Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rohan blames Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya saying I have no feelings for Rohan, whatever Adi did, I don’t think I can trust anyone, I met Rohan, he helped us, I met his mom, I think he is a nice guy from a good family, but I m not sure about this relation or marriage. Ishita says your confusion is stopping you, you face your fears. Aaliya says I don’t trust my judgement, I think your decision will be best. Ishita says we will have to take it slow. Raman says Mani is eager, I can’t trust him. Aaliya says he is emotional and thinking for me, he wants me to get remarried and settle down, he doesn’t know I m already happy, I trust you. Rohan asks is she okay. Doctor says her BP is high, is there any stress. Rohan goes to ask nurse.

Nurse says she wanted to meet Bhallas to talk about your and

Aaliya’s relation. Karan asks is mom fine. Rohan says yes, relax. Nurse says Raman spoke to her rudely and sent us out, maybe mam got disturbed and fainted, she fell down the stairs. Mani says I will talk to Raman. Rohan says its about my mom this time, I will ruin Raman. Mani says there is some mistake. Karan asks what do you mean, who are you. Mani says I m Abhimanyu Raghav, Aaliya is my daughter. Karan says I won’t tolerate this nonsense, I m going to Bhalla family. Rohan says wait, I will come with you. Mani says don’t know why Raman does this.

Ishita says why was Rohan’s mum hurrying so much. Shagun says Mani is also obsessed with Rohan’s alliance, he argued with me. They all talk. Ishita asks Raman not to get angry. Karan comes and attacks Raman. They all stop him. Rohan and Mani come. Raman asks Rohan to get lost with his goon. Rohan says enough, I can’t hear a word against my brother. Mani says Raman isn’t well, there is some misunderstanding. Rohan defends Mani and scolds Raman. He says you insulted my mum and made her out. Ishita says you have a misunderstanding. Rohan says enough, I want no explanation, my mum’s BP got high and she fainted, she fell down the stairs because of Raman, if anything happens to her, I won’t leave Raman.

Raman asks are you threatening me. Ishita says this didn’t happen, we refused to her politely, trust me, we were not rude to her. Karan says you mean she is acting sick. He gets angry and says we have no interest in your bahu, keep her with you. Raman says don’t say anything against Aaliya, one more work and I will kill her, we reject you, get out. Ruhi comes and asks how dare you talk this way to my dad, your brother came here with alliance. Rohan says you think we won’t say anything if you all insult my mom. Ishita says this didn’t happen. Rohan says if you are really sorry, then prove it, ask Raman to apologize to my mom. Aaliya comes and slaps Rohan. She asks are you mad, why will Raman apologize, its your mistake, you come here and create a scene always, get out from here. Rohan and Karan leave. Karan says how dare she hit you, I won’t leave them. Rohan says its not the right time. He gets a call and says mom is not fine, I will see Bhallas later, get in the car fast.

Raman says they are ill mannered guys, what did we tell their mum, Kaushalya was fine, maybe they are lying, can Rohan keep Aaliya happy. Mani says I was at Rohan’s house. Shagun asks why are you taking his side. Mani defends Rohan. Raman argues and says Aaliya will marry when she wants. Mani and Shagun leave.

Doctor says we have to take Kaushalya in special ambulance. Ishita comes to their house. She apologizes to Rohan. She says let me speak to her once, maybe this will help. Rohan asks her to come. Sudha comes there. She says there was a call made to my hospital from your house, so I have come. She sees Ishita and argues. Karan says my mom is serious because of Raman. Rohan says she has come to apologize. Ishita asks Sudha to do her work. Rohan says yes, we shouldn’t waste time. Sudha says don’t worry, we will shift your mom to hospital. The team comes to shift Kaushalya. Sudha goes to meet Kaushalya.

At hospital, Rohan thanks Sudha. Doctor says we can’t do anything now, her BP was high, anything could have happened. Sudha says there is much risk because of head injury. Karan and Rohan ask doctor to make their mom fine. Ishita looks on and prays for Kaushalya. Sudha sees her and asks Rohan to come out. Ishita says I will call Raman. Sudha says doctors will monitor Kaushalya’s health, she is in safe hands, but I feel you are responsible for her state, Karan told me everything, your mom went to meet Bhallas, so this has happened, stay away from Bhallas, I know you love Aaliya, Raman won’t let your marriage happen with Aaliya, mark my words. Karan asks Ishita did she stay back to see his mom’s state getting bad. He asks her to leave. Ishita goes.

Rohan attacks Raman with a knife. Ishita comes. Rohan catches her to kill. Raman shouts and gets up from his wheelchair.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. V. Sundaram Sundaram Jeypriya

    The main reason for such low trp for yhm is not due to adi s death. Its because of the time slot it is being telecasted… If its changed to 7.30 again it would get back to its original rate soon. As a regular viewer of yhm i request the show makers to change the time slot

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