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Hello everyone…how r u all.. im sry for the delay. Here is my next part… Hope u like it.

Recap: ishu completed all her exams. Shagun goes to jaanvi for pongal celebration​s.
The episode starts with George nd his family reaching the church where the wedding is going to be.
Jane: George.. did u call Sara ?
George: yeah mom.. I ve called her. She said she will be coming.
Jane: k then.. I’ll just go nd attend our guests. U go nd get ready.
George: yes Mom.
Jst then Raman came there. George saw him nd smiled but raman didn’t notice. He went near.
George: hi buddy ..!!
Raman: hi.. but Im sry, I don’t know u.
James: that’s strange..!!! U don’t him nd came for his wedding…??!!!??
(Raman looks at him with surprise.)- I’m kidding.
George: DAD..!!! – it’s ok Raman.. u don’t know me but I know u. Ishita said me abt u. I’m the groom… Sara’s to be husband, u know.
Raman: oh hi… I’m sry for that. Anyways congrats for ur wedding.
George: thank you.
Jst then ishu came there… In the sari which shagun gave.
George: hey ishu… looking stunning baby.
Raman looks at her smiling.
Ishu smiles: thanks George…!!!
George: by the way what kind of a dress is this.
Raman: it’s sari… Our Indian tradition.
George: that’s cool. Nd where’s Sara??
Ishu: she’s in.
George: oh k then.. come on let’s go.
They all went in… Sara nd George r promising each other… Exchanged rings. Raman saw ishu who’s smiling… He hold her hand. Ishu looks at him. Sara nd George kissed each other. Ishu holds his hand tightly witnessing it. Raman kissed her cheek…. Ishu smiles in shock.
Raman: is it ok to control ??
Ishu beats him: shut up yaar…!!! ??
Raman smiles nd hugs her.
Toshi opens the door to find a courier boy. He gave her a parcel nd went away. Toshi gets in.
Toshi : what’s this..?? For whom ?? Let’s open nd see.
There she finds a box chocolates in heart shaped.
Toshi: chocolates..!!!
She took one nd is abt to eat, mr.bhalla came there.
Mr. Bhalla: toshiji… Did​ u forget that u r diabetic ?? Y r u eating chocolate ??
She keeps a pout face nd puts back the chocolate in the box. While he took the box.
Mr. Bhalla: I’m going to office, send my tiffin with shagun.
Toshi:  Bhallaji u r also diabetic..
Mr. Bhalla: I won’t eat.. I’m just taking this box away from u.
He went away. Toshi went to prepare breakfast. Jst then shagun got up, called aakash.
Aakash: hey.. how ur pongal celebration, with ur saas??
Shagun: don’t ask.. ur mom na.. she nxt to impossible.
Aakash laughed: what did she do ?
Shagun: y yar mrng mrng abt her…?
Aakash: arey come on..
Shagun: she make me take blessings from ur relatives continuously… Which my back pain.. nd she asked me to prepare a sweet for those frnds of hers.. thank God my mom helped me or else…
Aakash laughed: hm.. I think u njoyed a lot…!!
Shagun: ha ha.. I will remember these nd she will ve to pay back to me once we get married.
Aakash: arey.. she’s my Amma shagun..!!
Shagun: acha..then will u pay me back???
Aakash: no no … As per your wish. Vaise.. did u get my gift ?
Shagun: what gift..?
Aakash: I won’t reveal it.. u ll get to know.
Shagun: acha.. k then. I’m already late ve to go.
Aakash: where shopping??
Shagun: no akhi… To office.
Aakash: oh.. I just forgot that madam has joined office. K then go.
Shagun: bye.
They end the call nd shagun gets ready, has breakfast..nd . goes to office.
 In the office..
Mr. Bhalla completes his meeting nd came to his cabin.
Mr. Bhalla: where is this shagun.. she didn’t come yet.. I’m so hungry.
He then sees the chocolate box on his table.
Mr. Bhalla: before my sugar levels come down… Let’s eat some.
He opened the box nd picks to eat.
Shagun: Papa..!!!
He dropped the chocolate in the box nd hides it.
Mr. Bhalla: arey shagun u came..?!
Shagun: what r u hiding papa ?
Mr. Bhalla: nothing.. nothing.
Shagun: no no… U r hiding something.. give me.
She took it from him nd sees it.
Shagun: chocolates..??? U r eating chocolates..?? Papa u know na u r diabetic… Then y r u eating these..??
Mr. Bhalla puts a pout face: actually I’m so much hungry.
Shagun: I brought u ur tiffin papa.. here. Now don’t eat these chocolates.
Mr. Bhalla: k, I’m sry.
Shagun: k then ve breakfast. I’ll leave to my cabin.
She went to her​ cabin with the chocolate box nd looks at it. She finds a piece of paper in the cap of the​ box. Picks it nd reads
Shagun: ” Lovely chocolates keep ur love near u… Close to ur heart… In the warmth of ur breath… Njoy each bite of this chocolate, melting on ur lips…!! – Love, ur Akhi ” WOW…!!! So this is the gift…hmm let’s try.
She picks one chocolate nd bites… She closes her eyes nd savours the taste.
Shagun: this akhi na.. such a sweetheart.. (jst then she gets a call, nd picks) akhi …!! U r amazing yaar… Luv u so much….!!
Aakash: hm .. so got ur gift ??
Shagun: yeah… It’s jst so romantic.
Aakash: yeh bas trailer hai… I’ll show u film when I come back from London.
Shagun: oh.. that’s cool !!
Aakash: London is so beautiful yaar… I wish u to be here. Missing u so much.
Shagun: hmm.. even I’m missing u so much yaar..
A voice came ” whom u r missing Ms. Shagun”
She then turns nd finds Abhishek there.
Shagun: excuse me… Don’t u ve manners…. U shld ve knocked​ the door.
Abhishek went out nd came in saying ‘ May I come in..?’
Shagun: yeah come in. – akhi.. I’ll call u later.
Aakash: who’s that guy??
Shagun: I’ll ​say u later.. bye.
She cuts the call. Abhishek sits on the chair.
Abhishek: hm.. so I was asking.. whom r u missing??
Shagun: that’s out of ur business… So forget it.
Abhishek: arey, come on. We r frnds na.
Shagun: frnds..?? I’m sry.. I don’t know when we became frnds.
Abhishek laughs: u r so cute.
Shagun: excuse me…???
Abhishek: ok excused.
Shagun: what is ur problem.. y did you come ​here ?
Abhishek: I wanna meet ur dad.
Shagun: then go to him… Y r u eating my mind !!
Abhishek smiles: I also want u to come there with me to meet ur dad.
Shagun: y me ?
Abhishek: I will tell you.. first come.
Shagun: I will come… U can go now.
Abhishek went admiring shagun.
Shagun: such a flirt… I will teach him some manners to talk to girls.
In Mr. Bhalla’s​ cabin…
Abhishek: see Mr. Bhalla… I’m so sorry for that misunderstandings. I myself came to apologise to u .
Mr. Bhalla: it’s ok, Mr. Abhishek. Business mein aisi misunderstandings hota hai.
Abhishek: so if u don’t mind… I ve n offer…. Let’s again make up partnership. What do u say ?
Shagun: no, we don’t need any support.
Mr. Bhalla: shagun..
Shagun: no papa… He don’t trust us… So y to make partnership with them.
Abhishek: Ms. Shagun, I’m sry for that… But it’s not that u need our support… I’m here to ask u for ur support. Our company needs ur support.
Shagun: but we r sry..
Mr. Bhalla: Mr. Abhishek… We need some time.
Shagun: papa.. y to take some time… We ve to clearly reject.
Mr.Bhalla: shagun… This is business… U still ve to learn more. Go to ur cabin nd manage ur work.
Shagun: but papa..
Mr.Bhalla: shagun.. I will manage beta.. u go.
Shagun looks at Abhishek nd leaves the place.
Shagun: he thinks he’s so smart… I don’t understand why is he coming to get partnership with us. I’ll find out the reason.
Ishu: Raman, will u make any of my wishes​ come true..?
Raman: arey.. u jst ask, I’ll give u anything.
Ishu: then, will u marry me ?? Now..??
Raman gets shocked: what …???!!!
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  1. superb update ishra scene was very less

    1. Lasya Priya K

      Yeah but not one will be full of ishra scenes

  2. Zaira

    Awesome update???!!!loved it !!!…the first scene WS soo good ….loved ishra in tht…awww aaksh is so romantic… Lover his gift so much ?choky?….this abhishek is soo selfish n..trying to get shagun to himself…..
    The precao is so shocking …I m also shocked like Raman is listening ishita?…..
    Waiting eagerly for the next


    1. Lasya Priya K

      Thank you ISHAN

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