Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika telling Ashok that she will tell everyone that she is pregnant. Mihir is shocked. Ashok says I don’t want anyone to know this in business circle, you can do anything I won’t stop you, but don’t say this, lets go home now. She says fine. Ashok leaves. Mihir says congrats Mihika. She says yes, I m pregnant. He says congrats for new life. She asks him to move on. He says don’t you dare to make fun of my love, it was true love, not like yours, I did not see any shameless woman like you, you got many rich habits, tell me are you happy with that dog. She says he is my husband, I m Ashok’s wife, talk with manners. He says I m sorry, I told about him, whom you make dance, that fool, go to your big home in the big car.

He says I want to tell something,

I truly loved you, you cheated me, I will never forget this, and the truth is I still love you, and I m not moving on, you gave me reason today, not I will move on and let someone come in my life, I will find my happiness, but you will never be happy. Mihir leaves. Mihika cries and says I just want you to be happy Mihir.

Raman asks Neelu for tea and goes to take newspaper. A credit card company guy comes asking for Shagun. Raman asks Neelu to call Shagun. He sits to read paper. Shagun comes and the guy asks her about bill payment. Raman looks on. Shagun asks why did he come home, can’t he call. The guy says we went to old address and got this address, just pay money. Shagun says just shut up. Raman says wait Shagun, and asks Neelu to get his cheque book. He talks to the guy and gives the cheque to him. Shagun thanks Raman. Raman says I give you money every month, why did the guy come here. She says she shopped for Ruhi. He says don’t use kids for yourself.

She says fine, taunt me as you paid. He says she should have been am actor. Shagun comes to room. Simmi asks what happened to her. Raman comes after her. Simmi says Ananya, lets go out, and leaves. Raman says sorry Shagun for shouting on me, its my mistake, I forgot you are loneliness in your life, and shopping is the only way to get rid of it, I know money is imp for you, you don’t have anything in life, why don’t you marry. She asks what. He says if you marry, you will get free of loneliness, and taunts her more for making her animal by cheating him. He says he is lucky to get Ishita, she made him back to human from animal, even she has get someone who make her human and teach her to love.

She asks about Adi, take him to other place again. He says he will be here, and taunts her. He says like I got Ishita’s love, you can also find someone. He leaves and she gets frustrated. Ruhi comes to Mrs. Bhalla and asks her to come for her race. Mrs. Bhalla says we will come. Ruhi says come soon. She asks Raman to hurry up. Ishita says wait, and they wish all the best. Raman asks is she not getting late to talk to Ishita. Ishita says he is jealous. Ruhi says you also talk to Ishi Maa before going on, shall I say what else you do. They laugh.

Ishita says I will give Ruhi’s sports shoes. They leave. Ruhi asks Raman to play music. Ishita calls Raman and Ruhi and runs after the car. Adi is shocked seeing her, and Shagun looks on. Raman sees Ishita running after car in the mirror and says what happened to her. He stops the car and asks what happened. She says sports shoes. He says you are running very fast these days. She says I m practicing. Ruhi thanks her and they leave. Adi says Shagun that Ishita runs very fast. She says she will win anyhow, and asks him to come for packing, as Raman is sending him for football camp. He gets glad.

Shagun gives Adi’s personal diary to Neelu asking her to keep it and not read, as its very personal. Mrs. Bhalla hears this and stops Neelu. She says lets see what he wrote. Shagun smiles seeing this and says now lets see who goes in race. Mrs. Bhalla reads the diary and smiles as Adi writes he is happy to stay with his parents, but Ishita aunty also lives in this house, she comes in between me and Papa, she is going in Ruhi’s sports race, its mother’s race, why is she coming, this is not fair. She reads Adi writing Lord to help his family, he would be happy if Shagun took part in mother’s race. Mrs. Bhalla cries and hugs the diary.

Shagun hides. Mrs. Bhalla goes to Ishita. Shagun smiles and says lets see Ishita how much you sacrifice for your family’s love. Ishita prays to win the race as Ruhi will get sad if she loses. Mrs. Bhalla says she wants to talk. She says let Shagun take part in race with Ruhi. Ishita is shocked.

Mrs. Bhalla says don’t feel bad, I know you have done much arrangements, but Adi will be glad and get family feeling, then see we are doing so much for Adi’s sake,t his is small thing. Ishita says yes, its small thing, as we try our best to keep Adi happy, but I can’t do this, I m sorry. Mrs. Bhalla says but Adi wants….. Ishita says he wants many things, and we can’t make everything done. Mrs. Bhalla says but you said he is disturbed. Ishita says yes, but we need safe environment, but not dream world, it will be wrong, Adi is Ruhi’s brother, but he has to accept that I m Ruhi’s mum, else he will have problem ahead in life.

She says Raman told me that we are increasing Adi’s expectations to keep his heart, it will be lie, Adi has to accept that Raman is divorced to Shagun, I m his wife now, only we can explain him, he was adamant on Lohri day to make Raman do puja with Shagun, did you think that someone is using him. Mrs. Bhalla asks who will do this. Ishita says Shagun. She tells about what happened on Lohri day, and today this. Mrs. Bhalla says he wrote this in diary. Ishita says he does not write diary. She sees it and says I don’t understand, are you sure its Adi’s diary, its not his handwriting, I have seen his homework. She smiles and says Shagun is great, she has done this, she is using Adi to make me leave this house, and wants to come back in Raman’s life. Mrs. Bhalla is shocked.

Mrs. Bhalla says I will talk to Shagun. Ishita says no, house environment will become bad. Mrs. Bhalla says she will ruin everyone, we have to stop her. Ishita says we will stop her, and cut her attack from root and keep kids safe. Mrs. Bhalla says I m with you, do as you like, I don’t want Shagun to spoil Raman’s life again. She asks her to take care of Adi and show right path. Ishita says you, Ruhi and me are three tigresses and we will make Shagun right.

Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to show her anger and Shagun will trust you, and tell her plans. She tells what to do. Mrs. Bhalla smiles. Ishita says our plan will succeed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. About blo*dy time! Finally, someone is supporting Ishita in getting Shagun out of the house. Poor Adi, such a thick boy and yet Ruhi shows more maturity and understanding than he does.

  2. Mera din to bahot achcha gaya ….par IshRa ko bahot miss kiya…………I pray to god ………..aane wale din bhi aise hi achche gujare………& wo bhi IshRa ke saath……..

  3. Haa Mizun mai bhi chahti hoo….ke race ke baad IshRa ka jabadast Superhit scene ho……..par har baar hum jaisa chahte hai… wesa nahi hota yaad hai christmas par jab Ishita rwd western look me thi tab hum ne socha Raman usse dekhata hi reh jaayega……par aisa kuch nahi hua tha…..uane to koi compliment bhi nahi diya tha usske new look ke baare me…………..par iss baar aisa nahi hoga……makers ko humari mange puri karni hi hogi…….race ke baad IshRuh scene hoga yeh to finale hai……..par hume IshRa scenw bhi chahiye….& chahiye matlab chahiye…….that’s all……..

  4. Haan woh toh hai. ………………..har bar aaisa hi hota hai. …………….
    ………par iss bar aaisa nahin Chale ga. ………………IshRa scene toh banta hai boss. ……

  5. All you are useless guys. Go and try to work hard in studies without seen ishita role and shagun role and making a contrast. A wastage in time. they are actors no real people. Its your decision and my duty to say as i play as a actor in this mohabatein.

  6. Excuse me m sorry but who r u to say dats our wish to watch yhm.m really sorry agar aapko buraa laga to par hame aapke comment se bura laga.

  7. Yeah me too……yeh to hum bhi jante hai ki yeh asali Raman ki comment to nahi ho sakti……..hum to study ke stress ko dur karne ke liye YHM dekhate hai……..& uss se bhi kai jyada humare Dil ke liye YHM dekhate hai……..

  8. Hey girls… Use race ka video ka link hain to post karna plz….

  9. Ruhi FB par upload ho gaya hoga check kar lena…….Mizun ne videos dekhe hai usi se puch lo…… I am going to sleep……Good Night…..

  10. Hey Ruhi yeh videos YHM FB par upload kiye hai……uski link nahi hai waha….pls aap direct check kar lo……..

  11. Hi. .ruhi
    Sbs & sbb dono videos yhm fb par upload gaye hai. ………

  12. Hi… Yes… Watched the video…. Very good… Raman should have hugged her… Itna to banta hain…

  13. Divyanka is more cuter… Without makeup… She really looks best…. Very simple girl…

  14. She looks more younger offscreen. I think it’s Cos of makeup…. They should change it..
    She is more beautiful than what they are making her look like

  15. Yeah raman ko hug. ..karna chahiye tha. …………par bad maine hug karle ga. ……..

  16. Hmmmm divyanka without make. …beautiful. ….and cute lagti hai. …………….

    1. Sorry. …Makeup. ….

  17. Haan… I don’t like her boyfriend sharad at all… Karan patel I used to watch kasturi… His first first serial… Never felt he is handsome… But now I realise he is very handsome and he is fabulous actor…..

  18. Yeah. .mera bhi yahi haal tha. ………pehle jab maine usse kasturi main dekha tha toh. ….achcha lagta tha. …………….par jab se karan Patel. .. raman kumar bhalla. ..bana hai. ……………uss ki personality hi change ho gayi hai. …..
    ………super cool. ……handsome. ……….and uss ki killer smile. …..jab bhi woh smile karta hai. ……meri ankhen uss hi ko dekhti hai. ….ab uss k alawaa koi actor achcha nahin lagta. ……

  19. Hmm… He is too good… And he actually improved as raman bhalla also if him from first episode…. Initially ishita was great acting… Now karan started taking the lead.

  20. Yes. ………….bahut zyada improved hoa hai. ………and aur better hote jaraha hai. ….mujhe toh lagta hai ki. …uss ke samne sab pheke hai. ………
    ….jab bhi usse best actor ka award nahin milta. ..bahut bahut buraa lagta hai. …………..I wish k ye saal sare best actor k awards. ….karan Patel. …..ko hi mile. ……
    karan ye ye awards diserve karta hai. …..

  21. wow…!

  22. koi naya video aaya hai kya fb pe yhm ka…plz plz plz aagar aaya hai to bataiye..mera you tube unsupported aa raha hai..plz…

  23. Hi guys…aap Kasturi ke baare me baat kar rahe the……..maine wo show nahi dekha…….par jab maine wikipedia lar padha ki yeh Karan ka 1st show tha to maine kuch videos dekhe the……..ussme Karan young……but thoda gunde jaisa lagta tha……..shayad Amir baap ki bigadi hui aulad…….but Raman ka cheractor & look dono Karan ke liye perfact hai……..hum ne to jab se use iss look me dekha hum to fida ho gaye uss par………

  24. Achcha hai….Ishita ke sirf ek baar kehane par hi Toshiji maan gai….

  25. Hey Guys….aj SBB me dikhayenge……Shagun ki haar……maja aayega dekhane me………..

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