Sasural Simar Ka 6th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 6th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Prem his back. He says I cant go further. sid says you have to. We have to save simar and roli.

simar is sitting in tears. She recalls prem and her beautiful moments. While prem is sitting with his back against the tree trying to gather his courage. simar recalls when they got married. When prem hugged her every time. Prem syas I wont let this pain come between me and simar. Sid says sure? He says yes. Sid gets him up and they start walking.

Daksha asks roli to sit with simar. Roli says didi, simar says he would have killed you and daksha. He would have killed Anjali and sanju. I was helpless. Roli sas I will never forgive you for doing thi. why you did that? you just had to wait for 2 days. simar says we didn’t have time. Sarpanj would have killed you if I had not agreed to vikrant. Vikrant comes and says nothing will happen to roli and daksha. I have talked to sarpanj. After our wedding roli and daksha will be free forever. We just have to wait for tnight. We will be one tomorrow. My true love has won in the end. I will make history. This village will be the witness especially these helpless and weak women. This infuriates the women. He says I told you, women cant do anything. see what happened when women open their mouth? champa had to die. Thank God that siamr agreed to me or everyone of you would have suffered like champa. Do as we ask you. this women belongs to men and don’t try to compete with us. He says simar we will get married tomorrow go and get ready. these women can only help you with dressing us. THey are used to of our orders. they are our servants. This is the group of sheeps and goats. He grasps simar’s hand. He takes her with him/ THe women take the spices sheet and throw all the spices on vikrant. He screams with pain. His eyes are bruning. The woman says we are you sandals? See what can slippers do to you? They take sticks and stand in front of him.

Prem syas we are near the forest we should be careful. They hear voice of an anklet. sid says who can that be? prem says it must be some woman from village. Sid says lets go and find who she is. They look everywhere. Its leela. She sees them and says so they are here. Its the result of daksha’s dare.

The women point their sticks on vikrant. Daksha locks the gate so no one can come in. They bind him with a chair. rol8i says look at this face of these women vikrant. simar says your end is written. Seeta will never be of ravan’s in any scenario. vikrant says this is wrong you forgot that I am the God here. A woman says you are the evil and evil should be punished. another says we wont let you kill more women and ruin simar’s life, We will die to save simar. Vikrant says I wont leave you. Daksha says bind him.

They all rope him with chair. simar says you were right we will make history but these women will write it rather than you. and whole world will see it. simar slaps him hard on face.
Sarpanj and his men are on the gate. sarpanj says why is gae of factory closed? He says truck will be here in two days where are all the women? He knocks at the door and say daksha baa open the gate. Vikrant says save me sarpanj. sarpanj says you are there? daksha says I wont open this gate. roli syas no threat is going to work now. The women have risen here. Its time to respond to your atrocities. Give us sanju and Anjali or we will kill your God. Arrange our way out. All the women start hitting their woods on the groung.

Precap-simar comes with a rod in front of vikrat. Daksha syas he should be punished. simar hits him hard on head.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The writer proved that women r powerful

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  3. Yaaay finally!! Omg what an episode!! <3

  4. Now writter has proved that the women are powerful than men.

  5. Good simar

  6. Ya now its good to see this serial…

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