Sanjivani 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Asha’s sonography test

Sanjivani 6th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishani saying I can’t live with you until someone else’s name is linked to you. She kisses him and cries. She says you love me right, then win this love, fight for it, give me rights on my love, break that bond and then join our bond, complete me, I want you to be mine forever. She cries and goes. Sid gets a call. Guddu says Roshni and I are going out, Asha has come home. Sid comes home and sees Asha. He asks her to just go out. He throws her bags. Asha says no, I won’t go. Ishani thinks of Asha’s words. She worries. Asha says just I know what I m going through, I can’t clarify to anyone, I won’t go from here. He says you have no shame. She says you can beat me, but I won’t go, I m your wife. He recalls Ishani’s words. He says no. She stops him from holding her mangalsutra. She recalls Vardaan’s words.

She says it won’t be easy to end this marriage. Ishani sees the tv shows. The lady says I will not give divorce at any cost. Ishani says no…. Asha says you won’t be able to get rid of me soon. Sid holds Asha’s hand and says this black beads don’t matter now, you don’t deserve this, I don’t care, get out. Asha says I won’t go. He asks her to get lost. She asks what about my baby, I did everything for my baby, think about it, I will not give you divorce. She cries. He asks are you really pregnant or is this also a drama, I can’t trust a girl like you. She cries. He says fine, stay here tonight, you won’t talk to anyone, I will take you for sonography tomorrow, it can show how low a girl can fall. Its morning, Ishani says why did Asha do this, I don’t understand, I tried to call Aman.

Sid gets Asha there. Asha says leave my hand. Sid greets them and says meet my wife, she can do anything to save her husband, she can lie about anyone, I thought to expose her lie, lets get a sonography test done to see if she has a baby or not, I have to break the chains from my feet, which I got due to my humanity. Ishani looks on. Sid asks Asha to lie down for sonography test. Asha says you are troubling a pregnant girl. Sid says this doesn’t suit you. Asha asks where will I go, I m your wife. He says I can do anything and any time, get sonography done, if this baby matter is a lie, then your black beads and law can‘t stop me. Ishani and Neil check a patient. Neil says everything will get in control one day, don’t worry. Ishani smiles and hopes the truth comes out. Asha gets the test done. Sid looks at the screen and says there is no movement, there is no baby, you acted to become a mum, why Asha.

Ishani says I want to see why Asha fell so low and did all this. She comes to the sonography room. She doesn’t see anyone. She calls Sid. She says he isn’t answering, where did they go. She sees Asha and goes to her. Sid goes out and dips his head in the water. He recalls seeing Asha’s baby. Asha says you decided I m not suitable for you, I m not so bad, I didn’t fake the pregnancy, you have heard the heartbeat of baby, this is my truth, I m pregnant, I had become your wife to get saved from this. FB ends. Asha sees Ishani. She says I have made everything fine now. She goes. Sid recalls Asha scolding him and asking him to let the baby die. Sid worries.

Sid says we have undergone the pain because of our parents, you tell me, how shall I take this decision, from my heart or mind, tell me Ishani. They cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. why is there revenge and hatred in all the indian dramas? can these people write something nice without so much revenge and hatred. What is this world coming to.

  2. Seriously after all that drama they should have ended Asha’s character, like by making her leave Sanjivani out of shame.
    But no, this Asha drama is dragging on and on.
    Now the storyline is less about the hospital itself,but more about personal issues between Vardhan&Sid and Sid-Asha-Ishani.
    The show was so much better in the beginning, where they did show each character’s personal issue (Ishani not wanting to be like her parents, Sid missing his dad in his life) but they didnt neglect the “medical” aspect of the show..
    Sanjivani is sadly losing its charm..

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