Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Inspector saying report is normal. Amrish says I told you that everything will be clear once report comes. Shaan asks Dev to tell, how the report changed. Dev says I didn’t change it. Shaan wonders how the report is changed then. A fb is shown, Rajni is about to get inside the scanning machine. Machine starts talking with Rajni and says this is not normal human. Other machine says if you are ghost. Rajni says I am not ghost, but your friend. She says I am Randomly Accessible Job Network Interface, Model no C4321, also knows as Rajni. Nurse asks Rajni not to speak. Machine says I will make this nurse go. Nurse sees her laptop going off and goes to call doctor. Machine asks what she is doing here? Rajni says I am a machine and that’s why can hear you. She says my creator, the genuis scientist Shaan is in trouble, and if my trust is opened then my husband will get into trouble. Machine asks how can you marry your creator. Rajni asks if human can marry then why can’t a machine. She asks machines to help her, and gives them command to do something so that her reports come normal and then Shaan can’t get into any problem. Machine asks its processor to give yesterday’s girl report. Doctor comes and checks the system. He says scan is done….and this is normal human. Rajni comes out and thanks the machine. Doctor and Nurse think that Rajni is thanking them. Fb ends.

Shaan tells Dev that there might be some problem in the machine or Rajni have done something to make report come normal. Dev is also surprised. Shaan says what else do we need now. Inspector drops the case right there. Surili gets happy. Amrish asks Media to stop for a while and says I have to talk to you. He asks Rajni to come near him. He tells that he got love of two daughters. He tells that bahu hamari rajnikant is her second daughter, and says I have decided that whatever NGO fights for girls’s welfare and protection against their inlaws, I will give them 25 lakhs donation on Rajni’s name. Everyone claps for them. Surili is shocked and asks 25 Lakhs. Amrish asks shall I double it? Surili says no. Reporter tells that Amrish is giving 25 Lakhs in donation. Surili tells Rajni that she will never forgive her.

Everyone comes home. Rajni welcomes them and says she made food for them. Amrish says I am hungry and asks her to give food. Surili says you are still singing Rajni Putar song and praising her. She says I had to go to jail because of her, and says those chappals was not branded. Shaan says it was not Rajni’s fault and says even machines can malfunction sometimes. Everyone ask machines? Shaan says she is a machine and a robot…he says I am getting mad. Surili says I can’t forget, none of those chappals were branded. She says I have supported her against Samaira. Shaan says we know. Maggie asks where was you when Inspector came to arrest us. Sharmila says there was many mosquitoes in the jail. Dhyan says her makeup was washed and I got scared. Rajni asks them to have food first and then can taunt her. Surili says we don’t want to eat food and asks to send green tea in room. She goes.

Shaan teases Amrish and says Gurdas Maan, and she knows Punjabi also. Dhyan says I will not eat food now and goes. Rajni asks Gyan to have food. Gyan says I don’t want to talk to you. Shaan says I can explain. Gyan says I can’t forget what I had seen and says I will tell everyone. Shaan says I can explain and says even I have seen her. Gyan says I have seen yamraj infront of me, and says I have seen my death with my eyes. Shaan says he was not coming to you. Gyan says I am thankful that I am alive, and blames Rajni for the happenings. He says I don’t want to see your face and closes his eyes. Rajni tells Shaan that everyone is upset with her. Shaan gets happy and thinks Gyan doesn’t know anything.

Dugdugi baba’s shishya come to him and asks him to open his eyes. He tells him that your devotee Amrish Kant have offered 25 lakhs rupees in donation. Dugdugi baba asks him to call Gyan there. He says he is coming to fool them.

Shaguta ties Rakhi on her brothers’ wrist. Behna Ne Bhai Ki song plays……….She makes them have sweets. She asks for gifts. Gyan gives lottery tickets to her. Shaan gives her statistics. Shaguta says I will not hear any excuses and asks for gifts. Dev says these brothers love lizard looking sister so much. Shaan, Gyan and Dhyan say No Bangadu. Rajni says I have scanned about Raksha Bandhan and says we will also celebrate. She ties Rakhi on Dev’s hand, does his aarti and makes him eat sweets. Surili talks to her brother and tells crow baba that her brother is greeting him. She asks her brother to come soon and says I will make my bahus cook your favorite dishes. Bubbles comes with Amrish and says he has promised me something, feels shy. Amrish says I have promised to get her married in 2 months. Surili asks Amrish not to promise which is not in his hands. Amrish says he will get her married within 2 months and asks Rajni’s help. Rajni says I will help and says Bua…your time starts now. Bubbles feels shy. Shaan asks Rajni to convince Surili anyhow, and asks her to activate mummy manao andolan. Rajni accepts his commands.

Surili asks Shaan to send Rajni to her Mayka as Dugdugi baba is coming there. Dev announces that he will also leave with Rajni, if she is so much disliked by them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Rajni awsm, Sugu’s gift.. lol, in this Serial Shaan’s acting is so much natural, her costume just like boy’s wear in home, so natural, I like it

  2. Who is this baba?? What is his story??

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    Rajni as always u r amazing and that rakhi gift of lottery ticket lol poor shogu won lottery once and that too she gave to rajni last time 😛 andm i the only one here who thinks that surili bro and amrish sis will get married 😛

  4. No i also think so surili brother and amrish sis get married

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