Ek Nayi Pehchan 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 7th January 2014 Written Update

Padma is surprised to see Sakshi up so early. dadi appreciates it. The house where a DIL sleeps till late doesn’t prosper. Padma asks Sakshi to be a much better DIL than a daughter. Sakshi nods. Padma tells them they will be leaving soon. Dadi asks her to eat the sweet made by Sakshi as hsagun first only then can you leave. You would have taught her this much. Sakshi and Padma are tensed. Sakshi agrees to cook but she is worried. Dadi tells her to go and cook.

Sakshi comes in the kitchen. Sharda is also surprised to see her up early. I think you are used to getting up early. she notices that Sakshi looks upset and asks her about it. Sakshi tells her what Dadi has said. Sharda asks her to cook halwa. Sakshi shares how she had made halwa twice in her life till date. First time

it was burnt and second time, I was so troubled that by end I ordered a pizza. Sharda asks her to make something else then. What do you make when you are hungry? Padma is passing by when she hears them talk. Sakshi shares that she orders pizza else she cooks noodles for herself. Sharda asks her to make noodles only. But Sakshi says Dadi has asked for something sweet. Sharda explains that sweetness is not in food but in the hands of the one who cooks…in their feelings. Cook noodles with all your love and everyone will love it. Sakshi thanks her. padma is very happy to hear all this. Sharda shows Sakshi where she can find everything that she will need. Sakshi goes to check it. Padma folds her hands in a thankful gesture towards Sharda who signals her that she will take care of everything. A very emotional Padma leaves from there.

Sakshi gets all the ingredients. Sharda asks her if she had a word with Karan. Sakshi recalls how sad and disheartened Karan was since he came to know of her past. She shares the same with him. I have hurt him a lot. Sharda is happy that she has shared her truth with him. It is the base of your relation. It will take time to build it but once it is made it wont break ever.

Dadi, Padma and Latika are waiting at the dining table for the sweet cooked by Sakshi. Sakshi and Sharda come there but Sakshi is still worried as Dadi asks for halwa. Sharda gestures Sakshi to serve them. sakshi apologizes to Dadi for she couldn’t cook halwa so soon. I know as per the ritual the new bride is supposed to cook something sweet but someone told me that the sweetness should be inside the person who is cooking. And with those same emotions I have cooked this for you. She uncovers the bowl of noodles. Diya comes there running and wants to have noodles. Dadi too speaks nicely. Its been so many days that we have been eating sweets this is something different. She asks Sakshi to serve her. sakshi is more than happy to do so. Everyone appreciates it. Karan joins them. Sakshi is about to pull a chair for him but he chooses to sit on another one. He asks his mom for breakfast. Dadi reminds him that he is married now. Your wife has cooked for the first time try it. He declines without even listening to her. I don’t like to have sweets in the morning. I don’t know how you guys eat it. He asks Sharda if she can cook noodles for him. sakshi is super happy while everyone else smiles. Diya tells him that mami (Sakshi) has made noodles only. Karan goes quiet. Sharda appreciates Sakshi for she has started to understand him so well so soon. She has cooked what you feel like eating. This is just the beginning of your relation. Your hearts have joined together already. She asks Sakshi to feed him with her own hands. A hesitant Sakshi does as told while Sharda goes inside. Before Sakshi can feed him a few noodles fall on his shirt. Sakshi apologizes and begins to clean it. Karan murmurs that you would have been used to feed him the same way right? Sakshi is hurt. He gets up saying his breakfast is done and leaves from there. Sakshi thinks try to be as distant from me as possible but I wont give up. Mom has told me that a relation develops over time. You will see that I will make it firm / unbreakable.

Padma is leaving and gives advices to Sakshi of what to do and what not to do. Sakshi gets emotional and completes the rest. You have said it so many times that I remember them by heart now. dadi tells them not to cry now as the vidai has already been done. Padma tells her to be the best DIL. Till date I was there to handle things for you but now you have to handle everything alone. Sharda says the one who has the values of their parents then why should they be afraid of something. The love here wont be greater than what she got at her home but I assure you it wont be less even. Padma thanks her tearfully. She takes everyone’s leave. Sakshi friends are leaving too but they tell her that the 2 of them have got a job here so they will be back in Mumbai next week. They bid each other a sweet farewell.

Sharda takes Sakshi out to meet her pigeons. Sakshi is very happy and talks sweetly to them. She remarks that this resembles the scene in DDLJ. Do you feed them like this daily? Sharda agrees. I sit with them for hours every day. When I want to share a lot with someone and no one is around to listen then I tell them everything and try to understand them. we have built a very beautiful relation. And now you will fulfil this responsibility. You have the whole responsibility of this house now and they are our friends now. sharda gives her the bowl of grains to feed the rest of the pigeons and Sakshi is more than happy to oblige.

Latika is talking to some Tulika. You dint come to my brother’s wedding. Tulika and the rest of her friends are coming over to meet her. latika invites them at her dad’s house. She ends the call but then realises she has called them here. What will happen now! Chirag comes there just then and finds her all lost. Latika tells them about her friends. Her friends are very high class. They have a class that’s why I dint invite them over at my in-laws place. Chirag tells this place has class surely. Latika agrees but then adds that there is only one thing here that lacks class and points towards Sharda.

Sharda and Sakshi are eating noodles but Sharda doesn’t know how to it properly. Chirag and Latika shake their head. Sakshi tells Sharda how to eat it and they both have fun together while Latika is really worried. Sharda remembers about something that she has kept on the gas and goes to check. Sakshi follows her. latika is worried. I cannot tell my friends that my mom is illiterate. That will be such an insult and I don’t want to be embarrassed in front of these friends especially. Chirag understands her point. Send mom out for some time. He tells her to think about it.

Latika comes in the kitchen where Sakshi and Sharda are busy cooking and talking. Latika wants her to do patola work on a sample saree that she has. Sharda agrees to do it. Get it here. I am already making one for Savita ji’s DIL I will make yours too. Latika explains that she doesn’t have so much time. You go to factory. Sharda has never been to one but agrees as Latika insists. Sakshi is impressed. Sharda shares how her mom had taught her to do patola work on sarees. Latika too compliments her. She thinks of sending her along with mom. Go and see for yourself. Sakshi readily agrees. Sharda is happy now and so is Latika. Sakshi tells Sharda to leave all this cooking. Let us go to the factory. They both leave.

Sharda and Sakshi come to factory. Sakshi is happy to see her name everywhere. I dint knew my MIL is so famous. They go inside but the guard stops her. First write down your name and the person’s name whom you want to meet. Sakshi asks him to see the board. Her name is everywhere then why you want it here. He tells her not to joke with him. please write it here. Sharda is quiet.

The manager comes there and apologizes to Sharda. He tells the truth to the guard who also apologizes for not knowing who she is. Sakshi is still upset with him but Sharda tells her to leave it. How will he recognize me? I have come here after years. Let us go inside. Sakshi follows her.

Sharda meets all the workers. She also introduces Sakshi to them who compliment her on her beauty. Sharda explains the various works done on a saree. The manager compliments Sharda on her knowledge about the work on sarees. She asks him for the saree which Latika spoke to her about. He goes to get it but cannot find one. Sakshi gets thinking. If this saree is so important then why would Latika di leave it in a corner like this?

Precap: Latika is enjoying with her friends when she notices Sharda and Sakshi returning home. She excuses herself to go to talk to them. Mom how come you are home so early? sharda replies that there was very little work to do and that’s done now. I will go meet your friends. Latika stops her. she diverts her attention to make aam panna for her friends.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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