Kasautii Zindagii Kay 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini insults Veena

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The Episode starts with Veena saying Anurag has invited us, we had no interest to come here, he said Rajesh is part of the company and we should come, why does he come to us, if he is married now. Mohini gets angry. Nivedita says we have to attend guests. Veena says Prerna did a lot for Anurag, one day you asked her to leave the house, that he isn’t fine, I see that he stays happy with her, you can behave well with Prerna, because your granddaughter is in her womb. Mohini shouts on her. Shivani says people’s habits can change, not her thinking. Nivedita says shut up Shivani. Mohini asks Nivedita did Anurag say that Prerna is carrying his child. Nivedita says never. Veena says we have stayed silent, but you are questioning the baby, I will not let you see the baby’s face. She goes.

Komolika comes in the party. She sees Anurag. Prerna comes in between. Anurag introduces Sonalika as his wife. Komolika takes Prerna aside. He thinks I have to check the album, I have to see who is Prerna’s husband. Komolika taunts Prerna. She asks look at yourself, what’s the use of your truth, I did so much and I m their beloved bahu. Prerna says go and tell them who you are. Komolika asks do you really want this. Prerna says you have no courage. She sees Veena leaving. Veena says I want to leave now. Prerna says I would like to leave now. Veena thinks she will be hurt if I say that. She says I don’t know anyone here. Prerna says I will finish work and come, we will go together. Veena says Shivani, don’t tell anything to Prerna, we will say it when right time comes, Mohini will cry to see the baby’s face. Anurag comes to Prerna’s house. He sees Shekhar on call and hides. He thinks when did Shekhar come from the village, it won’t be good if I go by the door, he will call Prerna and she will call me to ask, no I can’t go this way.

Komolika asks how did you feel when Anurag called me his wife. Prerna says you are Komolika, he said Sonalika is his wife, I m sure that his memory will come back. Komolika says it won’t come back. Prerna says lie always comes out. I m sure he will see something that triggers his memory. Anurag says Prerna is hiding something, I will see the pic and identify him. Komolika says maybe Anurag and Prerna’s pic can trigger, but your marriage didn’t happen in front of the world, help me, what can it be. Shivani says I would have shown engagement pic and wedding card to Anurag, his questions would have ended. Prerna says truth never hides. Nivedita asks where is Anurag.

Sonalka says call him. Nivedita says John is leaving, where are you. He says I came to take papers from office. Prerna says papers are here in cash bag. He says ask Prerna to keep papers safe, just ask her to touch that bag, it has money, I will be back. Nivedita asks her to get the papers. Komolika says he regards you secretary, so he is asking you to work. Prerna says no, its called trust. Komolika thinks let him come, he will throw you out. Anurag thinks sorry Prerna, this way is wrong, but I m doing this for a right cause. He enters Prerna’s room. Suman asks are you here Shekhar. He hides. She says I felt like someone was here. She shuts the window and goes. He thinks everyone is here. Komolika thinks Prerna can’t handle this. Shivani sees her and thinks she maybe planning something, is she finding Prerna.

Komolika thinks you rejected my brother, very soon I will make you his servant, I want Anurag now, where is he. Anurag finds the cupboard locked. He thinks how shall I open it, I can’t go back after coming so far. She checks the drawers. Mohini sees Prerna with papers. She says party is going on downstairs, what are you doing here. She takes papers. She says why do you get Veena here always, I didn’t forget that you left Anurag in mandap and went to Bajaj, I will not spare Veena. Prerna says you forgot I did all this to save Anurag, Sonalika saved Anurag, she is great for you and I m bad, I loved Anurag, I married someone else for his sake.

Mohini says you left him, Sonalika is supporting her. Prerna says when he wanted to marry me, you gave me bridal dress, I thought you accepted me. Mohini says I never accepted you, I have a good bahu now, stop roaming around Anurag. Komolika comes. Prerna says I will never leave Anurag. Komolika goes. Mohini says you don’t want to leave him as he has money. Prerna says I can’t change your thinking, I love Anurag the most, sorry, I m not interested in your money. She takes papers and goes. Anurag gets a hair pin. He thinks Prerna, your pin will help me, you have become my crime partner. He tries to open the lock. Mohini says you forgot I m Moloy’s wife and Anurag’s mum. Prerna says you forgot that I also have a relation with Anurag, when he was in jail, you told me to get your son back.

Mohini says Prerna kept the cash inside the cupboard, she has come from that room now, police will decide now. Anurag gets the pics. Prerna gets arrested. Anurag comes. She smiles seeing him.

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  1. Anurag wud hv found Prerna Bajaj pic… and will identify Bajaj as his company rival

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  2. I think anurag got the proof of prerna marriage

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