Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Aman regrets his actions

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 6th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aman asking why didn’t you tell this to me before. Saima says Roshni wanted to protect me. Salma says I knew this, she always lie for others. Aman regrets and thinks of Roshni’s words. Salma says I want to say a last thing, you married Roshni and became her husband, but you didn’t understand her, you didn’t feel the trust, you should have fought with her, you decided and threw her out of the house. Everyone feels bad. Salma says you never considered Roshni as family, your fate gave you a diamond, you thought it as a glass and threw out of the house. She cries and goes. He thinks of Roshni and cries. Sara, Saima and Chotu hug him. Hamari adhuri kahani…plays… Saima apologizes.

Dadi says Aman, you did much wrong with Roshni, its time to rectify this, go and get my bahu back. Parveen goes. Salma reads the letter and cries. Aman and everyone comes. Aman says I have come to take Roshni. Salma says she left. He reads the letter…. heart break hurts a lot, I m going to learn to live with this pain. Salma says we all broke her heart. She cries. Dadi consoles her. Aman goes away. He cries and thinks of Roshni.

He stops the car and breaks it. He vents his anger. Dil ka dariya….plays… He ruins the car and sits shouting. Raakh Jinn reaches the tree. She says this ashes will help you get free, I will make you free today. She uses her powers. The lights flicker inside Aman’s house. Parveen worries. The house starts shaking. The fire enters the ground and finds the lamp. Parveen worries. The lamp breaks. Jinn escapes. He takes a human form. Halla hai…plays… He gets a taweez…. Parveen runs out of the house. She gets shocked seeing Raakh Jinn fallen unconscious. She sees the lamp broken. She says it means Jinn got free. Dadi and everyone come and worry. Dadi says its because of fire rain, red moon is coming, we just have a month time now. Jinn passes by Aman and drives away. Aman cries. Kahani hamari…plays… Aman comes home. Everyone runs to him. Chotu asks are you fine.

Aman says yes. Dadi asks did you find Roshni. He says no, I decided we will stop finding her. Dadi asks why, are you fine. Aman asks why are you overreacting. Dadi says you are underreacting, Roshni is missing, your wife is missing. He says she was never my wife, our relation was just a deal, story is over, she decided to leave the city, we should respect it. Dadi says when you got hurt in childhood, you used to say you are fine, your habit didn’t go, you are hurt and you are saying you are fine, its not the time to hide pain, danger is around, we know you care for Roshni. He says look at me, do you think I m sad, I don’t love Roshni. Dadi says when did I say that you love Roshni. Tabeezi sees the book. She sees Jinn taking human form. She gets shocked. She says Jinn has taken human form, he can be anyone.

Dadi says its red moon night today. Aman throws things in his room. Everyone gets scared. Aman sees Roshni’s pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. MaddieDaddie9966

    Today’s episode was really VERY VERY GOOD!
    Good decision made by Roshni to leave everyone and go away…”YOU WILL REALIZE A PERSON’S IMPORTANCE ONLY WHEN YOU LOSE THAT PERSON”…
    Aman REGRETS his actions done to Roshni…It was a perfect realization at the right time!
    Vikram’s acting as Aman venting out his anger was just fab…He was awesome today!
    Interesting to see the Jinn in his new human form…Now it will be a war between Aman and Jinn..But what will Aman do without his Ayaana who’s Roshni??!
    Aman loves Roshni! His expressions said everything!
    Honestly, I missed Roshni in today’s episode..Her decision was right…But I want her to come back soon and Be with Aman….I want this to happen when Aman realizes his mistake COMPLETELY in such a way that he will NEVER repeat his mistakes..
    Exciting promo..Seems like the makers are introducing a leap of one month…
    The plot is getting interesting and I am looking forward to it…
    Congrats to the whole team of YJHJK for maintaining the 1st position in gaining a good amount of TRP…You guys deserve it!!
    Waiting for Monday to come soon!
    (I expected Lisa’s comment first..Waiting for Lisa’s opinion regarding today’s episode..)

    1. @Maddie
      I never thought people like my comments???, coz they are kinda LOUD, and often received abuses 4 that.???
      But so good to see from you, asking me, it’s really KIND of you.???
      I was traveling yesterday so didn’t get time to watch the episode nor comment on it,???
      I’m putting my comment below but u may be disappointed to see tat, coz again I’m talking negative of Roshni.???
      And yeah, wat said of losing someone in life is exactly the same thing which I had on the previous episode???, wow ?? ?.

    2. @Maddie
      Yeah, forgot to mention, Vikrant’s actig is givng blows day by day???, he has improved so well✌✌✌.
      I loved the way he was saying, “I’m totally fine, I don’t love Roshni, I don’t love her!!!” which purely means HE LOVES HER???, coz “We deny something, only when deep inside the subconsious, we have feelings for that person!!!!”, Loved Aman’s reactions in this episode???.
      I’m ELATED???, tat, YJHJK has reached the 1st position and replaced the f**king a*sh*le shows KKB & KD???, just wish it stays there, coz it deserves to be???.
      I’m just waiting KHKT too reach there!!! ???

  2. Loved it…

  3. Great acting love this serial

  4. Somebody needs to slap Parveen ASAP.

    1. Oh yes, I totally agree

  5. Acc to me, this episode was FINE ??? not really gr8, coz I don’t agree with putting the whole blame on Aman???, especially wat Salma said, she said Aman never understood Roshni, but how can she expect him to when Roshni never COMMUNICATED anything to him????????
    Bad communication is the cause of breaking most of the marriages and here Roshni keeping dumb was the MAJOR cause of Roshan’s separation???.
    And whoever disagree, I feel Aman throwing Roshni out was absolutely JUSTIFIED???, coz tat was the only option for him at that moment???.
    Anyone else in his situation would have acted in the same manner???, if he shouldn’t have done that, then either Roshni or Saima should have opened their f**ked up mouth and told him something???, then surely Aman would have supported Roshni???.
    I don’t understand y everyone including Aman’s family is finding fault with him while glorifying Roshni???, Mistake was done by both, and the greater MISTAKE was of Roshni not Aman??.

    1. MaddieDaddie9966

      Yeah, definitely agree with u…And the decision made by Roshni was better than coming back to the house and start the crying drama once again…

    2. MaddieDaddie9966

      And ya, you can NEVER expect Roshni to open her mouth…She is acting as if she is dumb only for the sake of her in laws and nothing else…I still can’t understand why the scriptwriter is making her dumb…But I wanted Saima to at-least reveal the truth that day…But its fine that she revealed it in this episode…
      Thank God that the makers didn’t drag the serial by hiding the truth for 1 month or 1 year…Coz this is what most Indian Serials do to make the bahu suffer..?
      It was a great decision made by Roshni…Or else we would have to see her coming back to the house, Parveen shouting at her for no reason (This lady is just annoying) and Roshni reacting to it by crying…I am just waiting for an episode where Roshni can stand bravely and speak boldly towards Parveen without crying…

    3. @Maddie
      Superb comprehension OF ROSHNI’S CHARACTER Maddie???, u r absolutely RIGHT!!! It is definitely great decsion from Roshni not to return???, as she was returning until now, sometimes for Aman, or for Saima, coz if she had, she was gonna receive verbal abuses from PARVEEN and keep crying, which is so IRKY!!!???
      And definitely, it was a great decision from the makers not to prolonge on Roshni’s suffering???, by making making Saima & Salma confess the truth ASAP???.
      BAHU SUFFERING is a usual tactic of serials like kkb, yrkkh, kd etc???.
      Me too, I want to see Roshni as a STRONG GIRL, she keeps saying tat, but then her actions have never showed it???.
      And yeah, I started watching this serial, only coz of ROSHAN???, so eagerly waiting for their UNION???.
      3 Cheers to Roshan’s chemistry, which brought this serial to RANK 1?✨???.

  6. Episode was really interesting, Aman’s realization and Entry of Jinn in Human form especially with that background song was beautifu?l!!! there by Come back of Jinn in show?. I think most probably there would be a love triangle in between Aman, Roshini and the Jinn.

    1. MaddieDaddie9966

      Yeah, agree with u…Entry of Jinn in the human form was fab…Never knew that the entry of a villain can also be amazing! That song was also really nice…The actor seems to be perfect for the role of the Jinn!
      Well, I am not interested in love triangles as it is a very common technique used by serials and movies…But, I guess it will be interesting to watch it on screen..

    2. @Maddie
      Same pinch here???, even though I din’t like the episode much, the entry of jinn as human was an marvelous addition to the plot of YJHJK???, with a perfect bgm to it.
      Arhan behl just seems to be the best ??? who could fit in the shoes of a Jinn, gr8 job by the casting team.✌️✌️✌️
      Even I am not interested in love triangles???, coz it has become very common in all the serials now, but I want the pair of Big Jinn & Rakh Jinn???.

    3. MaddieDaddie9966

      Yeah, Even I want a parallel love story of Sifriti Jinn and Rakh Jinn…

  7. ys Arushi even I want that….love triangle between roshni aman n jin…..maybe smeday roshni helps jin….jin become obssesed with roshni….roshni loves aman….n a major war between roshni jin n aman…..oh I willl love to watch that…I also want aman apologising roshni…..n roshni not paying heed to amans talks……becz girls also have self respect…..she is angel hearted that dosent mean she will bear each n every taunt

  8. I think Roshni will come back as a strong and brave girl. Because thats what they usually do when the female character leaves and comes bck.

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