Nazar 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohana breaks Pari’s life jar

Nazar 6th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piya and Ansh look inside the house. Piya says no one is here. Ansh says but someone lives here. Piya says look there. They see Mohana’s stuff. Ansh says Mohana lives here. They open the closet. There’s nothing. Ansh and Piya come out. Ansh says we couldn’t find either. Piya says Pari showed me this house. Ansh says what if Mohana moved? Piya says I saw Pari arranging the seashells yesterday. Piya sees seashells moving. It’s an arrow that points at a tree. Piya says Ansh, Pari is trying to show us something. Mohana must have hidden Pari’s life there. They rush towards the tree. Mohana comes there and takes ou the jar. Mohana says you thought you would get Pari so easily? Ansh says you thought we would let you go that easily?

Vedeshree brings Pari out. She says Nishant, will Pari come back? He says we have only time till Poneyma. Avi says what? He says we can only keep her till poneyma. We have to find her life before that. Vedeshree says I hope they’re fine. Nishant says they found the house she saw in her dreams. I am sure they’ll come back with her life.

Piya says return her life jar to us. Mohana says you took my Angad, I took your daughter. Ansh says I am your enemy. Fight with me not with an innocent kid. Piya says she tried taking the lives of her own son and grandson for her life. She can never change. Mohana says I wanted to change and I wanted to move on. You killed my Angad and threw me back on this path again. Ansh says return Pari’s life jar. Mohana walks and says take it if you can. Piya jumps in front of her. She attacks Mohana. The life jar falls. Ansh holds it. He says Piya run. Mohana throttles Ansh. He gives the life jar to Piya. Mohana shoves Ansh on a car. Ansh picks that car and throws it towards Mohana. She is stuck under it. Ansh and Piya run. Mohana burns all cars there.

Nishant adds a liquid on the body. He says we don’t have a lot of time. This jar is turning red from blue. Before it happens, we have to return her life. Vedeshree says but we don’t have life jar. Ansh says we do. We brought her life jar from Mohana. Ansh says hurry up. Piya recalls Mohana smirked at her. Piya says there’s something wrong with this life jar.

Mohana says Ansh, you didn’t even think why did I let you take that life jar so easily? The snakes come there and say Mohana, you can’t run away from us. We have an entire army. And we won’t leave you. Mohana fights them. Piya says she was smiling when we were running. Ansh says we fought her. Piya says she would not give up so easily. Nishant says we don’t have time. Ansh says you’re overthinking. Nishant says we will lose Pari forever. Piya says there’s something wrong. Try to understand. Savi takes the jar from her and pours life in Pari. Te jar turns red father. Nishant says oh God, Piya was right. When this box turns red, Pari will leave forever. Her life jar won’t be able to bring her either.

Mohana comes there and says how could you do this mistake? What will happen to Pari now? Ansh says where is the real-life jar? Mohana says you can’t find it. And till you find it, she would be gone forever. Savi points an arrow at her. Mohana says don’t even try, this will make me angrier. No one can bring the one who has to leave. Piya says I beg you Mohana. Please return her life. A mother is begging you. Mohana says want her life back? Vedeshree says Mohana says please. fro the sake of this ring that you gave me. Mohana says I changed but you didn’t want me to be good. Shekhar says punish us not her. Mohana says this will punish you. You will suffer as I did. You will know how it feels when someone dies.

A snake comes to the dying snake. He says life jar. He tells his leader the dying snakes were talking about some life jar. It’s important for the witch. The leader says we want it. Mohana throws the jar from the balcony. Ansh tries to run and catch it. If falls and breaks. Everyone is shocked.

Precap-Mohana says it makes me so happy to see you helpless. Vedeshree says please I beg you return her life. Mohana says I won’t. Do whatever you want. Ansh stops Mohana.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Total BAWAAS!!!!???
    This serial’s storyline HAS STOOPED too LOW!!!???
    Even tho, Mohana doingS rt now is genuinely WRONG???, I’m only able to EMPHATIZE with her???, more than with those SELFISH Rathods and family.???
    Even now, ALL THEY THINK OF is their FAMILY, their HAPPINESS, f**kingly disgusting bullshit filled brains!!!!???
    If they had felt a inch BAD for MOHANA, then they should have apologized to her???, especially tat a*sh*le Ansh, instead of surrendering himself, he should have done tat!!!???
    Instead he and his family feel proud tat they have done a great BOON, by killing Angad, ???
    Of course killing him was good 4 them, coz they have come out of danger,,, but wat abt Mohana?????????‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
    Even Piya was telling about her aids to Mohana in this episode, while she forgot tat it was Mohana who helped her and her family to come out that mirror, and also get Vedashree back, How come she forgot that???????????
    Wow, Nazar team, the once msg of VICTORY OF THE GOOD OVER SERIAL ???
    Has turned into WIN OF SELFISHNESS,???
    f**king blo*dy SELFISH creatures!!! ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!!!?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

    1. ***sorry meant VICTORY OF GOOD OVER EVIL SERIAL

    2. Let’s just watch it without over dramatizing ?

    3. Wat u feel, tat I’m DRAMATISING, then wat abt the makers they are FOOLING u?????‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
      U r k with tat?????????

    4. Enoughshanti

      Come on Lisa, I don’t want to tempt you cause I know the reaction would be another long comment. But, don’t you think your definition of “shelfishness” has gone to a different level. Thinking about one’s family’s hapiness is shelfishness for you, where mohona who only thinks about her own hapiness, only her love, her power, her revenge doesn’t seem selfish to you?

    5. If she had been SELFISH from the beginning then she would never have helped those a*sh*le pple to come out of the kalashri’s mirror??? by giving her 1 eye, helped Piya to stop the formation of Mahadaayan and also bring back Vedashree.???
      But yeah now as you said she is acting vengeful which u r misunderstanding as her SELFISHNESS ???, but the reason for that is tat her heart is filled with HATRED for whatever happened to her!!!!???
      I think if Ansh would have not acted rebellious since the beginning by justfying himself for his mistake ???but rather just accepted that he has infact committed a MISTAKE, the consequences would not have this worse!!!???
      But yeah NAZAR has adopted the policy tat their protagonist will not accept HIS MISTAKE???, rather whatever crime he does will be later glorified as a “PUNYA”.???
      Even I don’t want to debate over the shows faults but they should not spreading wrong things like this???, like yrkkh where Extra-marital affair ? ?? is considered Gr8.

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