Rang Rasiya 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Laila with the help of he chits start doing aarti, she recites bhajan om namash shiva and paro comes there. all comes and are stunned to see her doing pooja, paro is happy. paro close eyes and prays while rudra is busy in looking at her. Laila finshes and turns back, all looking at her confused. Laila says forgive me, I wa lost in aartu so didn’t see you all. I made you all wake up early, she says I was passing by here and saw mandir so came here and I like to do aarti. rudra looks on. chacha ask who are you? paro says its Laila baisaa. Maithili says she also came in mehndi ceremony. paro says she work for rudra. mohini ask do women also wor in bsd? paro says Laila is in trouble, she is threatened by tejawat so we decided to keep her here. forgive me we didn ask you. mohini says no need to ask she is our guest, rudra brought you too here when you were in trouble, this haveli is for orphans. Laila burns mohini’s hand, mohini is hurt. Laila then say sorry I couldn’t see you. all are in hall, Laila says to all please forgive me, I cam here to live here without your permission, I will leave soon from here, rudra says two days, aman will find about tejawat’s men then you will be out of this house.

Scene 2
dilsher says to paro that if you don’t have any objection than I also don’t have. Maithili informs apro that rudra didn’t take parsad. Maithili ask Laila to shift in other room.
mohini says to Laila that control yourself and your hand you lizard, she points finger at her which Laila holds and threatens her to control your tongue, along with your face you got wrinkles in your brain too. Laila goes away, mohini fumes.
rudra is in room, paro comes there and gives parsad to him, she saysa you didn’t take your medicines, rudra doesn’t answer and start to go, paro stops him. she says your hand shakes more when you are angry, tell me what happened? rudra says I don’t like her to stay here. paro argues so rudra leaves from there without taking parsad. Maithili calls paro.

Scene 3
Laila comes in room and sit on floor, sh touches the place where rudra slept and recalls rudra and paro sleeping together, she says I waited for you for 8 years and you are doing this with me for a normal girl, you are only mine, she touches his uniform. she breaks his uniform’s button and says I will come near you today. rudra comes there. he ask what are you doing here? Laila says I came to take my things from here, rudra says I know you very well, he taunts her, Laila ask tell me one thing only you can change? rudra ask what? she praises old rudra and compares him with soft rudra, she says today you are just a common man infront of me, I am going, I don’t want your wife to see us like this, she leaves. rudra thinks about her words. Laila stops and says I will sew your shirt, your wife is busy in cooking.

Scene 4
mohini calls sumer. she ends call and see rudra wearing shirt with no buttons, Laila is peeping, rudra finds button, Laila thinks just 2 minute and I will be with you. rudra closes and takes out box to stich button, he tries to sew, Laila is seeing him, paro comes there and ask what are you doing? your hand will be hurt, you shoul have called me, paro comes in room through window, rudra ask are you mad, cant you come from door, paro says what I you get hurt, paro sew his shirt while rudra looks at her giving cute expressions, paro says if you see me like this then I cant sew, rudra then looks at otherside, paro see him smiling, paro ask did you get hurt by needle, rudra says check did you cut my nerves, laial comes, paro ask do you need anything, Laila says no and goes from there. rudra says i can do it on my own, paro says no. they have cute cnvo about medicine, paro smiles, laila peping and burning. paro comes close to rudra to cut the thread from button, paro closes his button, paro says you didn’t exercise today, rudra ask what now? paro gives him parsad, rudra says now you go from window out too, he goes out while paro smiles.

Scene 5
at dining table, all are seated, Laila comes there, mohini pushes her, Laila then sit with them, Laila says forgive me I will help in cooking from tomorrow, paro says get better first, paro is helping rudra in having food, they share an eyelock, Laila burns, dulsher ask fro newspaper, mohini gives it, dilsher says what weather is today,

PRCAP- paro and Laila dances on nagada sung dhol and rudra is looking at both

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Oh. I love rudra and paro scene. They looked so romantic. Laila must do many thing for rudra, to come closer but paro must arrive. Then laila wil burn dead. Hahhahahahahahahahah,…………

  2. Just think… ‘if laila become sumar’s wife…….’

  3. I don’t like laila,go away from parud life in rangrasiya serial

  4. Cant frgt arshi …..dis scene xactly remainds me od the scene in ipkknd!!! Bt parud u wer awesme…..nd rudraass cuteeee expressions…..
    Luv arshi and parud…..

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