Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir strikes deal with Mota Kaka for Ishika

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamla slapping Roop for drinking and says this slap shall be planted on my face. Roop says I shall be punished and apologizes to her. Shamsher comes and claps. He says you was always with your mum and sister, and is behind a girl. He asks if he wants to ruin his life for Patel’s girl. Roop apologizes. Shamsher asks him to forget her. Roop says I am apologizing as you people were hurt because of me. He says I love Ishika. Ranvir says it seems you have forgotten Mota kaka and mota kaki’s values. Roop says you have the right to lecture me, and says you hesitate to call me brother in my call. Shamsher says anyone will hesitate seeing your doings and takes Ranvir with him. Ranvir calls Ishika and asks if she is fine? Ishika says she is fine. Kanchal tells that Ranvir

worries for Ishika a lot and says Roop and Ranvir are poles apart. Rupesh says Roop didn’t do anything wrong and tells Ishika that one day she will find out that he is not a bad guy. Kanchan asks her to go and not to hear her father’s talks. Ishika goes.

Hardik waits for Roop in the college. Roop comes there. Sandy’s friend tells that Roop was drunk last night, who will say that he is DSP’s son. Hardik tells Roop that they will go to Mount Abu by drive. Roop refuses. Palak thinks what to do to now. She collides with Ishika and asks why did she do drama if she wanted to refuse Roop. Ishika says this all happened because of the letter. Ranvir asks what is this misbehavior? He says Ishika can do whatever she wants. Palak asks what are you doing and asks if he is Inspector or the college guard. She tells Palak that she will understand Roop when she fell in love with him. Ranvir asks Ishika to clean her dupatta and thinks now everyone will know who is security guard and who is Inspector. He asks Constables to take jeep. He goes to Patel’s company and asks Constables to seal the hotel. Manager asks him to show the orders. Ranvir asks him to ask Haren Patel to come to Police station. They seal the hotel.

Palak and Hardik try to cheer Roop and says they will enjoy in Mount Abu. She sings Aata kya tu Goa….Roop says will enjoy…He collides with Ishika. Ishika taunts him. Palak says Ishika shall know that you are wrong and says I will prove this. She calls the girls Neha and Vaishnavi and asks them what they will do, if Roop proposes them. Neha says she will agree to Roop and the girl will be mad to refuse her.

Haren patel and his son come to Police station. Ranvir shows them attitude and says as you sow, so you reap. He says they have to close their company. Haren Patel asks him to relax. Ranvir says you can go to jail for getting illegal things from foreigners. Haren Patel’s son Praful get angry. Ranvir says he wants to talk to owner and not to his son. He asks all constables to go.

Jigna gets a call and is shocked. Kinjal asks what happened? Jigna lies to her and asks her to continue playing. Haren Patel offers him money, but Ranvir refuses.

He closes the suitcase and keeps it aside. He tells that he believes in making relation rather than taking bribe. Haren Patel asks what? Ranvir says Ishika Rupesh Patel. Haren patel/Mota Kaka comes home with Praful and tells Rupesh that the guy is good. He gives the gift to Ishika and says his client gave many gifts so he thought to share with them. He apologizes to Rupesh and says I don’t have anything bad for anyone. He asks what kind of boy, he wants for Ishika? Rupesh says he wants the guy who respects everyone and loves everyone. Kanchal says he shall understand Ishika and shall be working. Mota Kaka makes Rupesh have sweets and says congrats, we have found such guy for her. Ishika is shocked and asks why are you forcing me for marriage. I told you already that I don’t want to marry. Mota Kaki asks them to see guy’s pic and refuse if they want. Mota Kaka asks Rupesh to see the pic and praises Ranvir. Rupesh takes the pic envelope in his hand. Ishika is tensed in her room.

Kanchal and Rupesh see Ranvir’s pic and show to Ishika. Ishika is surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I so hope Ishika gets married to Ranvir.

  2. Ishika doesn’t deserve Roop

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