Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Appa joining the Bhallas for having food. Mrs. Bhalla says its all for family and he is also their family, and its veg food. Romi talks to Raman and Ishita. Raman is angry and says we will give Raina some money. Ishita says maybe Ashok has threatened, her we should find her background then we can know about her. Raman asks Romi to find out. Mrs. Bhalla asks Appa how is the dish. Appa drinks much water and says its very good. Mrs. Bhalla serves him Chole. Appa thinks its very spicy, he is missing Madhavi a lot after so many years and coughs. Romi says Raina’s family stays in Kolkata and she stays alone here. They go to have dinner. Mrs. Bhalla asks Appa to eat slowly, as he is coughing. He says yes.

Simmi asks Mihika to sit and asks what will she have. Appa tells Romi to have some food from his plate, its very spicy, Mrs. Bhalla will feel bad. He passes the food to him and Mrs. Bhalla fills it again. Simmi serves him more. Romi says enough, how much will you make him eat. Everyone looks on. Romi says he is making me eat, he feels its spicy and my stomach is bursting now. They all are stunned and laugh. Appa says Garam Masala is much, its spicy. Ishita says its fine, mum’s heart is very big. Raman thinks Mihika is still worried, just Raina has to come in hand, then every problem will be solved.

Bala comes to meet Raina. She says I knew you will come to talk to me, even Raman and Ishita came and went. Bala asks what does she want. She says what I want since months, only you. Bala says this is not possible, I m married and I love my wife, I have a child and now having another, this is not healthy, I m yout teacher, we have 15-16 years difference, you are a girl. She defends her love. He says its madness, I m trying to explain this is wrong, you kidnapped my son that day, I m so worried, when Ishita was in hospital, you called me to meet me outside. He says he can’t take it anymore. Raina asks why did he come. He says he does not have choice now.

She says stop acting to be good, I think lets take this ahead. He says there is no road ahead, all this is wrong. She says why do you always refuse, first it used to look cute to see you shy, but its enough, I m not after your wife and children, I just want you, if you refuse again and again, I will feel bad, I know you won’t do this, as you are good. She says she got internship in hotel where his relative was marrying, and duty in same floor, where Mihika was there, Ashok did not touch her, and I changed her clothes. Bala says what, it means you know the truth, that Ashok did not touch her, tell this to Mihika and press please. She asks why. He says come on, a girl’s life is ruined, you are also a girl, won’t you do this. She says even her life is ruined, he runs away from her, when Ashok requested her, she had to agree, knowing he will come to her.

He asks whats wrong with you. She says I m in love and holds him. He says so you are blackmailing me now, and can’t see injustice with a girl, and talk about being fair, you are mad. She says yes, I will help you when you come to me. He asks her to get her mental treatment done. He leaves. Raina gets a call from Raman and disconnects it. Raman keeps calling her. Ishita says she will drop Shravan to Bala’s home. Raman says Raina is not taking call and its going on voicemail, she is strange. He says can’t she understand Mihika is a girl and what is she going through, Raina is insensitive. He says we have to prove Mihika is right. She says we will meet Raina again, and ask her to get some lead.

Bala says whats happening in my life, I did not think I will see all this, one side Mihika is saying she will marry Mihir if her name is cleared, and other side Raina is so adamant. He says he wants to see his family happy, but how can he pay the price for it. He says he can’t accept Raina’s demand, she is my student, I can’t do anything, there has to be some solution. Ishita goes out and sees Bala coming. He asks about Shravan. She says he slept. She asks why is he worried. He says he is away from Vandu, she reached, its good she went to Chennai, she should not be in stress, you know what, the baby started kicking, its amazing, I m tired, we will talk in morning. He goes to Iyer’s flat.

Shagun talks to Mihir asking does he care his sister is alive or not. Mihir says you won’t die so easily, you hare survival instinct very sharp, as you are still with Ashok knowing his truth, he is a benefit to you. You are a star now, you made a personal problem a media news, for your benefit. She asks him to see what Ishita and Mihika are doing, they have ruined their lives. Mihir says Ashok has ruined our lives. She says fine, I agree, but what about Mihika, she used to work with him late night in office, taking gifts, she said Ashok was flirting, why did she not stop him and encouraged her, Ashok did not rape her, she was with him by her wish, she called him. Mihir says enough, don’t push it, leave me alone, and leaves. She says they both have ruined my life.

Raman asks Ishita what does she wants to say, whats the problem. She says she met Bala, he was looking very worried, she got tensed. He says he also noticed him, I will talk to him. Appa knocks the door and says sorry for disturbing Raman. Raman says its fine. Ishita asks about Mihika. Appa says she is fine, I came to give this file, I corrected the figures in this, tell your accountant to check it well, I will see some files later, I m free, I have time. He leave. Ishita says this project was over last month. He asks how. She says she hears his conversations sometimes.

She says now I get it, you gave the old file to Appa too keep him busy as Amma is not here, so intelligent. He says yes, when will you become intelligent, and don’t hear my conversations. She says you talk so loudly and neighbors told me about your new project. He asks did she see here and say. She says she can’t see, her eye sight is not good. He says who will come to blind dentist. She says but he got fooled. He says since Appa gave me your hand, I m being fooled. She smiles. He asks her to keep files safely and she drops and holds it, to tease him. yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays……………

Simmi and Ishita read a love letter and laugh. Ishita says for whom did this letter come in our house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ok last scene na.

  2. Np pu ra ep. tum ne spiler padha?

  3. nahin dekha.kyahai spoiler main

  4. Ishita comes to know about Shagun filing custody case for Ruhi again, and gets tensed by the fear of losing her daughter. Raman pacifies Ishita and promises her that he will not let his family break, and will never let Ishita get apart from Ruhi. Ishita breaks down and cries. She says whatever happens every time, Ruhi goes far from her. Raman explains her that Ruhi will not go anywhere, as she is his daughter too. He promises her that they will not lose Ruhi. Ruhi’s custody case re-opens and Ishita is fearing to lose her to Shagun. The court feels Ishita is not good for Ruhi, after Shagun filed the custody case again, stating about Mihika’s matter, and Iyer’s wrong upbringing. Shagun states Ishita not being a good mother to Ruhi, and Ruhi’s upbringing will not be good as they have expected before. Raman supports Ishita in this fight for Ruhi. Raman hugs her and is keen to fail Shagun’s plan again. Will Ruhi get away from Ishita?

    Coming to Raina Singh’s character introduction in the show, she is all set to win over Bala, who regards her just his student. Raina is obsessed with Bala, and wants him at any cost. Bala is confused whom to choose, as Raina is asking him to accept her for getting justice for Mihika. Will Bala risk his marriage for Mihika’s better future? The show has instant cooked believable storylines and hit promos, like Ashok to marry Mihika………., Raina to get obsessed with Raman………., Romi got futile and to accept Sarika…………., Raman to give divorce to Ishita……….., Shagun to land in Raman’s life………. We acted in accordance with it, and we have written posts connected to these tracks, but luckily the tracks were so disheartening that the viewers’ response to the show made the makers change it. Still many tracks have been unanswered as stated before. Let’s see if the show has more to offer than few scenes of Raman and Ishita’s romance. Keep reading.

  5. Yeh aaj ka spoiler isi site par ti hai tum ne kaise nahi padha???

  6. Yes yes yes………
    Dekha hum sab ke respone ne makers ko script badlne par majboor kar diya…
    Maine kai weeks pehle wikipedia par padha tha ki Mihika Ashok se shadi karegi. Raman Ishita ko divorce dega.Raman Shagun se & Ishita Mani se shadi karenge…par thank God ab yeh sab n ahi hoga kyonki makers ne humare responce se script change ki hai…. I am so happpy…….yippy………

  7. Yes yes yes………
    Dekha hum sab ke respone ne makers ko script badlne par majboor kar diya…
    Maine kai weeks pehle wikipedia par padha tha ki Mihika Ashok se shadi karegi. Raman Ishita ko divorce dega.Raman Shagun se & Ishita Mani se shadi karenge…par thank God ab yeh sab nahi hoga kyonki makers ne humare responce se script change ki hai…. I am so happpy…….yippy…………..

  8. Sorry do baar post ho gaya…

  9. Yes maine abhi pada aaye sa toh hona hi tha .fans ka dil thodi hi tod sake the. I ‘ m veryyy happy that kisi ki bhi jodi nahin totegi. kyun k is se raman ishita k rahte par effect hot a. pata nahin Bala ka kya hoga.once again I’m very happy ishra will never separate. ……

  10. abhi 1 hour bakhi hai yhm a ane .

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