Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avantika calling Nani and Ayesha covering her facee with veil. Nani lies to her about Nilofer and Ayesha. Avantika leaves and stops to turn. Ayesha lifts her veil. Pankhudi’s mum talks to Sushma. They try to make her happy and asks her not to be sad again. Nani brings them to the outhouse and asks them to be careful and not show Ayesha’s face for few days.

Nani says we will talk to Harish in evening and make the plan. Ruksaar says she wants to meet Ranbir Kapoor and maybe Harish can fix the meeting. Pankhudi says Avantika looked so young being Adi’s mum. Nilofer asks her daughters to be discipline. Mama and everyone discuss about Diwaker who is not taking care. Sushma says who should explain him. Mama says we will talk to Bau ji, he can explain him.

Payal argues with Nani for keeping her friend in the outhouse. Anuj scolds him. Payal says everyone knew I wanted to use the outhouse. Rubel says they are here only for few days. Payal argues with him. Rubel says no one will agree if your demands are wrong. Avantika says Payal this not done, Rubel is really working hard, you are spending his hard earned money. Payal says you should not say this, Rubel alone earns and whole family spends it, you better ask Adi to join office.

Avantika says don’t say what my son has to do. Payal leaves. Sheela says Avantika, you know Payal, don’t feel bad. Avantika says you too, Payal is family, I m concerned about her, I think you treat her easily, so she does not respect you. Sheela talks about her grandchildren. Rubel says please don’t start again. Anuj asks when is Adi coming back. Avantika says in a day or two. Shanky says I will give breakfast to them. Nani says no, I will take it, they are in veil, so they will feel bad.

Ghalib is angry knowing Ayesha and her family left. He says Ayesha is testing my love but its adamant like her, I will find her. Bau ji talks to his son Kailash. They talk about Diwakar and its time for him to retire if he has two brothers. He says he is not well after Pankhudi’s death. Bau ji says but he has to be busy. Ayesha tells Nilofer that Ghalib sent 59 messages. He apologized to her. Nilofer says give me the time. Ayesha says Arif sir messaged me, he called me to meet him, I will go. Her mum says no, give me the phone.

Nani brings breakfast for them. Bau ji talks about Pankhudi’s going to Mumbai to complete her education with Nanu. He says I remember every moment of her life and I can’t let the memories go with my tears. Harish comes and Avantika is surprised. She asks why did you not come with Nani. Harish acts sweet and loving. She says I missed you. He says me too. He asks how are the guests. Avantika asks how do you know about the guests. Harish and Nani get tensed.

Nani says I called him. Avantika says but you said you did not talk to him. Harish says I got her call today morning. Nani says right. Avantika gets a call and leaves. Nani talks to Harish. She says they settled well. Bau ji gives a cheque to Kailash. Kailash says shall we close the bank account of Pankhudi. Bau ji asks whay do you need it, or have any problem. Kailash says no, I don’t need it.

Sheela thinks to go and meet Nilofer. Kailash tells I will close that account and give it to NGO. Bau ji says your goodness is still there Pankhudi. Sheela takes dinner for them. Payal talks to her friend and gets angry about the family.

Adi comes home at night and Ayesha thinks he is a thief and thinks to stop him.

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