Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi talking to Ruhi, and saying he stays in hotel and asks does Ishita tells your stories even now. Shagun comes and takes him away, ending their talk. Mrs. Bhalla says its good you both came for dinner. Mihir says you are spoiling me, I will come daily. He asks about Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says he comes late, its new job and takes time. Mihir and Rinki try to make Ishita’s mood good. Mihir asks her for Aloo parathas and Ishita says she does not know. He insists and asks her to make them, with Madrasi touch. Ishita says fine, I will make.

Mrs. Bhalla thinks all problems come in her house…. And cries. She thinks Raman and Ishita should not have tension because of Sarika. Raman talks to Pathak and Ishita comes to the room. She asks him to have halwa. He says don’t bee annoyed, I have to think about Romi and mummy, I m selfish and have to think about my family. She says we have to think about Sarika, people have problems with me to take out my mistakes list. They both stay annoyed and rest to sleep. Aansoon ka rishta……………plays……………….She looks at him and he turns.

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla goes to convince Sarika to marry Romi. Sarika says I don’t want to think more. Mrs. Bhalla begs her and Sarika stops her. Mrs. Bhalla says she can’t show face to anyone, all her dreams broke, she just knows she wants to set her children, you are going to become mum, think if I m wrong. She says I know you are annoyed and its justified, but we did not think this before, forget everything and forgive us, think about you and child, I have much experience, I have seen a mum can do anything for her child. Sarika cries. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to accept them to give a child a name and good respectable life.

She says give us a chance and cries. Sarika asks can I meet Romi once. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, why not, I will get Romi, you just decide. Sarika says I will decide after meeting him, and hugs her. Ishita comes to school and meets Vandu. Vandu asks her to pick Shravan, and she and Bala has some time. Ishita teases her on dating, and they laugh. Ishita says I will take him, don’t worry and hugs her. Vandu leaves.

Adi smiles and greets Ishita. She asks how is he. He says I m fine and says sorry. She asks why. He says mum did a lot that day. She says its not your mistake. He says mum was very angry that day. She asks where is Ruhi. He says she is coming. She asks how will he go. He says cab is coming, mum and dad has meeting with lawyer, so I will go alone. She asks what meeting and Ruhi comes and interrupts their talk. Ruhi and Ishita ask Adi to come along, as he will be bored in hotel alone. She takes them and thinks why did they meet laywer, hope its not any tension.

Shagun and Raman have a talk being with lawyers. Shagun says she will give Adi’s custody. He asks what do you want in return, I know you don’t do anything without motive. She says she wants 4 lakhs every month, why, can’t you give it, as you are the only earner of your family. Raman looks on shocked. She taunts him and says she will prove it in court that he has many responsibilities and can’t take care of Adi, else he can prove she is incompetent mother. She leaves. Raman says we have to find out some way to get Adi’s custody.

Vandu and Bala meet on lunch and she argues over food, and eats a lot. She asks for cold drink and he orders. Mrs. Bhalla brings Romi there in the same café and asks him not to talk anything wrong with Sarika. Sarika comes there and meets Romi. Mrs. Bhalla says sit, will you have something. Sarika says nothing. Mrs. Bhalla says you might be thirsty, have this. Sarika says what I want, can you give me. Shea sks what. Sarika says Romi has to apologize to me. Romi says sorry. Sarika says in good way. Romi says sorry Sarika, I was wrong.

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Sarika says on your knees, holding ears, folding hands. Romi gets angry and starts leaving. Mrs. Bhalla stops him and says for my sake. Romi sits on his knees, and holds ears bending to apologize to Sarika. He says I know I don’t deserve you, but forgive me. She recalls how he gave her money to get rid of her and baby.

Vandu sees them and shows Bala. Bala says Romi and Bhalla aunty, who is this girl along with them. Sarika cries and says get up. Mrs. Bhalla asks Sarika her decision. Sarika says you feel I will marry this donkey if he apologizes… Mrs. Bhalla says you said you… Sarika says I did not say I will marry her, I waited for this for 8 months, I got his apology, I m not interested in you all. They are shocked. She says don’t come after me to trouble, else I will do police complaint. Mrs. Bhalla cries and Romi says she won’t come back, and consoles her. Vandu and Bala see this.

Ishita takes Ruhi and Adi and Ruhi makes her stop the car insisting for icecream. They have icecream and Adi smiles seeing them happy. Adi says mum said no for icecream. Ishita says I felt you are scared of Ruhi, as she eats it very fast. Adi says no, I can make her lose and takes the challenge. They eat icecream. Ishita smiles seeing the kids together.

Raman talks to someone and says old savings and investments can be enough. Ishita comes and asks him how was his meeting with Shagun. She says I met Adi in school, he was saying sorry to me on Shagun’s behalf, I think he is feeling guilty, then we went to have icecream, then I dropped him to hotel room, Adi has changed a lot, he became mature and if he gets everyone’s love and care, he will make us feel proud one day. I know you are busy, I felt I should tell this to you, so I told. She leaves. Raman says I know Adi changed, so I m fighting for him, I have to get my son home and would go to any extent.

Raman tells Shagun to read bonds and he will give 4 lakhs on 1st day of every month, and he wants Adi’s full custody, that’s what you wanted right. She is shocked. Ruhi shows Ishita to see Raman’s soft cheek and makes her touch. They look at each other. Shagun says I will destroy you Raman and shouts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pataa nahi yeh makers humare feedback check bhi karte hai yaa nahi…

  2. Hume laga tha….yeh Shagun IshRa ke holy relation par

  3. Hume laga tha….yeh Shagun IshRa ke holy relation par sawaal utha rahi hai to kuch achcha dekh ne ko milega…….par innlogo ne to iss se ulta drama hi shuru kar diya….

  4. Yaar fb par koi yhm se related good news hai hi nahin. .holi party k pic aane chahiye the na

  5. Oh god kuch achaa scene dikhadooo plzzz plzz

  6. Kal ke precap mai shagun chudail dikrahi thi

    1. Yeah…shagun…dayan lagrahi thi….

  7. Are sirrf holika dahan ka video& pics hai……….Holi ka kuch nahi hai……

  8. Hey IshRa ki ekbhi selfie nahi hai saath me……..Are yaar kahi aisa to nahi ki fans ki baate IshRa tak pahochi ho ki DivAn ki shaadi honi chahiye…& iss liye dono distance bana rahe hai…… yaar aisa nahi hona chahiye……aisa hai to show bhi affect hoga….

  9. Hey Mizun …….Can I request you 1 thing??????
    Pls tum muje 18 th tak SBS SBB me YHM ka aayega yaa nahi & kya aayega wo bataogi ……….tumhari 24th se exam hai to 19 th se mai tumhe bataungi………pls yeh ek kaam kar dena…….

  10. Star Plus popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has always attracted the
    audience with its enthralling track.
    The show has managed to keep its
    audiences glued to the show.
    As per the current track Santosh is
    worried seeing the misconceptions
    between Raman and Ishita. A dejected
    Santosh apologises to Sarika and
    requests her to marry Romi. Shagun
    asks Raman to pay her Rs. 4 lakh
    every month to get Aditya’s custody.
    Romi apologises to Sarika for his
    mistake. Sarika refuses to marry
    Now in it’s upcoming episodes,
    Raman will break the news to family
    that Shagun has agreed to give Adi to
    the them,Ishita will ask Raman what
    she wants. Raman will evade the
    questions by saying nothing but Ishita
    is sure that a woman like Shagun will
    not do anything just like and that and
    she is left wondering what Raman is
    Raman and Ishita will celebrate Holi
    with their family and friends. Amidst
    the celebrations they will share a few
    romantic moments. Shagun will ask
    Raman to fulfil his duties to obtain
    custody of Adi.
    When Raman reads the documents, he
    will get shocked to learn that he will
    get Adi’s custody only if Shagun has
    complete custody of Ruhi.Everyone
    will plead with Shagun to end the
    custody contract and not take Ruhi
    away from them. Shagun will give
    Raman and his family 24 hours to undo
    their mistake.
    But like always Raman will not give up
    so easily. He will decide to fight for
    Ruhi, but this time Raman’s fate will
    not support him as a result he will not
    be able to take any action against
    Shagun as the courts has been closed
    by then. Ishita will also offer her full
    support to Raman to fight for Ruhi. So
    next week, Ishita and Raman will
    struggle to save Ruhi from Shagun.
    Will Raman and Ishita be able to
    save Ruhi from Shagun?

    1. Sali Shagun Holi ke time par hi aai jab sare court bandh ho…….

  11. hiiii guys mizun and tellyforums me jobhi likha tha ek ek word sach hai………vo keha na agar ishra ki honeymoon par concentrate kiya tho trp me pehla postn par hogi e bath tho bilkul sach hai……

    1. Haan bhagi. …ye baat sahi hai. ….
      lekin …jo holi wali news hai woh sirf imagination thi. main hoga ya nahin….

  12. …………Ok prayosha…..don’t worry. ….. .main bolo dongi. .sbs sbb mein yhm ka jo bhi bataye ga. …..and sorry aaj ka sbb & sbs maine miss kardiya……..

  13. Mizun sure nahi hai naa ki wo sirf imagination hai positive socho agar ho gaya to nahi bhi hua to chalega aage jakr Waisa hi hoona hai

  14. aaj sbb mein kuch nahi aaya.

  15. arey yaar again aaj ka update late.

  16. Amena aaj bhi late. ….

  17. Abhi Nahin aaye. .WU. ..plzzzz jaldi karo

  18. Amena wat is this yar u is always late i begg u to update it fast my xam is coming so i want to study

  19. Today’s episode started with adi wishing mr bhalla
    that was soo sweet

  20. Aaj maine 1st part miss kar diya…….kaisa tha IshRaRuh scene????? Pls tell me……….

    1. Are bolo na koi ????

  21. Prayosha ishraruh scene. .cute tha achcha tha. ..par IshRa ne ek dusre se baat nahin ki. …abhi bhi naraz hai ek dusre se

    1. Ok thanks…….maine 1st part nahi dekha…..

    1. Yes slap. .holi k din mile ga shagun ko holi gift. …..
      Wish k holi k din hi Adi ko shagun ki sachai pata Chale aur. …..Adi shagun se kahe ki ruhi ko kahin na le jaye ……

  22. But Ruhi ko family hi nahi jane degi & Shagun Aaadi ko le jayegi……

  23. Where is 7th march ka written update?

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