Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Tumse Raglak Part 12 Fresher’s Party

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Kirti’s POV

I was in my room’s balcony reading a novel by my favorite author Durjoy Dutta. I always was keen to find out what would happen next and what not, but today I was a distracted. Ragini and Arya must be enjoying the party out there and here I am in my room staring at this book and sometimes at infinity above. I also wanted to go to the party and enjoy as others do buy unfortunately couldn’t.

I was the daughter of Durga Prasad Maheshwari’s late sister. My parents died when I was 8 years old and DP brought me here as I had no one except them. My mother’s family excepted me whole heartedly without any complains. I am equally loved here by all family members except DP who loves none. Sorry actually strike that out, he does love something and that to control others life. And here I was one of his victim. I was not allowed to go to the party as per him it was not good for a girl to roam out late. I wish I could get permission from him so that I would have also experienced life. I sometimes feel like I live in a cage like those animals in the zoo. Who can move everywhere in the cage but can’t go out of the cage however hard they try.

Surprisingly Laksh Bhai didn’t help me out to get permission from DP nor did he argued when DP denied. It seemed like Laksh Bhai didn’t want me to attend the party.

Ragini and Laksh Bhai fought like kids almost everyday. I didn’t tell my friends that I am sister of Laksh Bhai because Ragini hates him and I don’t want to lose her friendship due to their personal fights. Laksh bhai is not the one how he shows himself in front of Ragini. I agree he is a bad boy and all that stuff but he has a golden heart. On the other side Ragini was gem. My journey from my childhood till now I was called nerd and made fun of it. I never had any friends in my whole life and hence I would read books making them my Friend. Ragini was the first one who talked to me without any hint of making fun out of me. She instantly became my friend and due to her Arya. I am scared if Ragini will come to know the truth what will happen.

Laksh’s POV

I had made a full proof plan to take my revenge today. I researched on Ragini and got to know she had two best friends and obviously her Sister in the college. The problem arised when I got to know that one of her friend was my sister Kirti. However desperate I was to take the revenge from Ragini, I don’t want my sister to get hurt by my revenge. I designed four different invitation cards printing that all should be dressed up in any of the Hollywood Villan character. I knew my father won’t allow Kirti to go to the party. Coming to Arya I purposely kept screws on her way to Ragini’s place where you won’t find any mechanics at least 30km away. Lastly Swara, I didn’t care of her being humiliated. She was the reason for our back to back revenges. The wall clc dinged 8 in the evening.

“Ready to go Laksh.” I said to myself and moved out to my Audi. I drove passed the gates and saw something very scary out there. And I knew who it was. Haha.. Ragini. I was a bit surprised when she asked my help to drop her to the venue.

I wasn’t expecting what happened in the car. She genuinely nursed my hand, care depicting in her eyes. I don’t know why I thought she looked beautiful even though she was dressed in a worst way today. I was  overwhelmed​ by her gesture. I felt a tinge of guilt. How can I be so heartless and cruel. This is not me. Yes I do fight but only when I am right and I have to prove it.  Whereas here it wasn’t totally her mistake that I was going to insult her in huge way. It was me who started this. This is going so wrong. I stopped the car and wanted to tell her the truth but just couldn’t open my stupid mouth. I turned to her but she just started apologising without giving me a chance to speak.

Her words didn’t made the situation any good. She opened the car door and went out. That is the time I realized that we had already reached the venue. I was just so engrossed in thinking about her that I just stopped the car abruptly. But now I have to stop her before she enters. I hastily came out of the car and called her out many times running after her. But she’s such a stupid girl. At least listen to me what I have to say. Now how will I make everything fine.

Ragini’s POV

As I entered the party I was shocked looking at the people dressed normally. All started laughing at me.

“Oh my God.. look at her.”

“Who is she and what is she wearing?”

“She’s so scary.”

“Hey guys quiet.” Said Kavya clapping her hands and looking around. “Sohis is our very own Miss Ragini. The brilliant, blunt woman. She is the same one guys who insulted Laksh the other day. Just look at her. She don’t even know to get dressed on a party. What did you think Ragini ? This is some kind of Halloween party?” She laughed hard and everyone else in the party followed her.

She came closer to me and spoke in a voice audible to both of us. “I hope you learnt a good lesson girl. Now don’t ever think of taking revenge and insulting others. Now get your ass out of here you are not needed anymore. The show is over..” then she said loudly “.. Thanks for entertaining us Ragini. We were anyway feeling bored but your presence made us laugh. You really are a joker.” Saying she went towards the bar.

This was such an insulting moment for me. If I hadn’t promised Swara Di I would have slapped her real hard. Unfortunately I couldn’t.

I was feeling a certain kind of pain in my heart. I don’t know what it was but I felt betrayed.

I turned around to move out and saw Laksh there. He was looking straight at me. That bastard. How can he play such a big game on me. I won’t ever forgive him for this. He came towards me and stood beside me. I wanted to run from there but also wanted to listen what he had to say. I know he has come here to tell me this was a lesson which he wanted to teach me and all. But something unexpected uttered from his mouth.

“Hey guys, sorry to disturb​ you all but just wanted to confess something.” He glanced at me and continued. “The way Ragini is dressed is not her fault but mine. I was the one who designed separate invitation card for Ragini in which the theme was dressing up as Villan. I know I am being cruel towards but I have realized my mistake.” He again looked at me this time staring at me. “I am sorry Ragini. I hope you forgive me for this.”

I couldn’t take this anymore. First of all he made fun out of me tonight and now apologizing in front of everyone. He wants to become great in everyone’s eyes.

I strode towards without looking at him back. I knew he was following me.
He caught me by my arms and turned me over. I immediately pulled my arms back and slapped him. I couldn’t control myself anymore. How dare he touch me after whatever happened today.

“Don’t​ ever try to touch me Mr Laksh. You know what I should have guessed the reason behind your changed behavior few minutes before we arrived here. I should have known that all concern and care you were showing is all fake. Huh..why am I calling all this fake when the reality is you are the one who is fake.” Tears started forming in my eyes. “How could you play with my feelings. I thought we could become good friends but you..” I sniffed as tears started flowing and I didn’t try to wipe them off. I had never cried in front of anyone like this. But crying and bursting out at Laksh seemed right. I don’t know why but I was hurt really bad right now.

“If you want you can slap me again and again because​I know this was my mistake and I honestly apologise to you. But nothing is fake here. I wasn’t faking my concern.”

“Just shut up. Do you really think I believe you? I don’t and won’t ever believe in you. I just hate you the most.”

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