Bigg Boss 12 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Surbhi and Rohit win task

Bigg Boss 12 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 79
All are outside baggage door, buzzer plays. Surbhi sits in bus without bag. Romil says you cant do that. Deepak brings bag to her. Romil says this is your strategy, Deepak says you are stooping low. She went in bus after gong. Deepak says I have Megha’s bag, Megha have Rohit’s bag. Megha says they will save Somi. Somi says I play on my own here. Buzzer plays, Deepak gets down with Megha’s bag. Sree says they cant do anything. Rohit says you are cleaned bold, you are cheap. Sree charges at him. Rohit says you are phatichar, useless, will take me to bathroom? Sree says what do you want? Sree slaps him lightly. Rohit says beat me. Rohit says o and cry in bathroom, bring your sister. Romil says dont talk about sisters. Sree says he is talking about my family.

Buzzer plays, all take bags and run in bus. Rohit have Dipika’s bag, he asks Dipika she wants to save her bag? Dipika says I dont want to talk to you, you are mannerless. Surbhi says your brother is mannerless too, you dont stop him. Dipika says I will call out to anyone who is mannerless. Sree argues with Rohit. Surbhi says he doesnt realize his mistakes. Dipika gets down from bus and says they will take my bag down so let me leave, I am not here to listen to shit all the time.
Dipika cries and says to Megha that we havent come here to listen to all this shit after working so hard in life.
Surbhi says we are doing tasks here.
Dipika says to Megha that we work in tasks but they push us. Dipika says they keep misbehaving with me, who are they? Romil says they say rubbish, leave them, task is not everything, its about your identity. Dipika says they are blocking door and saying bad words.
KV asks Romil to not become villain.
Dipika shows her wounds and says KV did this, they are making us fool, I dont have patience now. Romil says calm down. Sree asks Dipika if she is fine? She says let me do it. Dipika sits in bus. Buzzer plays so Rohit gets down and eliminates Dipika for 4.5lacs. Dipika says three boys were pushing me. Surbhi says I am sorry if you got hurt, Dipika says dont show sympathy now.

All run with bags to bus. Rohit says its on luck now. KV says I want to become contender. Deepak says I am performing for myself. Surbhi says we all need captaincy. Buzzer plays so Deepak gets down and eliminates KV for 2.85lacs. Surbhi says KV felt bad.

Buzzer plays, all four run inside and take bags. They all run to bus. Deepak says Rohit grabbed me. Rohit have Deepak’s bag and Deepak have his back. Surbhi says this is competition now. Romil says to Deepak that they will eliminate you. Rohit and Deepak both sit near door of bus. Surbhi says you cant move seat like this. Sree says this is legend. All four of them shout at each other. Dipika says they are fighting now. Romil asks them to not move chairs. Deepak says Rohit is cheater. He tells Romil that you are cheating too. Surbhi says we decided to save Somi. KV says yes but then we talked about money. Somi says you asked me if I am playing with you all so I said yes. Surbhi says you all decided to save Somi. Somi says why didnt anyone tell me anything? Surbhi says to Deepak that you are inclined towards Somi but you didnt ask us. She says to Somi that you take his side and then say you are playing alone. KV says you play from Romil’s side too, which side are you? KV says I sacrificed myself. Jasleen says wow so great. Buzzer plays, he throws Deepek’s bag and says I am playing for myself. Jasleen says wow, Deepak eliminated us all and this happened with him? KV says to Romil that now you are happy? They both argue and charge at each other. Romil says wow papa you broke happy club, you showed your double faced, you were with Deepak and now playing for Rohit? Somi says to Rohit that I cant trust you. Megha says they eliminated Deepak without even asking him.

Megha says to Deepak that you took snake with you so betrayed you too.
Rohit says to KV that Deepak asked me to eliminate KV, he was cheating you too. Somi says Deepak took my and Surbhi’s name too. Deepak says Rohit betrayed me too. Deepak says I didnt take KV’s name.

Buzzer plays, all three run in room and take bags. Deepak says to KV that Rohit wanted me to eliminate Surbhi so he could save Somi and made me look bad. Buzzer plays, Rohit gets down with Somi’s bag for 6.35lacs. Bigg Boss says task have ended, Surbhi and Rohit have become contenders for captaincy. They have won money and now prize money is 44.35lacs.

Somi comes to Deepak to talk but Romil comes there. Somi asks him to leave but he doesnt. Somi says to Deepak that you took my name but I am not saying anything. Romil asks Somi to accept his apology. Somi cries and says you were laughing at me with others. Romil says I didnt mean to hurt you. Somi says you were laughing at me with Jasleen. Deepak covers her face so she can cry and asks her to not cry. Romil tries to console him. Somi says I dont want anyone. Deepak says she came to console us but now we are consoling her. Somi laughs. Somi says Romil said that people are helping me here. Megha comes and says if you three are still together then I am very happy. Deepak says I am consoling them both.

Deepak is crying. Romil comes to him and asks what happened? hurt over friends or Somi? Deepak says everything.
Rohit says to Surbhi that Deepak got angry that I was playing for myself.
Deepak says to Romil that no one is loyal here, I cheated Somi so they cheated me in task too. Romil says no one can be trusted here.

Deepak says to Somi that I am guilty that I betrayed you. Somi says you treated me as an option to throw me out first. Deepak says all decided it but I am the villain now. Somi says you can play your game but dont be double faced infront of me. Deepak leaves.

Deepak goes to washroom and cries.
Megha says to Romil that talk to Deepak, he was crying a lot. Jasleen says why Somi is doing that with him.

Sree asks Deepak to come out of washroom. Deepak is beating and breaking things in washroom. Somi asks him to come out. KV breaks door and goes in. All console him. Sree hugs him and says there is still a lot to bear. Somi says we are not feeling bad, I am fine.
Rohit says to Surbhi that Deepak was beating himself. Surbhi says is he mad?
KV takes Deepak from washroom.
Somi asks Deepak what happened? Deepak says I played for all. Deepak breaks things. KV stops him. Surbhi says what are you doing? Deepak says I have guilt.
Sree says to Dipika that he cant accept his failure that his plan didnt work.
Somi says to Deepak that I forgave you, dont feel bad.

Somi asks Deepak what happened? Deepak says sorry. Somi says you have to do sit ups, he does it, she laughs. Somi says he broke his hand for me. She asks if he wants to eat something? other than slap?

KV reads a task between Romil and Sree.

PRECAP- In task, they have to wash a dirty car. Romil says to Sree that if we were alone in task then I would have easily won. Sree says we would see. Both Sree and Romil have helpers in task. KV and Jasleen washes car for Romil. Dipika helps Sree.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Somi is such a big boring person. She cries all the time. And she wants to be both the teams.

    1. @Naina..

      aur usko benefit bhi mil raha h….

  2. IF(emphasis on it) deepak is doing all of that “drama” for attention then I’m sorry he’s making some serious mockery emotions and insulting someone’s genuine meltdown besides he backbited his friends cause fights and have so many times betrayed people even somi before and all of a sudden he had such a huge breakdown over nothing?tho it should be kept in consideration he lost chance to be in semifinals he lost a team and he’s nominated this week as well

  3. So much warmth in one episode which was missed the whole season. Friendship, love n emotions all over… touched the soul. Romil – I love this man, his charm, his efforts he puts in to bring smiles on faces, his smile, his team.. Everything. everything is so so beautiful! Those moments they were sitting behind the sofa n crying, the Romil-Deepak moments beside the jail ~ I lived my lost friendships once more.
    I don’t get much to tell about the episodes nowadays. KV’s beardless tied up look is so freaky … it brings in the negative vibes from inside. Megha showed love to Deepak and taught him a lesson in the kitchen. Deepak reciprocated that love too. Somi didn’t come to win but she is really a family girl. Dipika’s ‘bhai’ sounds like tuning forks banging hard. But honestly, I had seen some of the best moments in BB12 and those are enough. So, I won’t ruin it by saying something rude as the goodness has finally outlived the evilness.. spare the guilty, live for the criminal, forget the crime.
    @Airplanes, the comments u posted today at 10 a.m. showed up at 9:59 pm ! So, sorry as I couldn’t reply. I agree to you what u told about Nehha. She was a sweetheart wrapped in a pretty face whose only concern was to hold the team tighter n closer to the heart. If she was there, things could’ve been different but on the good side, your Romil won hearts after he entered to play in the alone zone. And it’s already 11:29 n being just few mins to 12, I reciprocate your good wishes saying have a nice day too tomorrow.. Good day. Much love. Kaju katli khao, aur khusiya badhao. And slam it with the lit sense f humor u possess.. Dhanya Raho โค Hum thik bani โค tataaazzz !

    1. Rajjo

      seriously the way romil convinced deepika to go back was beautiful… today’s episode was one of the best episode in terms of emotions… every emotion was shown…

    2. Yes. Every emotion.

    it has came down to #EVERY INDIVIDUAL FOR HIMSELF !!!!
    # SO CALLED DOST DOST NA RAHA hahahah poor deepak #JAISI KARNI WAISI BHARNI karma returns back man you betrayed ppl and today #TRAITOR ROHIT betrayed you #ITS EVENS STEVENS NOW!!!! 1#SURNHI -this girl has become #MENTAL CASE its very hard to bear her sound system #HER REMOTE OF VOCAL CHORDS HAS NO ADJUSTMENT BUTTONS # SHE WAS THE ACTUAL CULPRIT TOO WITH THAT NOSHIT
    #DEEPAK: doing drama infront of somi and HMs now #UNNECESSARY FOOTAGE STUNT #BATHROOM ACT LOL FOR BATHROOM SINGER # performed task well but got #BABA JI KA THULLU in return
    #KVB :most PUZZLED ongoing contestant now usse khud nhi pata woh kya kar rhe hai jannab #KVB-AAP KA KYA HOGA JANNAB-E -ALI# ROHIT AUR SURBHI KISI KE SAGE NHI HO SAKTE AB # hope kv u understand it soon
    #NOSHIT- KATTAPPA IN HOUSE #GADDAR – REST NO WASTAGE OF COMMENTS ON HIM #he soon will get it back very bad
    #MEGHA- cutie pie as always was enjoying seeing the drama lol# best enjoyment for her today
    #JASSLEEN -got the oppurtunity to enjoy the circus in the house and her taunt to deepak was fully justified
    #DIPIKA – got emotional feels sad to see her like that but she had outburst of emotions nothing much focus on her today
    BB makers kuch aur dikha dete isse acha hahahah
    very nice to see you standing with dipika in her tough times you have tried your best to make her cool down same way around with deepak despite being #broken bond u tried to be with him as an elder brother shows how much # CARING, HONEST ,GENUINE in the show #YOU ARE A KOHINOOR HEARTED GEM LEGEND WINNER !!!!!
    LOVED THE WAY U MADE KVB REPENT HIS MISTAKES as its necessary that kvb needs some #TREATMENT TONIC -WISDOM WORDS # EXPOSED THE FLOP #MAHANTA SHOW OF KVB# loved it completely #YOU ARE WINNING HEARTS #aap sache ho dil ke nek ho aur honest ho !!!!!#love to oja #GUYS KEEP VOTING # TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL !!!!

    1. Rajjo

      very nice analysis …
      I agree as soon as kv understands these traitors will be good for him becoz mujhe dar h kahin aisa na hoki jab tak use ye samajh aaye tab tak bhot der ho gyi ho… aur uss baar normal task nhi seedhe eviction task ho n these traitors take the name of kv to evict n he gets evicted like hiten in last season…

    2. It’s “maSHA” SHA sha not masah

    3. ye meri strategy thi lol hahahaha# just kiddding mate your error correction is welcomed .# keep smiling

    4. @Airplanes..

      Correct analysis..
      And completely agreed to ur each n every word.. ?

  5. Karan ka popat banaya bada maza aaya aur ja happy club mein saale tujhe chaaba ke phenk denge WO log

  6. sorry but episode seem to boring
    when deepak was doing crying drama he disrecespcet mega jasleen dipika sree romil but no one was there when he was fake crying
    his soo called true freind surbhi and rohit was not there surbhi called him mad lool
    moral karma hit back
    kabhi true freind banaya nahi
    sree ko copy kar raha tha
    and mega sree romil where still consolling him especially “mega respect for here after hearing soo much from deepak

  7. HAHAAHA for sure will have rasogullas for sure in the desert tonight !!!!! its so nice to see #TRUE SOUL ROMIL winning hearts and praises which is difficult to gain in this house especiallyin the recent scenario and indeed loved the friendship goals today # it lead to remind of school days and back bench mischieves hahaha , cadburry silk khao, romil ke gunn gao# hahaha just kidding like megha did today # khoob acha lagal hamara ke tohar vichar jankar uu ka kahin na angrezzi mein # sassura fantastic ba !!!!! tohra tarah :))))-
    ai sarararara……
    may the light of sunshine ends all evils in your life # kudos to you # ta! da!

    1. โค?โค

    2. @Aarohi,
      hahahah ,sure short will bring #RABRI DEVI too # just kidding will bring you rabri and kaju katli too with kvs image incarnated on that :))-
      with sweaters i always remembers #RAJ ARYAN’S MOHABBATEIN :))-
      Will follow the advice for sure kyuki #JO FIT HAI WOHI HIT HAI !!!!!

    3. Unless u come here. Till then, manage with imartis and balushahis.. and bring rabri for me when u come. And put on the sweaters. And be happy. And keep loving your Romil. And Radhe Radhe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Who gave the right to matchfixer Sreesanth to touch Rohit. There is nothing called light slap. A slap is a slap and so fixer sreesanth should be kicked out. Fool has never completed or won a single task.

  9. Rajjo

    today’s showed a diiferent side of bb12, it was the episode of hit-play game-get betrayed-feel the guilt-back to your friends… which actually happens in the real life too… no. of times we ignore our true friends for the real ones and at the end we get back to them only… romil said right no one can be trusted here this is bigg boss house….
    megha’s dailogue “once a gaddar , always a gaddar” hilarious yaar… now deepak got to know how it feels to get betrayed… but in somi,deepak,rohit n surbhi i wanted deepak as a contender there seriously as becoz in those he is the only one who does tactics n strategizes everytime n do the task also… but today he didn’t won which is bad… he must have thought that making distance from romil for surbhi n rohit was his biggest mistake which actually is…
    loved the way the trio were sitting n talking but why somi started crying… i was puzzeled what happened to her… lol… one of the kitkat break moment was that…
    deepika over-reacted today but the way surbhi taunts her every time about her “bhai” deeds is not correct… surbhi always say to deepika that “aapne jab bolna hota h tab to bolte nhi ho aap”, “ye baat apne bhai ko boli hoti to achcha hota”, “dusro se jyada apne bhai ko samjhao”… it feels sick listening all this but deepika gave a good reply to her… deepika is being with shree doesn’t means she is supporting those wrong words of shree how did surbhi know that deepika didn’t say anything to him, of course she will not stop talking to him yaar….
    coming to rohit… hahahahaha… jis thali me khata h usi me ched krta h… deepak se seekha(he actually followed deepak’s footsteps of bullying teasing n ol) phir deepak ko hi side kiya… don’t worry your days are coming soon…
    liked the way shree consoled deepak n guessed the actual reason of his breakdown… n loved the way romil supported deepak when he was crying (even if he fought with him).
    jasleen was doing nothing today just enjoying the show the way others enjoy hers but at that time she have a problem… also somi k din bhi paas hi honge just got praised by salmaan doesn’t mean she became good… she is confusing for me…

    1. nice and synchronized # well said !!!!!
      i agree makers are pushing somi in limelight rather than focusing on kvb sree reunion , feld bad too see dipika accusing kvb for injuring her without kvb knowing about that , its all misunderstandings between them # FALTU KA EGO HAI dono mein in task wounds lagte hai even kvb also got dropped to ground once , and i feel this was muscular task rather than being a funfulL task bb makers had made it an #AAKHADA JUNG , BB MAKERS should end kv and dipika’s #COLD WAR as soon as possible (A-SAP) NOT THE COBRA ONE lol :))-

    2. Rajjo

      Seriously… That cold war needs to be over now it’s high time yaar… Both are doing nothing just supporting their friends…

    3. @Rajjo, First paragraph you’ve written is on point and very true. And things u said after that too are on point . Somi was crying because …… everything can’t be justified. I felt her. The friendships, betrayals, tasks and the trophy – all in one makes it very difficult to survive. Dipika’s ‘bhai’ is so irritating to hear.

    4. Rajjo

      Thanks @aarohi… Learning from you n airplanes to write comments… ?
      For that”bhai” we can’t do anything we will have to listen till finale as airplanes said according to the list…

  10. maybelline and nivea walon ne somi ko apna brand ambassador bana liya hai , don’t take it otherwise but kapil sharma’s sumona’s lips gathered more attention than somi’s lips lol # BATAKH KE HOTH as the comedy script says , somi’s tag line# badtameezzi mat karo !!!! will be used by kejriwall soon in the upcoming elections soon hahaha just kidding its winter time so remembered the #KHASSI MAN !!!!

    1. Rajjo

      hahahahhaa… your comments are so funny every time i wait for your comment…

    2. @rajjo,
      hahaha appericiation is welcomed ,have a nice day ahead!!!

  11. Jab Megha ne bola na “I like seeing you all together” I cringed she’s buttering them cause it’s a nice opportunity to form a new group with romil/deepak/somi lol and we all knew this **betrayal** gonna happen with karanveer but seeing his journey I’m not at all feeling bad for him instead I enjoyed it in fact this is what he deserved bhaiyya happy club is synonymous to dogla club & he just couldn’t understand it his animosity with sree made him blind so much so that he just got with people who he could play with against sree, I don’t want to be a insensitive person here but I find that deepak’s outburst as calculative as his every move he has been playing game with no qualms or reservations he’s double crossed people so many times yet he broke down in such a way over one little betrayal? Was it to win his friends he deceived back or for footage or the realisation that something that he has been doing with people happened to him?? Sree again proved that he does have a big heart and is a nice person he does have super annoying habits but he’s still a good person…what does rohit think he is doing?does he think he’s gonna win it all?or does he think that by just getting screen time through any means possible he’ll get praised or get more work after the show?joote padenge isko bahar nikalne ke baad he doesn’t even have a villainous image either it’s just continuous irritation that he cause and soon surbhi too will kicked him to the curb and he’ll left the show with nothing to even salvage, idiot besides who even finds him attractive? Romil & sree are more handsome than this guy idk kis baad ka ghamand hai isko…

    1. Rajjo

      “Happy club synonymous to dogla club” this is epic… ???
      Kv has lost plot in the way of revenge with shree but still few days are there may he gets back…
      Ghamand ka to pta nhi but overconfidence bhot h #Nohit ko apne pr… Ek hi show kiya h usne joki band krwa diya gya… Still pta nhi kya dikhana chahta h… Khud ka koi dimaag nhi h iske paas i guess bas fokat ka attitude bhara pda h…

  12. ROHIT is behaving like a stupid spoiled kid his comments on sree’s world cup games and sister comment was way worst than his deeds , he has to think from his unused brains that he can’t do so and can’t demean any one on his occupational stream , its very bad to see an actor going bad way as coming from an educated culture !!!!!

    1. Rajjo

      I want to say that Rohit learned from @lostboy vikas gupta… So he is instigating everyone n he knows who will react then he starts more on him… But watching him like this is bullshit… Rohit said “fatichar” to shree was same as vikas said “badtameez” to shree…

    2. @rajjo. rohit lost his self being he is behaving like a spoiled kid have no manner towards any relation he is playing the game and giving cotent to makers these days
      ache scenes cut kar dete hai editors aur bure scenes se trps lete rehte hai # in the end audience ka popat banta hai

  13. It’s too late for kV to show cleverness in the game or for sree to show activeness in task or deepika to stay alert and confident or Megha to form a new strong group I mean cmon show is almost over and whatever they did they can’t change it anymore cause there’s no time for that, to some extent they committed mistake themselves & rest was ruined by editing team…overall this season was a biggest disappointment and I’ll always blame the bb team more for that

    1. Rajjo

      Hope this becomes the last season…

  14. seasons of #AAROP AND PRATYAROP !!!!
    sree to kvb : you touched dipika inappropriately when u will be out see the video and watch you have done !!!!
    kvb- mind your words sree
    kvb-dipika have i touched you inappropriately
    dipika-no i didn’t say so but you pushed me very badly
    kvb- its a sorry from me
    dipika – its ok
    in this case sree was wrong taking her sister side doesn’t mean that you will try to defame a person in that way ,KVB despite being #LOST MIND CHACHI respect all in hms and to be frank dipika has no forgiveness in her too , the moment she kept the distance between her and kvb she too lost a very good friend , just imagine if she had not biased her friendship with him things would have been different the problem is that sree got dipika as support and kvb got no one else as neha got eliminated and in that frame of mind kv too lost dipika’s trust and sree’s brotherhood
    # makers ne iss season ki sabse achi trio ko barbadd kar diya # CLASH OF EGOS
    the difference is just here between season 11 and 12
    in season 11 team : vikash, hiten, arshi vs hina,luv,priyank vs shilpa , taklani , puneesh
    but in season 12 the angle to see sree dipika and kvb bond was never meant too be and thats where i think makers have cheated audiences for trps drama have they seen their bonding more i bet that this season would have given one of best trios the show has ever had !!!!

    1. @airplanes,agree.. he was my fav in d beginning.. but watevr he’s trying to do now,is harming his own image.he shd understand he dsnt need to b mahan every single time..khelo yaar khud k liye..TBH even he knew in his heart dat Kobra club would never give him any chance…those goons are using him badly.
      And upar se kyu unko defend krta hai,sahi galat har baat pe..y? Aaj romil Ko villain kyu bola?
      Even I feel bad yaar ki usko pata v nhi ki bahar uske image ka kachra ho gya h..and upar se these people r telling romil ki wo Ganda game khelta h lol

    2. Rajjo

      actually the thing is Kv wanted to be in the game n wanted to become contender but when rohit n ol threw him out he changed n said he sacrificed for the money… really??? why didn’t he said that before this time didn’t wanted to become “mahaan” but at last he had to…lol… ๐Ÿ˜›
      the thing is kv could have accepted that his so called friends didn’t supported him…
      you are right diya, kv jab bahr aayega to samjhega that where he had gone in the matter of just revenge…

    3. Anup jalota couldn't resist throwing his lota

      Tbh makers didn’t do shit when it comes to sree & kV friendship, it was kV who took the first step and ruined it plus him getting away from sree was best thing that happened to sree like sree have a negative image but if he had remained with kV he would’ve gotten even bigger tag of dramebaaz as well, remember how kV incited him and Neha to fight out of jail when all three of them named themselves for it lmao that kind of chu****** would’ve happened regularly if he had stayed with kv..if anything sree deepika & Neha could’ve been better ptrio but bb ruined that

  15. XYZ,Aarohi, airplanes..thank you guys so much for the lovely replies on my yesterday wala comment. ??
    Oh man!! This word “dogla”.. mere Kaan dukhne Lage h ab ye ek hi wrd sunte sunte..gaali Dena hi hai,to kuch Naya Lao yaar?
    Today’s episode can be summed up in a single word “karma”
    Takku ne Jo Kiya tha romil k saath ..Rohit ki baatein sunke romil Ko betray Kiya usne.. aj usi Rohit ne usey betray kr diya.
    Rohit and dat Surbhi ye log kisike sage nhi h..
    Romil to thikthak se dipi ka dost v nhi bana phir v usko wo captaincy Dena chahta tha last tym.. Lekin is task mein saara mehnat takku ne Kiya aur Surbhi captain ban jaegi ab of course by Dhokebaazi
    And seriously wats up wd takku man? Usko Somi ki baat se itna guilty feel hua and wat abt dat jo tumne romil k saath Kiya? Uska guilt nhi h?wow
    And TBH kuch over nhi ho Raha h Deepak ka ye guilt induced actions?if dipi’s crying is overreaction,to ye kya h?
    And ds guy,romil,agr ye married na hota,pakka isko dhund dhund k isise shaadi krti?..he’s too cute and his sense of humour ?..if u guys want ,u can check out those vdos where he mimics all contestants..Surbhi ka mimicry was best?

    Love u romil.d way u took care f Ur frnd turnd foe and foe turned frnd,u r really winning hearts…hope u win d show?
    [email protected],I had noticed the comment of u having butterflies in Ur stomach on seeing romil. Yaar mujhe to pehle week se uspe crush h??

    1. Hain naa? ? I know, girl! He reminds me of Edward Cullen when he smiles and his eyes become just a curved line. Those eyes make me feel that. He has that backbencher charm. I too had a crush on him since the beginning, he was the only player who played the Samudri Lootera task fantastically but then got betrayed by his own team when they sent him to jail for splashing water that hard! When he got evicted, I was feeling a gap in the heart, but he came back and that was a happy part. I loved to see Sree-KV-Romil trio ! But Sree made issues out of the stupidest things and he behaved bad with Nehha.. from then I just hated Sree, and Romil made his own team where I didn’t like the members . So, KV was left to be loved ! >,,<

    2. @DIYA,
      looks like telly updates server also got hanged witH # TRUE SOUL ROMIL EFFECT THE COMMENT TO U ha been potrayed as individual comment but no problem # hope they get it fine :))-

    3. Just girly things. @Diya
      @Arohi ?

    4. Rajjo

      oh god! @DIYA @aarohi… ladkiyon kuch to sharam kro married h romil bachcha bhi h uska cute sa… but anyways yes he is handsome in the way of being with anybody he tackles the situation well with mind… n puts great effort to convince anyone…
      vo kehte hn na ki itne dino me kaun nikhar k saamne aaya that will be ROMIL for sure for this season… i was happy that he distanced himself from these stupids at a very perfect time else he would not have seen like this…
      this season one thing will be famous always that is – “MADAM JII”

  16. Any day Deepak would have been better contender than Surbhi and Rohit especially Rohit. Rohit bekar khud ko good looking baith kar samjha hai…..sara charm to Romil ka hai filhal….effortlessly. No I take that back actually bande ne 2 sentence ke angrazi ki effort to mari thi last episode mein. He has also been successful in mending relation with Dipika jo ya to roti hai ya bhai bhai karte rehti hai. All in all bande ko logon ko and in particular ladkiyon ko apne taraf karne aata hai
    Happy to see Deepak and Romil together. Regardless of two cats fighting for Romil, I love Deepak and Romil bro type bonding. It somehow reminded of days when you fight with your best friend and still go back to him/her to actually complain about them and still are together. I am not commenting on how real is that friendship but that reminded of Hina and Shilpa together towards the last month of BB11 jidher dono mil kar VG k against task kheli thi. That hug was legend in last season.
    1 thing proved today koi lalach na ho to insaan bura nai hota. As soon as Deepak was out of the game he knew what was wrong or right thing to do.
    Dipika should have had been with Romil since starting to game kuch aur hota, that is what I feel. Dono ek jaise hai but still thode different hai.

    1. Truth. Bitter truth. But I agree to every point u said. โค

    2. Rajjo

      Remember the name ROMIL… saari duniya aaj uska hi naam jap rhi h kya baat h… charm h bande me ladkiyon ko attract krne ka… waah!!!
      agar aaj deepika romil k saath hoti to koi bhi usko kuch nhi keh pata ya phir sabse ladne ki aadi ho jaati…

    nice words !!!! lovely comments ,
    hahaha have seen those videos of his immitations ,im glad #ROMIL KA JADDOO CHAL RHA HAI !!!!
    just keep supporting the same way # TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL .He has the best ability to bring smile on other’s face ,he is genuine and honest in the game , i m glad people here are finding romil as #LEGEND WINNER !!!# KEEP WRITING # CHEERS

    1. I always liked Romil for the fact ki he is cautious with word selection when speaks. Which people tell doglapanti I call that strategy till the time you do any damage which can’t be repaired. I fear wo car dekar Romil ko bhej na de. Liked apple pie

  18. Karma house….
    Deepak got what he deserved…I just loved today’s episode….
    He thought he will take advantage of every one, backstabb every one and go ahead…poor lad…he didn’t realize his friends had the same plan…
    His outburst I would say was not coz of guilt, but of helplessness…he couldn’t yell at Rohit n Surbhi as he did the same betrayal to somi and KV… helplessness that he can’t say they are wrong as he was doing the same….you reap what you sow….
    I just loved it..
    KV’s face when he got to know that he was betrayed…?? U got into a wrong team and it has effected u badly…I don’t see a chance of him getting back…
    Rohit – well played (Deepak)..but most ill-mannered one in the house…how is he talking? I think he has never heard the word respect.. dipika, Shree, KV they all have worked really hard and reached this point… besides they are elder to u…
    I heard Pritam saying in an interview, people like Rohit,Surbhi and Deepak won’t even get a chance to meet Shree if they were outside…
    Do you even understand what he has done in career? U think that single catch in world cup was the only thing in his career…
    To even get into district level of any sports, u need to go through lot of struggles…that man has represented our country in world cup …
    World cup was not brought by a catch or six….it was a team effort of each player and every player has done his part….
    Rohit is showing his class by behaving like this…
    Surbhi is surely gonna make people’s ear damage. U feel like switching off the TV when she opens her gutter mouth….
    Someone please take somi out of this house….done with her….
    U could see how nice person Shree is…he hugged Deepak n consoled him… Deepak has always taunted him for crying in bathroom…look where karma has brought up man…
    His so called friends Rohit n Surbhi didn’t bother to consol him… Shree, whom he has said humiliated came to help you….
    Loved Megha for that happy dance when happy club was arguing…she gave genuine advice to Deepak…
    Felt bad for Deepika…she really can’t perform in front of 3 men at the door…n wkw she will be bashed for not performing…I loved her sentence…”look at this…(showing her wound) this is nothing…if Surbhi has a scratch, that’s a big deal and a huge issue…”)
    I felt she was talking to BB people and Salman…
    Loved romil…true gentleman… provided I am saying this coz he got separated from the bully group… earlier he too used to defend his bully friends…

    1. Jasleen – each tont of her was bang on.. she got an opportunity and she used it fully…enjoyed her happiness..
      *Forgot to mention earlier

    2. Rajjo

      i said this once n today also i will say that baaton me deepika se koi nhi jeet sakta… she doesn’t raise her voice n blabber doesn’t mean that cannot do anything… she gives a huge influence with her polite voice only… she has the ability to make anyone negative here just by her words … she knows she can’t do the task so chose her other side to tackle the situation… nice effort by her on this… but i worry for her as when time comes she is unable to take stand… jasleen got free ka opportunity n used…
      for rohit i extremely sorry for him he is going to be a mental case along with surbhi someone handle him please… he doesn’t think before saying…

    3. @rajjo,
      aaj cricketer jaddu ka birthday bhi hai hahaha!!!!!!

    4. Rajjo

      haan pta chala mujhe bhi…

    5. @jisha..

      May be deepak’s emotions was real..
      But i was really enjoying to see his halat.. ?
      But one thing we have to agree.. Dimaag ka tez tohh ye banda..
      Kis tarah usne sabko apni baton m le liya..

      Somi and kv ko ditch kiya and after that again somi somi karne laga..
      Mujhr personally toh nhi laga he was guilty.. But yes.. He realized that he has already lost the contendership fir captaincy and he should n9t loose somi. Now..

      I was proud of on non happy club members…they consoled dpk even after his pathetic behaviour woth them amd his own two besties wrere not there..

      I felt bad not only for dpka but megha jas sree and romil too.. As when they tries to play salman and all the badtameezis of surbhi and group demotivated them..

      Some ppl looks really good when they have tears in the8r eyes.,their nose becomes red …. And dpka was looking too good with teary eyes.. . ?

      I really like sree.. He is an angry young men but at the same time he is very emotional too… I have seen.. Surbhi treated him badly still he helped her alot.. M deepak beajved badly but he treated him good today..

      Aur megha to h hi awesome. Bt is week eliminate ho jayegi. ?

      Kv ka tph 0ata hi nhi kya kar raha h… Matlab dpka and sree seitna problem h.. But abhi he didn’t say a single word to surbhi amd team…
      Surbhu n team bas kv ko use kar rahe they aur kv use ho raha tha..aur ab kv ka kuch hon abhi nhi h… Agar top 5 pre planned h toh kv could be in top 5.. But performance wise he doesn’t deserve to be in top 5

      And i think surbhi ne ek comment kiya tha romil pe wkw m fir sry bologe kind of.
      THen i ws thinking.. Kitna gahaad h isko qki pata h isey makers and host isi ka side lenge..

      @ rajjo.
      R8ght about dpka and rohit.. ?

    6. Rajjo

      thanks yaar…
      appreciation is always welcome… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    7. Deepak is going to do the same paschatap task for today too… that’s kinda fishy.. coz he has used his friend romil and didn’t even thought of saying sorry…and all of a sudden, he’s getting paschatap attacks of betraying somi… whereas romil always stood by him thick n thin…he never felt bad for him…
      I agree that Deepak tez hai…n he deserved the captaincy contendership than any other happy club members… He performed very well in school bus task…
      Had he been with romil, he would never have backstabbed him…
      Megha is a good player and very genuine at heart…she just couldn’t get a good team to perform tasks…
      BB editors and team could have made it a good season…but chose not to…
      They could have sorted out the issues btn Sree, Deepika n KV and made a strong team… similarly romil and Deepak could have patched up… they wanted more conflicts and yelling and so deliberately they tried to put the respective contestants in opposite teams while tasks…(I meant when they smell some disagreements in opinions in friends, they will make sure the two are in opposite team)..
      BB team made a small scratch into a huge wound by scratching it….
      They forgot that viewers love to see the relations, emotions and feelings developed during these months… instead they chose fights and conflicts….
      @rajjo…I agree…she proved that in court task…putting ur points in a loud and clear voice, yet sophisticated…

  19. @Airplanes…
    Didn’t read todays comment and come only to wrote this comment..
    I was thinking from last 1 week to write something about u.. Then i thought… I should wait and see.. Kahin romil k again group change hone se fir se megha n remaining contestants k kiye views na ho jaye…?

    But now u r consistent on ur views about the rests… So tareef karna toh banta h..
    First of all u have very good writing skills…
    Second u have good sense of humour
    Third… U really love romil na..
    I read ur yesterdays comment.. And the way u wrote that comment exactly like how romil talk..

    From last 1 week.. I feels connected to ur comments.. As i always feels connected to indian’s comment..
    So keep it up.. ?

    And it seems like u r a very fun loving person in real life..
    I have never thougt i will appreciate u ever… Like this..? ?

    Bdw… May i know ur good name..
    U r n9t a gorl for sure.. As u wr9te many times..
    U girls go n vote for make up girls like sristy and jas…? ? ? ?

    1. kindly ignore writing errors as my phone got hang.

    2. phone ko bhi thodi der doubt hua hoga ki @XYZ ne airplane mode on kiya hai aaj lol lol lol , have posted a token of appreciation #MADAMJI do watch it out when u have your time !!!!:))-

    3. @Aairplanes..

      Ha ha.. ?
      Even i have started enjoying ur sarcasm.. ? ?

    4. “have posted a token of appreciation #MADAMJI do watch it out when u have your time ”


    5. # MADAMJI . aapne to emotional kar diya !!!!:))-

    6. # MADAM JI, AAJ SOORAJ KIS DISHA SE NIKLA HAI , ITNI TARIFF , LOL kuch to garbad hai daya darwaza tod do !!!!# hahaha just kidding , thanks for the appreciation just taking inspiration from the most reknown BB analyst on telly updates @XYZ,@AAROHI,@RAJJO ,@ DIYA ,@HOPE and many more who are commenting on this forum , i must tell you all are a #KOHINOOR GEM HEARTED PERSON JUST LIKE TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL and to be frank i was just leg pulling you on megha issues as i have no sikwa for anyother contestant in the house .. …
      every one here has a different character mine one is # mysterious flavour , i would tell u my identity at correct time , kyunki # madamji, agar baki serial ke buzzers ne dekh lena hai to sab ke sab #BAWLI PUCH ban jayenge # they will get me blocked from the site soon especially bepannah wale buzzers :))-no offence sad na hona madamji bas #TRUST aur ashirvadd banaye rakhna im not that bad as all used to think rather mischievious in my pattern aur ye beppanah , mariam khan ke fans aur humari dear author #ATIBHA bhi janti hai :p# cheers !!!!

    7. @Airplanes…

      If u dont want to disclose ur name then its ok.. ๐Ÿ™‚
      But really u can win anyone’s heart….

      and i will wait to know ur identity … ๐Ÿ˜‰

    8. โค๏ธโค๏ธ???
      For all of ur last week comments..
      And one more thing..
      Now it seems like u r a nice person by heart

    9. Dude, we didn’t have any offense against you since the first week u came. At least, not me. >,,,,< neither did I know someone watches so many serials. ?

    10. Rajjo

      @airplanes: this is for u
      “tera jaadu chal gya”
      logo pr asar bhi dikhne laga… ๐Ÿ™‚

    11. @Aarohi…

      no one have offence including me… and the ppl who came for our support at that time…
      and even the ppl who reacted on airplane’s comments

      The thing was.. lot of ppl didn’t like romil at that time and airplanes was the one who was a huge fan or supporter of romil…

      but now almost everyone is liking his comments…and appreciating it too.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. @XYZ, Aarohi, Airplanes I feel BB k Ghar k tareh Bahar bhi tum logon ki friendship ban rahi hai. Hope this friendship doesn’t pause till next season.

    1. @ hope ,
      you too are welcomed anytime we will be glad to welcome you !!!!!
      # tussi to HOPE ho # telly updates ke #TOPE HO , hum to tehre naddan parinde aap to analysis ke # POPE ho hahaha was just reminiscing popay the sailor man !!!! # SPINACH KHATE RAHO WISDOM BADHATE RAHO !!!!! # cheers

    2. @Hope…
      I think it is true.. I guess.. ?
      But y u left ur name.. Cz as i have remember.. It was u and aarohi.. Who started connecting with each other
      U and aarohi was the one who liked airplane’s comments.. The most..
      U know what.. I was launghing after remembring our fights..over difference of opinions.. ?

      The best thing in this forum.. That i have made some very good frnds here.. In last season i was very connected to some ppl.. And now i have staretd connecting again..

    3. @Aarohi.
      Hope is a girl.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    4. @Hope, sir/ma’am, u know what? Ezra and you were the only two with whom I used to agree to on most of the comments. โค So, u are in it too.
      XYZ analyzes everything so well keeping her point of view up to the mark, ‘Woh galat nahi hain, humse thoda alag hain’.. *.* our views contradict a little but she analyzes really well.
      Airplanes toh legend hain.. bole toh ultralegend.. with the wheels behind, taking a flight high off the cliff, piercing the pericardium, unlocking the gold, winning the Kohinoor and waving us goodbye! So, take a bow to the mystery man.

    5. @Aarohi..


    6. Oh thanks a lot! !!!! โ™กโ™กโ™กโ˜†

  21. Deepak ne Megha ka dialogue same to same kv ko suna diya. Pura game Deepak se khilwa Kar Rohit ne dawedari leli

  22. Romil ko car dekar nikal ne de like pritam, VG. That car is danger.

  23. Irrelevant to BB but I started liking this season of BB too after watching 2.0. hats of itni boring aur science ki jaan nikal ke movie kaun banata hai. Pathetic.

    1. lol its good u have watched 2.0
      by god’s gracious sajid khan ki himmatwala dekh lete to surbhi achi lagne lagti aapko :))-

    2. Rajjo

      i didn’t saw how it is???

    3. all in all good movie agar zyada expectations na ho to
      # USP OF THE MOVIE: save birds from mobile radiations , akki has been potrayed as birdman in the movie which is made up of dead birds pure soul and his own soul and as usual chitti #RAJNI SIR will save ppl from him using 3d initials in whole movie
      akki traps all the mobile phone radiations and talks on torture that innocent birds have been facing and ultra selfishness of mobile companies for increasing frequencies of radiations
      all in all nothing extraordinary but visual effects are good from indian fan perspective but agar harry potter dekhi hai aapne to timepass movie hai ye
      review:7.7/10 hai
      this was the short review and idea i liked to share with you , tell me for sure whether you liked its content or not:))-

    4. Rajjo

      thank you so much @airplanes for your short n impactfull review i will definitely tell you after watching… btw nice theme save birds from radiations… ofcourse its rajni sir’s movie it will have some morale…

  24. Could anyone tell me what dipika told to sreesanth while crying. I dont know what was written in hindi as i am a maldivian and a big fan of bigg boss.

    1. Rajjo

      sitting on the couch she said that 3 males were standing in front of him blocking the door so she was unable to go inside as she didn’t want to physically push anyone for a task so its impossible for her to do that…

  25. @XYZ,Aarohi, rajjo, Airplane thanks.

  26. Watch tonight’s sneak peak..
    And jas is looking so pretty ?… And she is singing better tha deepak too.

    1. Rajjo

      but everyone supported deepak… n made surbhi the captain… but yes jas was singing very much nice… her voice is sweet…

    2. Just watched…so cute and beautiful moments… housemates chilling and enjoying each other’s company…loved it….
      Jas looked beautiful…and her singing talent…. ???
      Megha and her dialogues…
      “Khud se kisiko chedti nai, agar koi chede to chodti nai…, Once a gadhar, always a gadhar…”
      I am happy Rohit got a reality check on his behaviour… almost most of them are on Surbhi side…how they started behaving nicely to housemates when they need their support…
      I feel bad for housemates coz they didn’t have good choices…
      Either u die by eating lots of onions or getting slapped by sandals. …death is confirm… They chose eating onions ( Surbhi)…

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