Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Rajji’s residence
Rajji and buaji bth look outside, and find guggi gone, rajji is relieved. Rajji is asked by buaji what happened this late in the night. rajji says that she wasnt feeling sleepy. Buaji says that she too felt the same. Guggi hides behind the wooden cot. rajji shows him the passport that have fallen outsaide. Guggi covers them with a bedsheet. Buaji begins to take the bed sheet asking why is it lying there. But rajji stops her and takes it herself, along with the passport. she takes buaji and insists to give buaji a headmassage. Buaji complies. guggi thinks that rajji would have to get the passport to anuradha by morning.

Scene 2:
Location: Vicky’s residence
Vicky tells his mother about the fake passport, and how he would cancel the tickerts just two days prior and then take all of the jewellery and cash in dowry and then leave. They concoct their plan of absconding once they get hold of money.

Scene 3:
Location: Sarpanch’s residence
The police hesitatingly say that parmeet’s family and especially bani have filed a written compaint against him, and also vouched for identification, and now they arent left with any option but to file a case against him. baldev threatens him that he forgets who is he talking to. the police tries to tell him that the bhullar family is strong and has contacts. Baldev asks him to decide who he wants to play with, and that if he loves his family, he should take his bribe and get going. The inspector complies.

Scene 4:
Location: Bani’s residence
Bani takes care of an injured parmeet, while he looks at her intently. The next morning, randip fires at the police for not taking the case seriously, and not filing the complaint since they dont have sufficient evidence. bani gives him prashad and asks what would they have to do now. Kuldip asks her not to opwrry as they would definitely sort a way out. Bani enters her room to find parmeet all dressed up. Bani asks parmeet where is he going all dressed up in the morning. parmeet says that he is going to the site to continue the NGO work. Bani says that he isnt unfazed at all, even after having borne what ws meted out to him. Parmeet says that nothing can stop him from doing this in her name, and goes on a rant as to how much he is doing to win her love and how making her dreams come true is the mission of his life. bani says that if he is doing all this to win her over and get her to love him, then he doesnt need to bother as she loves him very much and confesses her feelings for him. He, in an arguementative mood, is about to lash back, when the truth sinks in that she just confessed her love for him, and he is dumbstruck. they both eye each other romantically, while bani is flustered, and Parmeet is overwhelmed. He asks her what did she say, and adds that he wont ever forget this moment, as finally he created a space for himself in her heart. He cups her face. He says that now he would finish this NGO at any cost as for the first tim,e he is doing something right, and selfless, and he understands what it means, and considers it as a penance for his sins, and that he would forever regreat if he leaves this. bani says that from today he would never be stopped but this time they shall build it together. He cups her face yet again, and their eyes meet romantically. He takes his leave from her. He turns around to say that their love has made today special, and that they can make tonight a memorable one. She gets shy while he leaves, smiling at her.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road and rajji’s residence
Soham asks around in the next village, showing a picture of vicky and his mother. He tells the people what they actually do. one of them identifies that a similar case happened here and decides to take him there. soham eagerly agrees.

As rajji is going to anu’s place with the passport, she gets soham’s call. Soham tells rajji that he has found those people who were befooled by vicky and his mother, and that he needs sometime and they need top extend the date of marriage. Rajji is super hsappy and tells kuki about it. she says that she would just go and tell this to buaji. as she turns around, they both are surprised to find herself face to face with buaji, who’s watching them with a tensed face. Rajji comes to her and says that soham has found evidence against vicky, and postpone the marriage for one day and if they are innocent then they wont stop her, but consider this for kuki’s life. Rajji tries to explain that her life is at stake here, and just asking to postpone the marriage by one day. She asks to be given one chance, so that sh and they both dont live in regret, and she can be as angry at them as she wants later on. Buaji is tensed but finally decides to make a call. She hesitatingly tells this to vicky’s mother and she is tensed. She tries to get buaji to agree, but buaji gives an excuse for just one day. Vicky takes the mobile and pretends to be understanding and says that they agree to whatever she says. Buaji thanks him. Vicky’s mother says that something is wrong and fishy here. Vicky says that she doesnt need to bother as they would find out.

Soham doesnt get any info, as the people who had been befooled had left the place long back, without any whereabouts of their current residence. Soham calls up rajji to say the same thing. rajji says that they must have found something. Soham says that they found noone. Rajji asks what would happen now. buaji hears tensedly. Buaji asks rajji if she is satisfied now, and starts lamenting that she postponed the marriage due to her, and what if vicky and his mother find out. Vicky comes and says that they would think only that which is true. They come inside, and express grief, that they had started doubting them, and that they should only confirm after their doubts are cleared. Buaji apologises profusely. They leave. She starts reprimanding rajji ferociously, for having spoiled kuki’s marriage. The screen freezes on rajji’s tensed face.

Precap: Guggi tells rajji that in things continue like this, they wont be able to find anything about vicky and its impossible that he never left any clue behind and decides to take the matters in his own hands. He goes to vicky’s place disguised as an electrician, and in the name of checking for faults, he starts to find out clues for vicky’s scam. He hides, as he finds buaji at the door, and vicky greeting and asking her inside. Her eyes fall on guggi, and she asks who’s this. they identify him as the electrician. Buaji says that she knows all electricians in the village, but never saw him. Guggi is scared that his identity would be exposed now.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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