Vikram Betaal 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram gets Brahmadev’s head to calm down Kaal Bhairav for Padmini’s life

Vikram Betaal 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram calling Kal Bhairav and asks him to come infront of him and give him darshan. He says if you don’t come then you will get the sin of Maharani’s death. Senapati Virat Singh comes and asks him to come, tells that it seems Kal Bhairav left from here. Bharmal tells Pingla that if Vikram comes to know about my doings then? Pingla asks him not to worry and pretend to be sad over Padmini’s death. Vikram tells Padmini that he made her wife witnessing the fire, and that’s why I will not leave you else I will die. He asks her to live. Pingla tells that we have to make our heart stronger. Vikram asks where is Acharya. Acharya comes. Vikram comes and tells that Maharani’s condition is because of Kal Bhairav’s anger. Acharya says there is one way but I think it is difficult.

He tells that Kaal Bhairav might get peaceful if he gets relieved from brahma dev’s head dosh. He tells that the head was not found. Vikram says if I get that head back then Kaal Bhairav will be relieved from brahmadev’s guilt. He asks where I can find Brahma Dev’s 5th head. Acharya says whoever tried couldn’t be saved. Acharya ji shows him on the map and tells him that he can find Kamshetra or Kamashi log. Vikram says I have to leave. Acharya says I have to tell you about it and says whoever went there haven’t returned. Vikram says I am not worried for myself, but for Padmini. Pingla tells that they have to do Padmini’s last rites in the morning.

Vikram says that morning will never come until I am alive. He goes from there. Betaal says it is difficult to say what is more powerful sacrifice or love, and says now your love will prove how big your sacrifice will be. He comes to Kamashi log and thinks it must be somewhere here. He sees unique insects and thinks of Acharya’s words. He thinks they might be going to Kamashi log. He sees the door with a message and reads it. He says this might be Kamashi log door as it is Kamdev Mantra. He gets inside and hears woman laughing. He thinks of Acharya telling about Yoginiyu and thinks he is neither interested in their beautiful nor afraid of their cruelty. Yoginiyu comes there and tells Vikram that she saw such a handsome man for the first time entering the kamashi log. Other yoginiyu comes and asks Vikram to come with them. Vikram says I came here to get brahmadev’s 5th head. Yoginiyu laughs and says everyone come here to get brahmadev’s 5 head, but they change their thinking about meeting us and those you don’t agree gets killed. They show the skeleton. Vikram tells that his wife is in danger and prays for their help. They ask Vikram to enjoy their company and forget everything. Betaal says it is yet to be seen if he can control infront of Yoginiyu.

The yoginiyu asks Vikram to see them and look at their beauty. He thinks of Acharya’s words that they will kill him if he falls in their trap. Yoginiyu asks him to look in their eyes and then they will sail in the sea. He recalls Acharya ji asking him not to look at their eyes. Vaid ji tells that Maharani’s body is becoming ashes and we have to do her last rites. Acharya says we have to wait until Maharaj returns. Pingla thinks Vikram will not return.

The yoginiyu try to trap Vikram in their love trap and asks him to feel their touch. Vikram is falling in their trap and closes his eyes. He then thinks to take to keep himself away from the yoginiyu and sits to recite Om. Yoginiyu tells that no human can get saved from our love trap and this human too will not be saved. They take out their demon teeth and is about to bite him, but he opens his eyes and they fall away from him. A pond appears infront of him. Vikram thinks Acharya ji told about this and jumps inside. In Ujjaini, people inform each other that Padmini died. Vikram finds brahmadev’s 5th head. He folds his hand and takes brahmadev’s head. Betaal says until now you have seen Yoginiyu’s good side, but now you will see their bad side.

Yoginiyu stops Vikram and tells that whoever refuses their love gets death punishment. They attack him. Vikram falls down. Pingla says they shall do Padmini’s last rites.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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