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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ruhi asks Romi if Ishita will come back or no. Just then Ishita and Raman enter. Ruhi is overjoyed seeing Ishita back. She runs and hugs her. She asks her if she will go back to Amma’s house. Ishita says, I will but only to meet her. Ruhi says, thank God. She goes to answer Shravan back. Romi and Raman’s dad thank Ishita for coming back. Raman asks about Simmi and she enters. She is shocked to see Ishita. Toshiji asks Simmi to eat dinner, but she says she is tired and wants to sleep. She leaves. Raman says he will talk to her, but Ishita stops him and asks if she can talk. She should be talking to her in fact. Raman lets her go.

Ishita comes to Simmi’s room and tells her, you’re very upset with me, right? You should be because in all that happened, you got the biggest punishment. You’re looking at this from a wife’s point of view, but when you view it from a woman’s point of view, then you will realize whatever happened with me was not right. She looks at her baby and says, you’re worried about her, right? Trust me, I will always be there for you and her. Simmi doesn’t say anything. Ishita says, I will always support you. I understand that I am somewhat responsible for this. She asks Simmi if she’s listening. She apologizes to her. She asks her if she will forgive her, if she will be able to trust her again. Simmi takes her hand back and says, this is not easy for me, but.. Ishita says, but you will try. Thank you. She asks her to come out for dinner. Simmi tells her to go, she will come after changing baby’s clothes. Ishita tells her to come soon and leaves. Simmi recalls her lying to family and going out to meet Parmeet in the jail, and there, her telling him that he was right, they should have left that house. She says, she will take him out of the jail and they will go far. Parmeet tells her if she loves him, then she will do what he says. He asks her to go home and he will think how to get out of jail because this time Raman won’t help her. She says she will talk to her mum, her dad. They still think Parmeet is not wrong. He asks her to stay quiet and live in that house. Simmi says she hates that Madrashan. He says, I know, but right now you need to stay there.

Back to present, Simmi says she hates Ishita. She destroyed her life, but one day, she will take revenge from Ishita on right time.

Toshiji is mad. Mr. Bhalla tells her this is wrong, she is still blaming Ishita. Toshiji yes, what was the need for Ishita to befriend with Parmeet? If it was me, I would have slapped him hard, but here my daughter marriage broke and no one can see her pain. She tells him, you’re great, but I am not that great. My daughter will always have higher priority. If I have to choose between daughter and daughter-in-law, then it will be daughter. If you think I am wrong, then send me to jail as well. She leaves from there crying.

Romi is talking sweet with Bala in a restaurant. Bala asks him to introduce him to his ‘rich’ friends as well. Romi takes Bala with him and introduce his friends to him. In their conversation, Bala asks them if they don’t come to college? Since when they are doing all this? Who others are involved in this from peons to teachers. Romi and his friend give all the info out. Bala hopes to go deep into this exam scandal issue and help Vandita.

Ishita is putting her sarees in cupboard. Raman comes there and sweetly says he will do it. He says, this home was mine before, now it’s yours. This room was mine before, now it’s yours. Ishita is smiling and feeling shy. Raman continues, this cupboard was mine before, and is still mine. Ishita gets shocked. He moves her and takes out her sarees from the cupboard. He says this is not place to keep her sarees, it’s his cupboard. She asks what are you doing? She throws her sarees on the bed and starts saying something in her language. Raman says if he starts in Punjabi, then she won’t get a place to hide in whole Madras. Ruhi comes there and asks Ishita what story she will tell her today. Seeing ishita’s angry face, she asks what happened. Raman signs her to stay quiet. Ishita tells her she thought she will keep all sarees in cupboard so they don’t get dirty, but Raman is not letting her. Ruhi asks Raman why he’s not letting her keep her sarees there. He only said sharing is caring. Raman takes out his suits and says he’ll put them inside. Ishita tells him to put them in nicely and she goes with Ruhi.

Mihir comes to Mihika’s house to see Trisha. He sees her and says, what the hell? You’re absolutely fine. Why did you say that you’re sick? Trisha says she has been trying to call him since 4 days for shopping, but he gives excuses. She says time is running out for their engagement day and they didn’t even do any preparations. She says, aunty also knows it’s my engagement, so she won’t say anything. You will be with me whole day today. He tells her to go and get ready. Mihika and Mrs. Iyer didn’t like hearing that. They go to kitchen. Mihir calls someone and books a venue for Raman and Ishita. Mihika didn’t hear first part, but hears second part when he talks about the preparations to be first class. She doesn’t like it. Before Mihir says anything, she misunderstands his plan and taunts him. Mihir says in his mind, he wishes she could understand he’s doing all this for Ishita and Raman. Last time, they planned together, but today it’s him alone. He tells Mrs. Iyer, he is going to Raman’s house and asks her to tell Trisha to meet him there once she’s ready. Mrs. Iyer gets mad.

Raman is playing carrom with his dad and bro. Ishita brings breakfast for them. Mihir comes and says, they are busy with family today as well. When they will get time for each other. It’s good, I booked that venue for them. He tells Raman that there’s a business dinner tonight and tells Ishita to also go along as everyone will be coming with their wives. Raman says in his mind, what a problem this is. Now he will have to take this Madrashan with him as well. Ishita says no as she doesn’t know anyone and she will feel awkward there, and she also has to take care of Ruhi. Mihir makes excuses to make her agree. She looks at Raman and he gives her a big smile. Ishita still says no. Raman’s dad tells her that she should go. How she will know them if she doesn’t go. Mihir says done, then. He tells Ishita she will have a great time there. He says they have to wear formal dress and asks her to wear something nice as first impression is the most important impression. Mihir gets excited for them, but they are irritated and not too happy about it.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ishita shows a saree to Raman and tells him that his American-European clients like to see Desi clothes. He asks her what’s so special in that saree? If she’s contesting for election or what. He reminds her that this is not her Tamilian place or like that that she will come with flowers and all in her hair and tells her, please don’t embarrass me. He comes out in suit and looks stunned seeing something, probably Ishita.

Update Credit to: Rahi


    It’s my favourite serial. I’m enjoying every episode. I will be waiting when it will start. Keep going


    I can’t go for sleep without watching the serial everyday.

  3. I love this series… This series give positive messages on social issues such as divorcee can remerry, theres nothing bad a divorcee getting remarried, also all the stepmothers arent bad, also recently gave a good message regarding sexual molestation case in ramans household

  4. very good a precap

  5. Soooooo nice wow what a serial thank u for the update.

  6. Ishitha in the BLUE dress Raman brought for her 😀

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