Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj hides behind the car seeing Pratab coming. His car is not working. Raj comes out and asks how he is here? He says he will see to it, he fixes something and the car starts working. PRatab comes out and says you did magical. But raj says she also says the same. He says there were some connection problems with the wires, as they started communicating the car started working fine. It is the same everywhere, when the communication between the loved ones stops life ceases like the car. Pratab asks what he is trying to say. Ray says he knows Arpita is his sister, and no one at home is talking to her. pratab says its their family matter. Raj says family is yours, you can try to make the car working. Pratab says there are a few matters that are very sensitive. Raj leaves thinking I am sure you wont be able to stop yourself from talking now.
Akshit complains Arpita about the karela that they aren’t tasty. Pratab gets up and goes to Akshit, sits there with him and offers his dish to him. suket comes there and says he will like it if he also abides by his order not to talk to them. Pratab says I am sorry but I aint a Khandelwal and I’d appreciate if you keep me away from my decision. Sanvri comes and ask Pratab what the need is to talk to them and eat with them. he says he only remember one promise that they will keep the family united, Akshit is also a part of the family. He needs guidance, and he will support him. Who doesn’t do wrong, Akshit is a good guy and Arpita is from a good family. What they did was wrong but they must be given a chance, else the future of the family will be destroyed. Pratab says he forgives them and promises them that he will stand by them like a family anytime they need him. Suket leaves, Pratab apologizes Bauji if he disliked anything.
Avni tells Raj she didn’t know Phupa will take such a firm stand. She says it is all because of you as he needed some push. He asks for his gift, she says had he been here, she would share her chocolate with her. He comes from behind, Avni is worried but Raj is chill mooded. She pushes him to leave but she resists. She tells him to leave by pipe. They come to balcony; he says he is having fear. He begins to go down but she holds him. He says she held his hand today, and asks for the promise that she will always hold his hand. She says you won’t go through this way. She thinks for a moment. He compliments you are looking so beautiful.
Bhawna comes to the room and calls Suket. She thinks did he mind Pratab ji’s talk. The phone rings, she is worries seeing the private number. The nurse says Sangeeta you come out else I will come in.
Avni tells Raj that he must go from the main door, Sanvri knocks the door. She struggles with Raj to hide him in the cupboard. Sanvri comes in, and sees the cupboard half open. Raj was inside. Avni says the clothes are too much. Sanvri sits on the bed and tells her she wants to talk to her for a while. Avni says she is very sleepy, Sanvri goes outside annoyed. Avni closes the door; Raj comes out and says the greater danger is outside. Avni checks the way and tells him to come down. Akshit was coming inside. They hide in the understairs, Avni’s eyes closed. Akshit goes upstairs; Avni holds his hand and tells him to leave through the main door.
Suket was in the garden and sees Raj going out. He stops him and asks what he is doing here. Raj stammers, Suket asks what he is doing here. Raj says he came here to meet Arpita, he asks this late. Raj says he met her after a long time so had no idea about the timings. Suket warns him that if he ever sees him in the house he will ban his coming.
Bhawna stops the nurse from coming inside, she requests her that her husband is inside so she must not ruin her house. The lady says you can change your name lying, but not your identity. Raj also meet them in his way out. The lady goes saying they will keep on meeting.

PRECAP: Avni cheers YES! WE DID IT and hugs Raj.

Update Credit to: Sona

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