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Veera 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode start with Bansari mopping the floor and baldev gets slipped. Baldev says, dont you know what are you doing? Water is spreading everywhere. Bansari says, it is must for you. Baldev says, say everything clearly. Bansari ji says, have you seen ranveer outside from election office. Baldev says, trust me, i will win in this election. Bansari ji says, do anything otherwise it will bad for us.
Baldev says, i will beat ranveer in a very bad manner. Veera teaches ranveer about election. Biji see all this and gets happy. Ranveer says, go and take rest. IF you were not with me, then what will i do.
Gunjan decorates room for ranveer and says, now i will impress ranveer. Ranveer enters into the room and snizzes very badly. Gunjan says, sorry and bring water for ranveer. Ranveer see all the decoration. As gunjan return back to room then ranveer says, close your eyes and kiss on her forehead.
Ranveer says, sorry, i spoiled your decoration. Dont worry, i will correct everything. Gunjan says, you will get punishment. Ranveer gone from room then gunjan see lizzard and call loudly ranveer. Then ranveer make fun with her and gunjan hug ranveer. Baldev gives compliments of himself. Veera throws rose on baldev. Veera came into his room and says, you are right. You are very handsome. Baldev show kurta and says, biji has given this. Veera says, it is not good. Go and change it. Veera says, i am nothing for you, go and wear what your biji has given to you. baldev says, ok, i will wear that you will decide.
Veera then choose another kurta. baldev wear black kurta then veera gives compliment to baldev and says, you have to call me every hour.
Bansari ji says, why dont you wear kurta that i have given to you. baldev then ran away from his house.
Biji gives blessing to ranveer and veera also reaches there and says, can i come with you. Biji says, i was cooking food and now i have to go with chaiji. ranveer says, gunjan will take care of kitchen. Veera says, i will stay here at home, i have some work. Biji says, ok. baldev goes to meet people for his campaigning. Veera called him and says, why dont you call me? Baldev says, i forgot. Veera says, i am making food today, baldev says, when will you start cooking? Veera says, today i will serve you.
Baldev then meet with wrestlers and veera again calls him. baldev says, i am busy. veera says, i want to ask that you like spicy food or not. Wrestlers gets angry. Baldev run away from there.

Precap:- Baldev says to ranveer, this is politics and everything is fare in love and war but this is war, you will definitely gets beat.

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