen herself.
      3. The blackmailer told ragini that they will kill her brother.

  7. No raglak no laksh why they kept them in a show such biased show only swara swara nitjibg left in the show only crap and CID of swara

    1. Mica

      omg, didn’t you see ragini roaming in this few last weeks episode ??
      your jealousy made you can’t see ragini existence .. poor ragini.
      i know swara is soo awesome, that why your eyes just can see her all the time. :3
      but even i missed my s*xy laksh today episode.

  8. I thnk swara shuld not hide dis frm sanskar..c should tel him..y c didnt said him…hope dis kidnapper track end soon..

  9. Is swara pregnant????? Or she is just lying plzz someone tell

    1. Mica

      nope, not yet.. but wish soon.

    2. Kk n thnx

  10. Guys i dont get what sanskar say our baby o something.. can anyone say?

    1. AnuAnn

      When in pH conv swara said she’s making things ready for janmashtani.. Sanskar said koi prlm nai.next year we three can celebrate it.. Then swara asked three? Then he said our baby.

  11. Video is revealed that adarsh and pari doing this and they are blackmailing swara also

  12. Heltej

    Swasan ph conversation were so cute… Swaragini detective giri started… Adarsh got focused…laksh nowhere to be seen… I think he too went into jaipur…. Dadi… The root cause of the all problem vanished from show itself???
    Cvs making us fool! last time they showed us ragini being watched everywhere including kitchen… Yesterday sisters were discussing about BM in kitchen!

    1. Mica

      hahaha, even i have a doubt bout the kitchen’s scene..maybe they removed the camera already, maybe the camera broken, maybe oh maybe…

    2. Heltej

      Cvs is best in making shot blunders!! ??

  13. Loved SwaRagini’s bonding!!!!? Now they will together save their Chotu from the Blackmailer’s clutch!!!? I really want that Swara tells Sanskar everything. Even want Ragini to tell Laksh everything. Awwww!!! Loved my cutie pies SwaSan’s moments.?? And the phone convo between them!!! Loved it.☺☺

  14. Shrinjal

    Can anyone tell me what happened in SwaRagini from last week…

    Sorry,I didn’t watched SwaRagini.plzz sm1 tell me

    1. you can read the written update in this side Shrinjal, just replace the date as you want in address bar, or you can ask uncle google, hehehhe

    2. Mica

      you can read written update from this site Shrinjal, just replace the date as you want at address bar. or you can ask uncle google

  15. Hi all kindly vote for swaragini in ita awards voting

  16. Guys can anyone tell me what happened to the ff you are only mine where sanskar forcefully married swara by killing her husband rahul n one more where swara is SAB a big business woman?

    1. Dont know about first one but the one where swara is SAB the ff name is realisation exenoration acceptance
      search the name on google instead of on tellyupdates because maybe the spelling was wrong

    2. Vyshu10

      Youa are mine was copied from wattpad, so the ff is removed from this site . The original author of You are mine is Leila Mehtab.

  17. swasan scene is awesome. love them a lot magical couple

  18. Missing raglak scenes…loved dat swaragini r together now…tejas u r alwayz amaznggg,love u dear to d core!!!my beautiful baccha …n namish my handsome hunk ,missed u yaar in todays episode…sanskaar u r jst awesome 😉 😉 …love u a lotzzz…ur words r killer..i know u said it to swara bt by reading it i cant stop my blushingg!!! Hehehehe.. n HOPE SOON D MYSTRYMAN GETS REVEALED.

  19. Baby?swara is pregnant??

  20. O my god sanskar i love you to much and your dilouges are always awesome
    Please swara tell everything to sanskar
    Love you varun (very much :-♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥)
    Love you helly namish and teju

  21. amazinggggggggg at last the truth

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