Bandhan 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
ganesh recalls ria says you will do my kaniya daan. Its wedding day, bhao and sanju welcome everyone. sanju says to bhao you have had such a loss still you are.. Bhao says you have to pretend in front of the world. The one who has done this will have to pay. Pinky brings in Ragahv. Bhao hugs him. he meets everyone and sits in the mandap. Kajal brings ria. Meethi stops ria and says give the candle to me. Ria says no this is for my wedding. I will keep it with me. meeti says okay upto you. ria sits in the mandap beside raghav.

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Pandit ji start the mantra. Raghav sees on the other side and says this is not possible how ganesh reached here. Ria looks there. raghav says i don’t know what to do now, i am so scared. He laughs. he says did you see him? no? he cant come here. Ria says he will come for his sister. Raghav says yes he will come in your dreams. anyway i have a gift for you, he plays video on his phone of how ganesh is detained. ria says if something happen to him i wont leave you. He says save your tears. Ria saves the flame.

ganesh stands up. the men say he has gone wild. one says he can’t do anything. ganesh starts screaming. The guards point guns at him. There is an earth quack .everyone feels scared. Bhao says don’t worry we can’t stop the wedding amid. This will proceed. pandit start it again. Ria’s hand is still on the flame. She says where are you ganesh? strong winds are blowing. pandit ji says ria extend your hand. ganesh runs from the detention. strong dusty winds are blowing. ganesh is running in the jungle.

ria sees ganesh coming out of the dust, she goes and hugs him. she says i knew you would come. you are here. She binds the yellow cloth on his leg. She takes him towards the stage. Ganesh gives ria’s hand in raghav’s. raghav is shocked to see him. He recalls ria vowing. he says how he came here? ria says he s my brother i told you no power on earth can stop him from coming here.

Precapraghav says i will ruin lives of your siblings. ria says you can never weaken our relationship, try as hard as you can.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. writers it is time to bring this serial to a complete end you all are straying from the point in the serial toooooooooo much going around in circles and repetitious storyline and the story is going nowhere what we are looking for we the viewers are not getting seems like the writers are just as evil and crooked as the characters in this serial

  2. Widows indeed and orphans are protected by an unseen angel.God always watches over them.Ganesh is Ria’s angel.He is there to protect her.I believe that Ria will conquer all the evil in her life because she is always praying and she has the belief that the powers that she was given will take her through.Raghav becareful ,you never know what a strong powerful,young woman can do ,so watch your back.

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