Piya Basanti Re 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Kabeer fighting with goons who tease Rekha. Rekha tries to stop him, but he goes ahead and beats goons. Neighbours gather seeing their fight. Kabeer asks them not to tease any girl. Goons try to attack him at once, but Kabeer overpowers them. Geeta and Piya and even Ganga and Ayesha see Kabeer’s fight. Himesh comes and stops their fight. Neighours ask Himesh if Kabeer is his friend. Himesh says he is son of owners where Piya works as housemaid. Neighbours taunt Geeta for telling lie that her daughter works in a company. Geeta gets embarrassed and goes back to her house. Kabeer says Piya he will speak to Geeta, but Piya stops him and says she will manage. Himesh apologizes her and she angrily says it is okay.

Ganga reaches a bangalow where servant gives her keys saying owner has gone out and she can use the bungalow. Ayesha gets happy and invites Aditi and Akshay for lunch. Ganga says she is afraid that her truth will also come out as Piya’s. Akshay says it cannot be as Ganga is her mother to protect her.

Neeta brings aloevera extract and says Savita her beautiful told if it is mixed with almond oil and applied on hair, it will be very good. Savita asks Ganga to prepare aloe vera oil and asks if she spoke to Geeta. Geeta informs her about Kabeer’s fight near Piya’s house. Geeta and Savita get tensed hearing that and sit sadly. Jatin and Mahesh come back home and ask why are they sad. They tell them about Kabeer’s fight near Piya’s house and he getting attracted to her. Mahesh says Kabeer is helping Piya only as a friend and not to worry.

Rekha asks Himesh why don’t he express his love for Piya as he loves her since childhood. He says he will wait for a day when he can take his parents to meet Geeta with his alliance for Piya.

Piya wakes up in the morning and does not find Geeta next to her. She searches her in whole house and asks neighour if she saw Geeta. Neighbour says no. She starts searching her in the locality. Another neighbours says she saw Geeta in a nearby road. She sees Geeta knocking someone’s door. It is Ganga’s house and Ganga asks Ayuesha to open door. Ayesha sees Geeta and Piya outside and hide herself after opening door. Ganga sees Geeta and Piya and gets tensed. She diverts their attention by asking Piya to switch off gas and Geeta to sit on the sofa. Ayesha runs outside. Geeta says Ganga that she will get back to work and does not want anyone to work. Ganga says she cannot work in this condition. Geeta says when she can come walking a long distance, why can’t she work. Ganga says Shah family will not let her work in this condition. Piya requests Geeta not to punish herself for her mistake. Geeta says she herself will speak to Shah family and walks out from there.

Kabeer sees Piya missing class and walks out of class room towards Piya’s house. Aditi sees Kabeer walking out of college and asks where is he going. Kabeer says he is going to Piya’s house as a big misunderstanding has been created since yesterday.

Piya walks behind Geeta sadly. Kabeer reaches their home in bike and gets in with Geeta.

Precap: Savita says her family that friendship is made between same class people. Neeta asks Baa to explain Kabeer not to meet Piya to stop further embarrassment in the society.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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