Thodi Si Diwana Hai Hum……[Life Changes!(Anika’s POV)]

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She was my only best friend and my only gundi(as she describes).!

Once, I was running to my class, when I bumped into someone, it was him.

I fell down with my books. He helped me by giving me the books and papers which fell down, with a warning that I should be careful when I am walking. I looked at him, he is such a handsome and his actions literally were of a gentleman.

At least, for what I thought!

I giggled at her talks, to which she gave me a state to threaten me. I immediately stopped.

He is handsome, but not a gentleman. Once I reached the class and sat on my seat. Gauri was sitting near me to protect me.

I smiled.

G: How do you know him?

A: I don’t know anything about him. In fact, I am seeing him for the first time!

G: You remember the trustee of the college whom I told was kind enough to donate huge amounts for the welfare of the college?

A: Yes!

G: It’s him, you met now!

A: Oh….!

Months passed….

I finished my studies and my dad fixed my marriage with Mr. Daksh Khurana, who works under Mr. Oberoi!

Mr. Oberoi didn’t like It, I don’t know what is the reason! He even threatened me at my mehndi function to break this marriage and marry him, to which I had only one answer which was a no to his face.

He at last came to my house at the day of my marriage when we were waiting for Daksh who didn’t come till that time.

S: Miss. Anika Vardhan Trivedi, what do you think Shivaay Singh Oberoi will run away from your ‘No’? No way! Your so-called fiancee had run from your marriage just for the money I offered him. I shifted him to New York at our branch there.So you have only one choice, i.e., to marry me!

A: It’s better if I remain unmarried than marrying a person like you!

S: Watch your language, Miss. Anika!

I moved to my room with sobs as my marriage broke. I was confused to choose my self-respect or family’s respect! I was crying for all most one hour when my father knocked at the door.

opened the door. My father came and closed the door behind us.

F: Anika, you have to save our respect by marrying him. I know it will hurt your self respect but you have too. You have an after life too. Anyway he is rich. I know it is difficult for you to digest this but you have to do it. This is a request from your father.(he folds his hands)

A:Papa, you know I will obey whatever you say. I will marry him for our family.

Then my dad told me that he was threatened by Mr. Oberoi to agree to this otherwise he will turn us into beggars.

At last I have to agree to this, as my dad is a heart patient.

Our marriage took place.

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