Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika talking to Ishita. She hears Ashok saying he is going to meet Shagun. She ends the call and saus I have to go there before he creates a scene with Shagun. Bala asks Raman to join them. Raman says he has eaten a lot. Vandu says yes, don’t come. Mansi says come. Ishita asks him not to come as his tummy is weak. Raman joins them in the race for having rasam. Mani wins. Mani says no one is born to fail me in drinking the rasam. Raman says have our rasam once and see. Ishita gets Pammi’s call and says she is coming with Jasmeet.

Ashok gives his half property to Shagun and she tells this to Mihir. She asks where to sign. Ashok asks her to read and sign. Shagun says you read, its fine. Mihika looks on and thinks Shagun won’t listen to me. She makes the coffee fall on the papers and fails Ashok’s plan. Mihika says sorry. Mihika says she will clean it. Ashok takes the file. Mihir asks Shagun to rest, as Mihika has said sorry. Mihika thinks she won’t let Ashok win in his plan.

Raman asks Ishita what’s the need to get into others matter. She asks what did I do. He says why do you care for him. She says he is my friend, He says you are doing like someone asked you to choose someone for me, you can do that too as we don’t have anything between us. She says fine, I will do this. He says whatever, I don’t care. She gets a call and leaves. He says Mani, I will sacrifice you. He goes to them.

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Pammi makes Mani meet Jasmeet. Raman looks on. Ishita sees Jasmeet looking unhappy. Pammi says she was looking for a guy for Jasmeet and asks Ishita to decide now. Mani asks what. Ishita says I think Jasmeet and Mani’s relation, they are not good for each other. Pammi is shocked. Ishita says I m sorry, I know both of them, they are not perfect for each other. Pammi gets angry. Mani says I trust Ishu completely, if she is saying this, it will be right, I have no plans to marry, sorry. He leaves. Pammi says Ishita did the limit, I told your mum in law that she donated gold to get a bahu like Ishita, you rejected us and did oversmartness, I did not think you will do this, our relation ends here.

Appa says Ishu thought something and did this. Pammi cries and takes Jasmeet. Raman says fine now, you will decide relation will be made with whom, sorry but its Ishita’s mistake. Mihika is tired and she drops the glass tray. She gets hurt and Mihir comes to her. He lifts her and asks her to be quiet. She says its hurting and he removes the glass off her foot. He diverts her mind and removes it. He cares for her. She looks at him. He kisses her foot. She turns. He holds her and goes to kiss her. She says no Mihir and starts going far. He holds her hand and touches her sensually.

He says we are going to get married, come. She says I m sorry and moves away. Raman says Pammi is more than sister for mummy, why did you get into problem. She says let me speak, I m not here to fight with Pammi. She says she is not jealous for Mani’s proposals, she did this for Jasmeet’s happiness, she called me and said she has a boyfriend and she did not tell Pammi. She says her parents trust Pammi and she could not tell them, she asked me to reject this, I did this for her. He says why did you not tell me. She says you know me, you don’t understand me. She leaves.

He says my house caught fire because of this Pammi aunty matter. Appa is playing cards with Bala and Mani. Vandu brings coffee. They have a fun talk. Ishita comes. Bala asks where is Raman. She says he does not play much. Mani says Punjabis are champion in cards, but thanks Ishu, I enjoyed festivals after many years. Appa and everyone ask him to stay tonight. Ishita says yes, then see my Punjabi aarti tomorrow. Mani jokes. Vandu says she is fasting and is on liquid diet. Mani is surprised. Ishita asks him to stay. Mani agrees. Appa says call Raman also. Ishita says he won’t come, I will try.

Raman holds stomach and says whats this, two rasam can kill the criminals. She comes and sees him doing Kudkud. She thinks he is very angry, shall I tell him, no, he looks like having much stomach pain. He says how do Madrasans have that soup. She thinks how to say, his ego…. Raman is unable to do any work. She gives him tablets. He says he does not want. She says I know you can’t digest it. He says he don’t need. She asks him to have medicines, else pain won’t go. She leaves. He takes the medicine and says he is getting punished for being the Madrasi jamai.

Mani wears the south Indian attire and talks to Murli. He says take care, I m with family, don’t disturb. He also gets stomach pain. Ishita sees him and laughs. He says he did his to beat her husband, see Bala and Raman are sleeping well and I m here unwell. Ishita says Raman too have stomach ache, your ego is big and you guys do anything. He says no, it was great fun. She says she will get medicines. Power goes. She gets hurt and he holds her. He says let sit here till power comes. They sit.

Raman waits for Ishita and is irritated as the power is gone. He looks outside and sees Ishita and Mani talking. He says Naag Mani and Madrasi Nagin, she went there and changed patient also. Mani says Ishu you broke my heart, you knew I was flat on you, you did not like me, you loved Subbu and when it did not work out, you caught Raman, if you called me, I would have come running. Ishita laughs. Raman hears them. He says she did good rejecting that girl, he did not like her. He will marry someone like her, as its only her. Raman is jealous. She says don’t flirt.

He says whats he doing, two mad people. He asks her did she not get medicine for her husband. She says actually I came here and saw Mani having stomach pain, then light went and I sat here. Raman taunts her. She says she does not look so bad. Mani praises Ishita and says everyone fell for her, Raman came in between, I would have been first in line. Raman says you would have come before, I would have got saved. The power comes. Raman asks her to come with medicines when she gets time. He says shameful man, flirting with my wife.

Ashok gifts a phone to Mihika. Shagun asks her to accept it, as Ashok’s heart is good, he showers love on people related to me, you are my to be Bhabhi, so just take it. Mihika looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. why everyone giving that much importance to mani.???? please fast these episodes ……

  4. wow raman itna jealous was amazing yaar raman.soon ur heart will explore raman that u love ishu.waiting for that moment.and this ashok and shagun r just disugting.

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  6. Why giving importance to mani???? Plz fast episode….

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  7. makers r not doing the right thing here. it is like the history is repeating once again. 1st ashok flirted with shagun & took away her from raman. now, mani seems to be doing the same thing here with ishita. raman, u r the real man, plz leave ishita to mani urself before things get worse for u. ishita never realized the fact that she is born for raman. if she is loving raman, her love wld have been unconditional without going by the fact that whether raman loves her or not or wil he ever love her. if she is of the opinion that raman doesn’t love her & wil never love her, it is better if she can leave raman & go with mani. it is like provoking raman which wil not be good for anyone. she has done enough good for raman & now it is time that she moves in her life. raman was alone before & can be alone once again. he has 2 beautiful kids to love & lead a happy life alone.

    1. I think ur thinking only ishita side, if ishita propose to raman, will he accepts that. That fear matters alot. Wat ever u said, raman can also do it.. think on both sides.. dont simply blame ladies for no reason

  8. today’s epi was very casual type as if ishra were just 2 unknown people to each other. raman, there is no need to get jealous or angry. true love doesn’t require these things & ur love for ishita is true & pure. plz don’t tel ishita that u love her. it won’t look good bcos u r a father of 2 children and ishita is still a virgin. the proposal has to come from ishita. yeh ram sita ki kahani nahi lag rahi abhi. the feel is completely lost as ishita is not with raman anymore. ishita saying mere raman is not justified. she is not having the capacity to tolerate raman’s anger. she gives back to him which is absolutely disgusting. raman ko apne bachche ki tarah sambhalne ki bajaye woh raman ko bardaasht hi nahi kar pa rahi hai. ek dooje ke liye bane yeh dono, woh rishta bana hi nahi sake abhi tak.

  9. nice fill read this story..of serial…………………

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