Sasural Simar Ka 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
prem says I wished she never came back. simar goes from there. she recalls prem’s words. Sanju swipes her tears. she saya mama don’t cry. why are you quite? vikrant comes and says simar I am very sorry. trust me I did just to save you. siamr says you couldn’t save me. she has won already. everything is over. prem doesn’t even wanna see my face. he says you test is still left. Don’t take is seriously he is angry. Time will change everything. you can stay in my house as a friend until you don’t get back to your family. simar Vikrant throws water on simar and all the sindurr vanishes witb it. simar faints on the ground.

Scene 2
When they get home. mata ji says is there anythingleft? Prem I don’t know who started this but you have to apologize sid for slapping him. sid says leave t mata ji. mata ji says there should be respect of elders. I don’t know who is responsible and who isn’t. Mata says prem this is what I taught you? Prem comes forward, surbhi syas it was sid’s mistake. I know I shouldn’t intrude but its all sid’s mistake. he asked prem to come to temple. Prem saw everything and left, sid stopped him to tell the truth. don’t know what truth is that he wants to tell. roli says the same truth that ruined my sister’s life. The same truth that is not exposed. mausi ji says be clear roli. roli says virant’s wife sunnaina died two years ago. but her soul was still in this world to get justice. me and didi helped her in getting it. After that sunnaina wanted to stay here with vikrant and sanju. she forgot what is right and what is wrong and then she captured simar’s body.Everyone is shocked. when you met simar in Ahmedabad that’s the first time she captured her body. SHe was scared that didi will tell everything to you. sunnaina was wrong. and then she captured her body so she can stay with her family. everyone is dazed. roli says jeju whenever you met didi it was sunnaina not simar. she made didi say all this, We planned to send her back. we pretended that vikran and sanju are dead she wanted to go back. she saw virant and captured simar’s body. she said she will kill simar. she will only stop if vikrant fills her hairline. sujata says why were you quite uptil now? She says I was scared of her. she said she will punish simar if I tell anyone. sid says this what I wanted to tell you prem. trust us please. Pari says what a story to bring simar back in this house. how illogical is that story. we can’t believe you. don’t use dead people for your benefit. uma says she is right. she will not be pardoned for what she did to all of us and you want us to forget everything khushi says you think we will trust you. simar has betrayed us all. Karuna says they are right, roli syas this is reality trust me. Door knocks. pandit ji comes in roli says tell them all about the pooja. he says yeah they arranged a pooja for peace of sunnaina. everyone is dazed. pari says I know this all is your planning. who has paid you pandit ji? now there is no room for simar in this house. she has no value for us. she wants to come back so no one takes her place. she only cares about vikrant and sanju. everyone starts leaving one by one.

Precap- simar says to vikrant sunnaina will come in have to hide. I will never get prem back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. poor simar.feeling really bad for simar.and perm and his family r mad and selfish people.after knowing the truth bhi they r not accept it.once before the same perm said to his dadi that roli never lie.but aap all the family member say roli is lying then perm believe it wow perm wow ur good for nothing.

  2. whats going on yar ? prem thumara family get any problem simar and roli want . they r geting any problem thum lok uska sath bi nahi kay yr ye sab

  3. what is this i think again mataji should get measles then only they will believe…
    and this surbhi is disgusting she is like her sister itself hate those two idiots and prem is the biggest idiot in this serial…atleast anjali could care for simar….and these baradwajis they all forgotten what simar and roli did for their family…they both helped their family from all kinds of problems…..

  4. Simar and roli shouldn’t do anything for the family they are selfish all of them including Mata. Ji

  5. Mata ji is the eldest one she should at least try to sort these misunderstanding all she is doing standing there watching

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