Yeh Jawaani 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Jawaani 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku says hi to kimaya…kimaya complements Cheeku for his performance…Cheeku tells Kimaya that Arya is not a good guy…Kimaya tells to shut up and stop targeting Arya…Cheeku tells that Arya wanted to use her…Kimaya tells to stop telling non sense about Arya…Arya calls kimaya and tells to come at his home..Kimaya tells okey and goes…Dodo stops Cheeku…Cheeku tells noo…Dodo shouts and holds Cheeku’s jacket…Cheeku agrees…Dodo tells that Cheeku all what he heard in restaurant…Cheeku gets worried…and calls Kimaya…while kimaya is in the Car with Arya..Kimaya cuts the call..Cheeku tells.may be the phone is withy.. Arya….Cheeku tells he wil call Arya…Dodo stops him….Dodo asks Cheeku to open the facebook and fantasy page Cheeku opens….Dodo and Cheeku goes in scooty …follow kimaya and Arya…Kimaya asks Arya about the compedition….did he played kabaddi..Arya tells be didnt but he knows..
Arya holds kimaya”s hand tightly while kimaya shouts…Arya tells the road is very silent no one os there..tells it waste of shouting…Kimaya opend the door..but Arya tells that he locked..Kimaya shouts to open…Arya opens…kimaya comes out and sees the area is like forest…Arya comes out of Car..kimaya asks where did she is…Arya tells that he has bet with his frnds of One night with kimaya…Arya holds and pulls kimaya..while she shouts…Arya leaves kimaya falls Cheeku holds..Cheeku comes and tells Arya to stay away from kimaya as he has come…Arya tells they will deal..Kimaya will be half his and half Cheeku …Cheeku gets Angry and beats Arya….CHeeku and Arya fights…Arya beats cheeku…Cheeku falls…Cheeku slaps Arya….Kimaya tells Dodo to something..Dodo tells he is not in action…Kimaya tells that Cheeku is fighting alone..Dodo and pushes Arya…Arya slaps Dodo..Dodo gets scared and moves…Cheeku and Arya fights..Cheeku pulls Arya..Arya tells now he is going but will take revenge in tommorrow’s match…Cheeku tells kimaya and Dodo to sit on scooty…Dodo tells he will go in auto..Dodo goes…Kimaya tells sorry to Cheeku.
He shouts at her..tells tht her parents would be worried…Kimaya tells after all this also Cheeku cares about her…Cheeku drops kimaya….kimaya tells that Cheeku was right..cheeku says bye and goes….Devika is worried..Dodo comes and ask why did she called her..Devika tells that Sid is not picking up the phone..Dodo tells for such small thing she called him…Dodo tells that Sid gone to banglore for a assingment…tells he even called to mom from airport…Devika tells how irresponsible Sid he didnt informed her..Devika thinks and tells that she she is wrong..As Sid is making his carrer and she will not interfere…Dodo says yes and goes away… Next day in college kabaddi compedition starts ….Host says that Arya won dancing conmpedition and is on 20 points while Cheeku won tennis and Treasure hunt and is on 40 marks…Soo Arya and Cheeku have to make a team and compete..Arya comes and tells Cheeku that he will win the Student of the year compedition by anyhow…

Precap::Cheeku says kabaddi and goes in Arya’s area…Arya catches Cheeku..Cheeku fall on ground and struggles to touch the line…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Cheeku wil lose then there wil be a tie breaker with lots of suspense n then cheeku wil win!

  2. Bicky Bhuyan

    Cheeku will win the SOTY competetion

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