Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD hugging Radha and crying being hurt of Murli’s behavior. He blames himself for Murli’s pain. Radha says he is in a different state of mind and that’s why reacting like this. LD says it is hidden emotions since years. He says Bhaiyya used to take care of me. I used to play with him etc. He says I am at fault somewhere. He worries for his mum. Radha says you have to be strong to take care of Sadhna. He says it will take time to heal the wounds. You did right and offered president post to him. You tried to understand his problem. She assures that everything will be fine. LD thanks and hugs her. Radha holds him. Mere Rang Me plays………………..LD says he was thinking to tell Govind that he don’t want to become president. Radha says Govind uncle is already tensed, do you want to give him more tension? LD nods no. Radha goes to meet Sadhna.

Radha asks her to have something. Sadhna says she don’t want to eat. Radha asks her not to take Murli’s words on heart. Sadhna says everyone compressed his voice. I ruined his life. Sadhna tells that she knows her son. Murli will be in pain now. Radha says you are his mother and a mother is always perfect. Sadhna says I am not perfect mother for Murli Dhar. He heard just no for his every demand. I thought about house rules. She says he demanded computer, but I diverted his attention towards play. Sometimes I even raised hand on him. She cries. She says she was a girl then. She tells that Murli Dhar was intelligent in studies, but they got him sit at the shop. She says he even got married without his wish. He loves someone else, but Dada ji fixed his alliance with Shyamali. She says I ruined their life. My mistakes have made my son bitter. Radha says you can’t lose, we shall not lose hope till the end. Sadhna says I don’t have strength now. Radha says you are just weakened now. Sadhna says I am alone also. Radha says we all are with you. Sadhna asks will you help me?

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Shyamali asks Jhanvi to give food to Murli. LD asks Shyamali to serve food to Murli. Shyamali refuses saying Murli is angry. LD asks her to try to make him agree. Shyamali comes to her room and asks Murli to eat something. Murli refuses and asks her to have food. Shyamali recalls Murli’s words and cries.

Jayshree thinks Sadhna’s family will be broken soon. Sadhna tells Radha that everyone is unhappy here. She says Govind is helpless and can’t go against his father’s attention. She tells about everyone’s problems. She tells that Jayshree is facing troubles and that’s why bitter. She tells that Jhanvi wants to fulfill her wish, so that’s why she goes to meet her friends. She tells LD loves home made food, and likes to sleep on the terrace. She says she sent him for studies. She says she never differentiated between her two sons. She says I went against my family for LD and your relation, as I saw Murli’s sufferings. Radha asks if everyone is unhappy then why it is important to stay in joint family. Sadhna takes her to temple and says we do early morning aarti always. Small arguments do happens, but we don’t stop to do the aarti. She tells that problem is communication gap between the three generations. Radha says sir strict rules are making everyone far. Sadhna says he is not wrong. She says I needs you to bring stability between the three generations. She recalls her sasumaa and her era.

Radha asks why do you think that I can do this. Sadhna says you tried to pass every test with honestly. You was never scared of putting forward your talk. She asks her to bring her mother in law era. She tells that she is hopeful from her. Radha is surprised and silent. Sadhna leaves thinking Radha refuses. Radha comes to the inhouse temple and lights the lamp.

Radha tells Shyamali that she will help her convince Murli. She says Radha and Shyamali are together for Mission Murli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. L.D… U’re so hot,s*xy&dashing.. Love u

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