Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi sees Pari wearing Rashi’s necklace and says she will not become Jigar’s wife if she wears it and will have to earn it and for that, Jigar has to be convinced. Pari asks about Jigar and goes to meet him. Jigar comes home and calls Gopi and Ahem. She surprises him from behind and holds him. He asks her to leave him. She drops him down. He gets irked, but then says he does not want to spoil his mood and walks away from there, calling Gopi and Ahem. Necklace breaks and falls down and Pari gets worried. Jigar informs Gopi and Ahem that he wants to donate some money in Rashi’s memory and has found an NGO for it. Ahem and Gopi permit him to go ahead.

Pari realizes that necklace is fake and tells Kokila that Gopi gave her fake necklace. Gopi says she gave the one Urmila gave her. Pari says she gave fake one as she hates her. Kokila asks Pari not to allege her Gopi bahu without any proof. Gopi checks necklace and says it is fake one, but she gave original one to Pari though. Hetal comes and says she believes her. Kokila says she will have to find out who exchanged necklace. She says she will asks Ahem to inform police. Hetal consoles Gopi and says we all know it is not your mistake. Pari angrily walks out from there and thinks these people blame her even when it is not her mistake.

Gopi asks Pari to return back necklace as it is a family necklace. Pari alleges Gopi instead and says she gave her fake necklace as she is jealous of her. Gopi asks her to stop alleging. Kokila sees them fighting and asks to sto fighting. Pari says Gopi is fighting with me and is alleging me wrongly. Gopi says she is 100% sure that Pari has stolen necklace. Pari says Gopi stole instead and is hiding it. Kokila asks her to stop alleging Gopi and asks Gopi if she has any proof. Gopi say no. Pari says she has proof and says her papa clicked pic with original necklace and she will bring that pic and proof that Gopi gave her fake necklace. She enters her papa’s room and asks his mobile. She picks mobile and thinks Gopi does not lie and made a mistake this time by telling lie. She checks pic and is shocked to see it is original. She asks her dad if he stole original necklace. He says yes. She asks why did he steal it. He says he had to gamble and did not have cash, so he stole it. Pari asks how can he steal it. He says that necklace was manhoos/unlucky, so he lost his gambling bet, so it is good he sold it. Pari says it is Modi family necklace and she challenged Gopi outside. He says he will win money and will get a better necklace for her. Pari says she wants to marry Jigar at any cost, but he ruined all her plan. He asks her not to cry, he will convince Jigar to marry her. She gets tensed thinking what to tell everyone now.

Kokila and other family members eagerly wait for Pari and once she comes down, Kokila asks her to show her dad’s pic. Pari says that pic got deleted. Kokila asks her to tell true that Gopi gave her original necklace and someone replaced it in her room. Pari’s father comes and says he stole that necklace and asks if they wanted to hear this from them, says he is a billionaire and does not need to steal a small necklace. Kokila says my Gopi bahu does not lie and asks him to show the proof. Pari says even she is telling truth. Kokila says Gopi gave you original necklace, but someone exchanged it and she wants necklace back by evening. Pari gets tensed hearing that.

Urmila murmurs that she has to get out Pari and her dad’s truth in front of everyone. Kinjal comes there and asks why is she murmuring herself, says she is going to police her jewelry for Dilwai and asks if she wants her jewelry also to be polished. Urmila says yes and goes in to bring her jewelry.

Pari says her dad that she wants necklace back at any cost. Dad says it was of 3 lakhs and he needs 3 lakhs to get it back. She asks from where will she get 3 lakhs. He says they can steal 3 lakhs. Pari gets tensed thinking Kokila will send her to jail and imagines herself in jail.

Precap: Urmila gives Gopi clothes to wash. Pari shows necklace in wash tub. Gopi checks and says it is original necklace and has come from outside, looking at its label.

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  1. Awesome serial. Please Pari don’t cry. U r the best! So is Gopi.

  2. Radha plz dont watch it if it is boring this serial is awesome

    1. I respect your comment so respect mine!!

  3. how boring is this serial when rashi died .-. end this pls

  4. nonsense.. how can a girl fool entire family..

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  6. This is a awesome show and who Hates it plz then dont read

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