Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jackie’s developing feelings for Vaidika

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Puneesh mix some pills in his drink and decides to revenge Vaidika through her daughter. At night he comes to the hall and thinks as if Aarya was there. It comes out to be Prachi. She says she loved the dress and the drink he brought for her. Puneesh instead pushes Prachi away from himself. Sahil comes to help Prachi and slaps Puneesh. Puneesh grabs Sahil’s collar and asks if he has forgotten who he is? Vaidika calls from behind that Puneesh is poor, he doesn’t own a single rupee. Nothing is left with him. He named the property after his wife, but his wife returned whole property to Sahil’s name. And because of his wife, she will get Ved back. If he doesn’t return her son Ved, his dream of this property, and money can never be fulfilled. If she gets her son back, she can give Sahil’s property to him. Bari Amma comes to the hall and says Ved is a son of this family. She comes to support Vaidika and fight against Puneesh. Aarya calls from behind a wall that even she stands with her mama. Puneesh tells Vaidika he is an expert in the game she is playing. He know the big secret of this game already. This guy, she got the whole property after his name, isn’t actually Sahil. Bari Amma asks Puneesh what rubbish he is spitting. Puneesh says her son is dead, and this man is his look alike but not Sahil. Even Vaidika knows about it and brought a fake man as Sahil to fool them all. Vaidika says Puneesh is nervous of his defeat. Puneesh asks Vaidika to prove the fact then. He brings the sindoor box and asks Vaidika to let him fill her hairline. Bari Amma asks Sahil to fill in Vaidika’s hairline so that Puneesh can get his replies.
Jackie eyes Vaidika while holding the sindoor box. Jackie thinks he can’t do this, he can never fill the hairline of an innocent lady like Vaidika. Vaidika stood in front of him with her eyes shut. Jackie decides to find a way out. Vaidika recalls Sahil’s advice to fight for the right forever. She opens her eyes in determination, she then holds Jackie’s hand and makes him fill her hairline. She thinks Sahil lives in her heart, he wish her to face Puneesh at this moment. Bari Amma asks Puneesh to abide by Vaidika. Puneesh shouts that he can’t be defeated at any cost. Vaidika says Puneesh will have to lose the whole property and money if he doesn’t return her son now. Puneesh didn’t accept the conditions and leave.
Jackie comes to Sahil’s room, he thinks Vaidika has taken full control of his mind and heart. Vaidika filled the hairline because she doesn’t consider him an individual, she just portrays him as Sahil to the world. He was determined to prove his own identity, and love Vaidika for at least a few days.
Bari Amma hands Vaidika some jewelry, she tells Vaidika that for years she never gave this jewelry to anyone. She recognizes Vaidika as the real daughter in law, and approves of her courage and sacrifices for the family. She says it’s because of Vaidika she can get her Ved back. She keeps her hand over Vaidika’s head to bless her. Vaidika wasn’t happy. She wonders how she must tell Bari Amma that this status is non-existent for her. She doesn’t even know where Sahil is, but she will protect this family the way Sahil would have done. She cries missing Sahil while Jackie comes there.

PRECAP: Puneesh tied Vaidika with a pole and demands her to get the papers signed. He holds a hunter to beat her otherwise. There, Jackie reached to save Ved but was held in the midst of armed goons.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. DannyComments

    Well! Is this show going to shit..yes!
    Are they gonna spew more crap? Yes!

  2. You there is dis saying dat wot goes around comes around, dats exactly wots happening to punnesh. And he’s kind of running mad u knw, i mean he’s nt ready to believe dat he is being defeated, i undastand wot he is going through, he lost d property, arya, his wife nd he cud nt prove d fact dat d guy there is nt sahil it must hv come as a shock to d cartooned faced puneesh, anyways talking abt reasonable pepul, wen someone has a gud heart, it really its hard to ignore dat person (except u are otherwise). its nt d first nor second or even the third time dat someone is falling in luv wit vedika. It was mr mathur(aryas real father), sahil, yash nd nw jacky, i mean she is just so gud and innocent-hearted(vedika). Dnt knw weda jacky is sahil or nt all i knw is dat d way sahil resides in vedika’s heart similarly he also reside in our hearts. I agree dat wot they are showing right nw is nt so interesting bt wen u go wit d flow of a serial or wen u practicalise it using urself, u will neva see it as a crap. U can call KKB crap bt please dnt call dis show a crap. Its worth watching.

  3. Nina

    Vedika has lost Sahil and in fact, finds him completely. She is collating all her acts with Sahil’s acts. He actually became the most important person in her life.

  4. Leisa s morris

    Im afraid it will bb crap if dey claim sahil as dead and makes vedika and jacky as one. Dis sho has lways been bout vedika and sahil and nothing else wil do

  5. Naz i know the you do your research on all these serials; could you tell me what is going on with this new and improved Sahil and if someone found him and nursed him back to health why is it he did not try to contact Vedica and how come he is acting soooo strange imagine he did not even asked for ved so tell me is he for real; my gosh he is all dandy up in his dashing attire and how did he recognise vedica and called her by name’ i am starting to see many flaws in this serial too and as for vedica she is just seeing someone looking like sahil and she does not know for sure who he is yet she jumped into the sack with him without as much as asking the question why he did not contact her and let her know that he was alive somehow I get the feeling that it is a setup and they bringing him in as a twin brother; i just dont understand why all the repetitive storylines it is one thing over and over again with all the serials is it one writers doing all the serials if so they need to get fresh ideas because it is one road we are heading down again and it is very monotonous.

  6. Talk about lousy timing… Writers, you all are wicked at times.. Now that BA has accepted Vedika as her bahu.. Ohh, BTW, what happens to Bhoomi now??….Vedika is being not so truthful concerning her fake Sahil in the grand scheme of things…how would BA react now when she finds out that Puneesh was right.. I hoping that when this scheme comes to the light, that Sahil somehow manages to slip into the picture unnoticed and without a hint of any ripple …ie. if he’s somewhere else right now but if he’s in Jacky’s avatar as we all suspect, that he’s convincing enough to fight for his credibility as the one and only Sahil Agarwal.. For sure I’m convinced that Sahil’s musical themes are a giveaway and a lot of little things between Vedika and Jacky are too coincidental to not suspect something.. The sindoor thing spooks me, friends, an unseen hand caused Vedika to help Jacky apply the sindoor, it can’t be in vain… Sorry I can’t comment longer, busy day ahead… Sapphire, I will chat with you later today…

  7. Muniya

    Where is Sahil??? ???
    Bari amma finally some kindness towards Vedika?

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