Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Jazz coming for the breakfast. Shivani greets him. Raghu stops him from seating on Daaju’s chair and says it belongs to Maliksaa. Shivani asks, what is this? She says, we will sit where ever we wants and asks Jazz to sit on the chair. Raghu says, it is Maliksaa’s chair and his place is the same. No one can sit on his chair. He asks her to sit as she is the rightful owner of Daaju. He says, respect have to be earn and you have lost it. Jazz and Mahima are angry. Shivani insults Raghu and says I will show you today where is your place. She keeps his plate on the floor. She says, you are a servant and have to sit on the floor. You should not eat with us. Raghu is tensed with her behavior. Shivani asks, why you are ashamed?

Shivani claps

and says you have given yourself a place as owner. You stopped acting. Greed is inbuild in you. I want to make you remember that you can’t be equal to me anyways. Raghu is hurt with her words. Raghu thinks I can’t think of equality with you. I am just acting now to protect you. Raghu asks Panna tai to make Shivani eat the breakfast. jazz tells Shivani that I am very happy for you as you stood by your brother. Shivani thinks, why I am not happy. Raghu is wrong but why I am sad. Shivani looks at the moon and says, difference between truth and false is erased. jazz misguides her.

Shivani says, I want to be with Daaju. jazz wipes her tears and leaves. Shivani asks Daaju, what is happening with me. It feels like I am losing myself. Slowly I am going away from self that I couldn’t identity myself. She says, I still remember the day when you put a condition about my marriage. She recalls about Daaju’s condition to get her marry in 3 days. She says, I know you can’t think bad about me. But why you have done this.

Shivani gets Meghna’s call and she asks about her. Shivani says, I am fine. Meghna asks her about Raghu and Lata. Shivani says, I came back to my haveli. Meghna asks about Raghu. Shivani says he is here. Meghna says, you did right. And says I told our gang of friends about Raghu. They want to meet you both. She says, I will come with them to the haveli. Shivani says no and says we will meet at the food joint. Meghna asks, till when you will hide your husband. She says, I will come with our friends in the evening. Shivani agrees.

Raghu is sitting somewhere. Panna tai comes there. Raghu asks, did babyji have anything. Panna tai says, she had juice. Raghu says, babyji is going far from me. I feel pained when she misunderstand me. I couldn’t explain her. I am here to protect her. I can’t be equal to her. I am a servant and will always be. Panna tai says, I know, babyji will understand one day. She asks him to eat something. Aunty says, I am worried to see Shivani’s reaction. Shivani can do anything. Mahima says, Shivani and Raghu hate each other a lot. We have to keep in mind that there hatred doesn’t increase as Shivani might leave the haveli. Shivani comes. Mahima and Aunty are tensed. Shivani tells her about her friends coming in the evening to meet Raghu. She says, Raghu might do a tamasha infront of them. Aunty says, he can’t do anything. You call your friends. We are there to take care of everything.

Mahima says, today’s party will be very grand and offers to make the arrangements. Shivani thanks them. Aunty says, we have to dropped Raghu from Shivani’s eyes. We have to take full advantage of the party. Mahima says, today’s party Raghu won’t be able to forget. Mahima and Aunty laugh.

Shivani tells Raghu about her friends coming home. She asks him not to do any drama infront of them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ibrahim rukayat

    Shivani is so stupid,she had forgotten how raghu had stood by her when her brother and his wife had throw her out of the house.i’ve started hating this serial.

  2. karmina Heeralall

    Quite agreed with u the show is not coming to the point

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