Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla praising Raman to the lawyer. She says he had done a lot for this house, but Shagun left all relations and this house. The lawyer says I know everything about this case, give me 12 days, we will prove in court that Ruhi is happy with you all. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun is not linked to us anymore. She says we won’t give Ruhi to her. She sees Raman tensed and says Shagun has changed my son, my Happy was to be happy and he stopped smiling, she left him and went with Ashok, she left a six months Ruhi and wants to prove Raman a bad dad.

Shagun is not a good mum. Raman says enough mum. She says I have to tell the lawyer the truth. Ishita is with Ruhi asking her not to cry and be strong. Ruhi hugs Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla describes how a good mum

should be and Ishita is shown talking to Ruhi. Ishita gives her dupatta to Ruhi and asks her to have it when she misses her. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun wants to fail Raman. Ishita asks the maid to take good care of Ruhi and call her anytime if she needs help.

Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi has a good mum in her fate who will love her and take good care of her, but still she will be Ruhi’s mum. Tere Dil ka mere dil se rishta purana hai………….. plays……………… Ishita also cries with Ruhi. Both wipe each others tears. Mrs. Bhalla is talking to Raman. Ishita leaves Ruhi at home and the maid takes Ruhi inside. Ishita smiles. Mrs. Bhalla says I will bring a wife for Raman and a mum for Ruhi, my Lord will listen to my prayers and help me. Mihir looks on.

Mrs. Bhalla cries and leaves. Raman tells the lawyer that I want my daughter back in 12 days at any cost. Amma is shocked to see a letter and shows it to Appa. She says what will Ishita say, how will we say this to Ishita, her heart will break reading this letter. Ishita comes home. Appa hides the letter. Amma acts normal. Amma talks about Ruhi and asks her to talk to Ruhi. Ishita asks what happened, you are acting strange, what is the matter.

Amma hides the letter and Ishita takes it from her and reads it. She is shocked to read the letter from adoption centre. She says her adoption application has been rejected as she is not married and also a police case is going on her. Ishita breaks up reading it and says if I m unmarried, does this mean I can’t be a good mum, does marriage guarantee a woman can become a good mum. She says who are they to decide I mm become a good mum or not. Amma pacifies ishita.

Ishita cries and goes to her room. Amma says Ishita is hurt. Appa says we have to become strong for Ishita’s sake. Amma cries. Appa says we have to give some time to Ishita. Appa comes to Ishita and asks her not to worry and says I m sure your life will have something good. Ishita understands and accepts the facts. Mr. Bhalla talks to Simmi on phone and says everyone at home are upset, you come tomorrow, your mum will be happy. He says Appa upset and asks what happened. Appa says Ishita’s adoption application got rejected, so Amma and Ishita are sad.

Mr. Bhalla says even everyone at my home are upset. Mrs. Bhalla is missing Ruhi a lot. He says everything will be fine, don’t worry.

Raman thinks about his past how Ashok took away Shagun from him. Ashok has taunted Raman calling him a emotional fool. Ashok told him that his home broke because of himself. Raman cries and gets angry. He looks at Ruhi’s photo and thinks about her words.

Ishita is upset and walks outside the house. She gets a call from Bala’s mum. Ishita asks is everything ok. She says I have some good news for you, so I thought to call you. She says Subbu called and he had a son. Ishita is shocked and says congratulations. She asks Ishita to tell this to Amma and Appa, as she will be keeping a function and asks her to come for sure. She ends the call. Ishita says Subbu, what we wished, atleast one of us got it. She says congratulations. She gets a call from adoption centre and asks about the decision.

Raman hears this that her application got rejected. Ishita clears about the police complain and she says all I wanted is a child. Raman looks at her and sees the call ended. He says did it pain a lot, now you know whats the pain to be away from a child.

Appa says Shagun called and she asked me to request you to give home as she needs her help. Appa asks Ishita to go and meet Ruhi.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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