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Toshiji is thinking about how to tell Ishita and Raman, why she took sign from them.

She thought i’ll tell them now , let them decide wat they have to do.

Toshi: Adi go call Raman Uncle.

Raman over call” wat how is this possible , how someone can do with the dress like that in the office”

Raman: Adi, y u came here .

Adi turned back : Dadi is calling u.

Raman: Ok i’ll come.

Raman went to meet toshiji

Raman: Maa , u called me.

Toshi: i want to talk to you about the sign which i took.

Raman: Maa , i know u , u would have taken that for some purpose. if i had a doubt i would have asked u only .So, dont worry. and i have to go to office  its urgent .

Toshi: but Raman…..

Raman: maaa….. leave it , adi wont go anywhere.

Raman leave house without listening to toshi

TOshi: hai rabba, wat to do both are busy in works . watever i’ll see later. let the custody case close.

Raman came to office , there he met Ishita in the lift who is coming out and Raman inside.

Raman: how come i’m meeting all the time like this in this building.

Ishita: Becoz i work here, wat about u then.

Raman : Mee also.

Lift closes

Raman ” she is a designer but there are no Architect companies in this building, may be some company renovating”

Raman came to MIhir

Raman: Wat happened  how come dress got burnt .

Mihir : Bhai come i’ll show u something.

Mihir shows him CCTV footage.

Some masked person coming inside Ishita cabin , searching for dress when he got he poured something and burnt it.

Raman got shocked and he is tensed

Raman: How to manage now , all other designs are ready and now this is happening ,and even if we start also it is not possible to complete.

Mihir: Dont get tensed.

Raman: how can u say dont be tensed.

Mihir: Calm down, no need to worry also. Ishita solved this problem already.

Raman: Wat , how?

Mihir: She ordered before while starting this design to do 2 sets , she want to try different pattern  of lehenga. so we are saved.

Raman (with big smile): wat , she is super

Mihir: So we sent that to client , and bride liked it so much, she called Ishita and thanked her, She invited her to her marriage.

Raman: Thats a good news. but who did this , we need to find out.

Mihir: U r right bhai.

Raman with relaxed face , he came home.

Toshi was outside waiting for raman, when Raman came she grabbed him into the house.

Raman: Maa wat happened y r u grabbing  me like that.

Toshi took him inside the house, Ishita also saw Toshi pulling Raman inside the house.

Ishita: Mummyji wat happened and y u r pulling him inside.

Toshi: Chup, both of u sit here, i have to talk .

Toshi sends adi inside his room to watch TV.

Toshi: now watever i say  listen to me carefully, and until i finish both should not talk .

” As i told about Ishita to raman, now Ishita u need to know who is Raman . Raman is my son actually his mother name is shantha who was a maid in my house. she died in road accident and we me and prakashji adopted him and treated him same as prateek. Both prateek and Raman were going to school, college  and higher studies together. he became fashion designer and Prateek forigner. Raman loved one girl Shagun, we agreed and they got married.recently i came to know that they divorced. (Raman and Ishita look at each other). y i’m telling u all this , that is becoz from tom u both are officially married to each other .”

Both stood from there place and shouted ” Wat”

Toshi: chup. i have not completed yet. listen to me first, listen i dint had any option other than  this  and even Adi liked Raman.

Ishita: But mummyji how is possible to get married so early.

Raman: Yeah she is right……….wait u took sign for that purpose.

Ishita: when u took sign from us…………….oh those insurance paper…………….!

Toshi ji looking at them.

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  1. awesome update ishra are officially married

  2. Zaira

    Toshiji is the most intelligent person…did a grt work by making them married …??
    …Raman n ishita r dumb….don’t they realise tht ..they r working together???.. Even Raman knows her name ..then also he couldn’t realise its “ishita”…its somewhat similar to ruhi being cupid in the serial ..n here adi ….good update …so Raman was her maids son..tishi n prakash r so good …
    Waiting for the next

  3. Awesome… they are married…It’s really gd….continue

  4. I just love this story very much…..plz continue…..

  5. This story is just superb….I really love it a lot…..plz do update…….

  6. Rashita

    Ohhhh so this is it… Toshi got them married…!! Grt..?? both r shocked nd idiots also.. Don’t know each other… !!! Lovely update..

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