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The Episode starts with Parmeet telling Romi that Raman will ruin him. Raman enters opening the door and asks Parmeet to think about himself as no one can ruin Romi in his presense. Raman holds Romi’s hand and says what did you think you will make my brother go against me. He says I have beaten you like a dog when you took Ishita’s name, don’t take Ishita’s name again. Get lost before I break your bones. Parmeet leaves hearing enough from Raman. Raman slaps Romi and asks what type of dog you are, to do such a cheap thing, why did you not die, Amma is like our mum, if this happened with our mum, then think, I m ashamed to call you my brother, cheap man.

Romi and Bunty tell that Romi did not do the accident. Raman asks about Mihika’s MMS. Romi says that was my mistake, because of Mihir, I was angry on him and did this. Romi says my friends put it on net. Raman scolds Bunty and tells Romi that he did a big mistake. He says think, if anything plays with some girl’s respect, its not an innocent mistake, if this happened with Simmi or Rinki, then what would we do. Mihika is also our family, how could you do this with her. Romi says I did this to take down Mihir, beat me, kill me.

Raman says if you did not do anything, why did you not answer Ishita. Raman asks Romi to speak up. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita how is Amma. Amma says we are unable to give her solid food, did Raman come. Mrs. Bhalla says no. The inspector comes to Bhalla house. Ishita says you here. He asks for Raman, saying Raman called me to give Romi to us for ht and run case. Simmi says how can you blame Romi, maybe he did not do the accident.

Raman brings Romi home. Mr. Bhalla talks to him. Raman says I called the inspector. Romi asks why did you do this. Mrs. Bhalla says we can talk to him. Raman says I heard everything. The inspector asks Romi to come with him on Amma’s accident charge. Raman stops him and says I m sorry but I did not know everything before, now I m sure Romi is not involved in accident, so sorry, but you can’t take him. The inspector says you can’t joke with law, come to police station and talk to us there. Pathak comes with bail papers. Romi thanks Raman.

Raman says I did not wish to make fun of law, my brother is innocent, I m sure. The police leaves. Ishita cries seeing this. Romi hugs Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita asks Raman how can he do this, knowing the truth, how can he manipulate truth for his relations. Mrs. Bhalla says I will beat Romi, forgive him now, what he did with Mihika, you can punish him, but not jail, its about our house’s respect and he did not do the accident, he can’t hurt your mum. Ishita says first Mihika, then Bala and now Amma, he has hurt everyone. Vandu and Bala’s job was at risk, then Mihika’s respect and now Amma’s life, I can’t forgive him.

She says you can spoil him more. Raman asks Romi to tell everything to Ishita what he told him. Romi comes to Ishita and says I was afraid yesterday when you asked me everything, I was not there at accident time, I was at hospital. I m not lying, I went on a college trip and met a girl, when I was with Bunty, I got her call, she was doubting she is pregnant. Ishita says wow. Romi tells her everything. He says he went to meet that girl. He says if Raman knows this, he will kill me.

Romi says I m saying the truth, I did not do the accident. He says I know I made many mistakes, I accept it, but Amma is like my mother, how can I do this, I can never do this. I was afraid that my parents can know, I told Raman when I got his controversial call that she is pregnant, she is Minister’s daughter so I was afraid, sorry. Ishita says I don’t understand, fine you did not do Amma’s accident, but what you did, were that small mistakes, did you think about your family and its respect. Everyone’s lives are getting ruined, Vandu and Bala earned respect all life and you ruined it.

She says Mihika, what you did with her, he ruined her respect, did you think what will happen with her, what about that girl if she got pregnant, you don’t respect anyone’s respect, you are not like my little brother, else you would have thought about girl’s respect, what you did is beyond repair, don’t apologize to me, I m sorry. She leaves to go to her Amma’s house. Romi apologizes to his parents. Mr. Bhalla says I don’t have place for a son like you. Mrs. Bhalla stops his anger.

Raman scolds Romi and says you got everything free, Bala lost his job because of you, he has a wife and son, do you know how will you survive without money, you said you will do anything to not go to jail, go and apologize to everyone in Iyer house, let Mihika forgive you else you can’t come in this house.

Mihir reacts very angrily on Romi and says I would have not spared him if he was not Raman’s brother. Romi apologizes. Appa sends Romi. Mihika cries and says I want Romi to get punished. Ishita says he got punished, forget all this and start a new life. Mihika says Mihir is related to that family and I will have to see Romi’s face every day. I can’t forget this. Ishita says even I live in that house, we can’t punish him daily, he is regretting, please forgive him and move on. Mihika says sorry and goes to her room. Mihir goes after her.

Appa says Mihika’s anger is justified. Ishita says I was also angry on Romi, but he is accepting a mistake and wants to change, so we should give him a chance. Appa says but who did Madhu’s accident. Ishita thinks. A man washes a car and says its same to same, perfect. He calls someone and says car is ready, as you said, you can’t identify it’s the same car who hit the tree, leave aside accident. Pammi comes with sweets and tells about Pooja’s daughter’s naming ceremony. Pammi says Simmi’s baby also has to be given a name, how can you tell her always baby.

Mrs. Bhalla says Parmeet was in Dubai when she was born. Ishita says we will do it soon. Pammi leaves. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to think a name for the baby. Ishita says yes, think of a good name. Simmi taunts them and says Parmeet is not here even now, how can we keep her name in Parmeet’s absence even thought he is alive.

Amma gets critical and everyone get worried seeing her. Ishita asks Raman to bring some pills. Raman goes asking her to take care of Amma.

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