Shastri Sisters 6th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 6th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat asking Anu to tell what she called him for. Anu tells her confession in her sweet way, that she has never seen her happiness infront of others, and have always controlled her emotions for others, she did not learn to let her emotions free. She says she wants to learn now to make her emotions fly free and value them, and how would she choose him, it would be like choosing me and my happiness, freedom. Saajna…………….plays………….. She says I want to learn it now. She says she wants to tell him what she wanted to, but could not tell him, and not even herself. She says she has hidden this from everyone.The airforce senior officials reach there. Minty welcomes them. They ask for Rajat. Minty says he will be here, sit, I will make tea.

He says we just want to know where is Rajat. Sareen asks whats the matter. They go to the terrace to meet Rajat. Anu says she will tell him now, she wants to tell him that….. I love………… The officials surround them. Minty asks Rajat why did they come like this. The official says Rajat Sareen, you are under arrest. Everyone is shocked. Karishma too comes and witnesses this. Rajat shockingly says what, for that crime. His senior says the crime to cheat this country. They are all stunned. Rajat is handcuffed. Anu cries. Minty says you can’t take him like this. Rajat says they are mistaken. His senior says he does not want any drama, it will be good if he accepts it soon, and he will check their house too. Anu says wait, Rajat can’t do this, he values his duty more than his life and family. Minty says yes, I will show you his medals and certificates, he can’t do this mistake.

Minty asks Sareen to tell anything. Sareen says Rajat can’t be wrong, everyone knows Rajat can’t do anything wrong. Rajat says I m sorry Sir, but tell me what did I do. His senior asks about his operation CD. Rajat says I gave you the CD. His senior says it was songs CD. Rajat is shocked. His senior says the department trusted you and gave that CD, and we doubt its with you and you can sell it to someone. He says you let me down Rajat, or how much did you sell your love for department and country. Rajat says you know my duty is my honor, and its priceless. I have given the CD to you. His senior says you mean the department is wrong, and you can’t be wrong.

Rajat says he loves his country more than his life. His senior says we will know it soon. Rajat says I want this too, you can do your investigation, I m sure the truth will be out. Karishma gets tensed and thinks she did not think the matter will be so serious, else she would have not done this. They check his house. Minty cries and says I had to see this day too. Rajat thinks where did the Cd go. He says he gave the right Cd to Sir, he does not know whats happening.

Karishma calls Astha and says the Cd is very imp than we thought, the airforce police came here and searching the home, and handcuffed Rajat. Astha says what, and says if she gets caught, she may make me fall in trouble too. She asks Karishma to take Anu’s name there, this is the only way to save Rajat. Astha smiles and says she does not care Rajat gets arrested or gets hanged, she just wants her revenge. Bua ji comes there and Astha is shocked seeing her thinking did she hear her. Bua ji asks Astha why does her face get like she caught her cheat. Astha says no, I was talking to Karishma. Vrinda asks Bua ji to take rest. Astha sees the shopping bags and says its so good. She shows it to Alka and taunts her about Rajat and Anu. Bua ji asks Alka did she like it. Alka says yes, its good.

Astha says we should gift Alka’s sisters too. Alka says no need. Astha says why, we will make them work too. Bua ji says she understood and asks Alka to keep this clothes in Karishma’s room. Karishma fills Minty’s ears. Rajat’s room is checked. The Cd is not got in Rajat’s home. Minty says she knows who has the CD. Rajat asks where. Minty looks at Anu and says with her. Anu is shocked and looks at Rajat.

Anu’s room is checked and Sareen apologizes to Shastri ji. The operation Cd is found and shocks everyone. Karishma smiles. Minty says I told you Rajat. He is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Karishma ko hattao us se kisi ka pyar nh dekha jata ne he us aastha se

  2. arey yaar rajat plz believe ur anu naa.if u dont trust her than iam damn sure that no one will watch the serial and me too.and i dont get y always rajat and anu will suffer and not anyone else.may be anything this fair in love and war.but wt going on in rajat and anu life is really not fair.plz for our sake make anu and rajat together.we want some cute moment of rajat and anu.thanks for update.

  3. I want karishma face to be explored and need to be arrested.anu being a hider u have rider u life>:)

  4. What the hell happening…. Always suffers…. To Anu and rajat.. Make something interesting between them..

  5. Is anybody watch the karishma and rajat marriage what anu come there like same dress tell something karishma anu push and the people who with microphone telling that why she is doing because to try save rajat

  6. Rajat plzz believe in anu

  7. Kmini krshma, kmini astha

  8. I saw a new promo karishma kidnap Anu who will save Anu I want to rajat to save.

  9. please explore karishma and arrest her. make anu rajat together. rajat please recall, ur password was heared by karishma

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