Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sudha makes clever move

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Shweta to get that workers’ name. Shweta checks the mails. Sudha unplugs the system and asks Shweta to get files to her cabin. She reminds that Shweta is her secretary. Ishita asks what’s wrong with you, hw can you do this. Sudha says we have many lawyers to handle legal matters, there is only one way to save Raman, we have to take legal route. Ishita says you have done this, why don’t you agree.

The men argue with Raman. Raman says its a false allegation, why should I apologize, what’s wrong, don’t you believe me. The man says you should apologize, people can do anything to earn profits. Raman says enough, I didn’t cheat anyone. Sudha shouts stop it, please maintain the decorum of the office, I want to handle this my way. She asks Ishita and Raman to leave. She asks the men to wait for her in conference room. She says you have troubled my sons, see what I do now.

Karan says I m tired, I will faint now, when will mom come. Rohan says mom will take us soon. They ask Aaliya and Ruhi for some food. Ruhi says sorry, I will get it. She gives them biscuits. They eat the biscuits and see the bottle. They say dog biscuits and go to vomit. Aaliya and Ruhi smile. Karan says how dare you serve us dog biscuits, are we dogs. Ruhi says yes. Karan scolds her. They argue. Ruhi says your mom played games with us, she made fun of our emotions, what about that, get back to work. Aaliya jokes on them. Rohan says let it be.

Aaliya says I thought you have forgiven them. Ruhi says no way, its a lesson for them, we should make example for all the girls. Aaliya says such guys deserve all this. Ruhi says Raman and Ishita have come, what happened, why do you look tensed. Mihika says Romi called and said about some mail. Raman says someone is trying to frame us. Ishita says its Sudha’s new plan. Karan says so mum is teaching you a lesson, you will know what she does with you. Rohan asks him to be quiet. Ishita throws water on Karan and scolds him.

They all go. Karan says I m sure that mum trapped Raman, see how she gets revenge. Rohan says we are in their house, keep low profile. Rohan says no, I want to know what did mum do with them. Amma gives coffee to Appa. She asks him to wear kurtas for some time, I have removed the shirt buttons. He asks why. She says you can wear anything. Appa gets a call. The girl says is me Nisha. He asks did your husband beat you again. She calls him at her friend’s house. He agrees. Everyone discusses about the worker’s case. Ishita says we have to know about that girl, Shweta was trying to help, but Sudha stopped her. Mihika catches Rohan and Karan outside the door. They make excuses. She scolds them for overhearing the conversation. Karan says you will see what our mum does.

Mihika calls police. Rohan stops her and says Karan loses his temper quickly, listen to me, we were dusting the walls. Karan says sorry. She asks them to clean all the walls. She gets in and says talk slow, they were here, I gave them a task. Raman says lawyer is coming to meet us.

Ruhi says maybe the lawyer has come. She sees Sudha and asks what are you doing here. Sudha calls up Rohan and Karan. They come and say thank God you have come and got food for us. Ishita asks why did you come. Sudha gives some papers. He says what nonsense. Ishita checks and says we won’t give consent. Sudha says there will be official investigation. Raman says get the girl who filed the complaint. Sudha says she has made the complaint herself, Raman can’t come to office till this case gets solved. Karan says now the real fun will begin. Sudha says you can still save Raman but on one condition, let me take my sons home and save Raman, its a very simple business deal. Raman says if workers know this, they will go on strike and cause more trouble, Payal will be punished for making false accusation. Sudha says don’t give me moral lessons, yes, I m behind all this, Payal sent you mail on my saying, her father was a worker in our factory, I told Payal to accuse you for negligence.

Sudha says yes, I m using Payal, once I get my sons, I will ask Payal to take the case back, get ready for your destruction.

Update Credit to: Amena

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