Bandhan 31st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 31st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ria stops a car. A guy is in it. Ria says we need help. Kajal is standing there with the lamb. Ria says we have to take her to hospital. The guy says she looks fine. Ria says i am talking about the lamb, please let us in and take us to hospital. He says get in. They sit in the car.

ganesh is roaming in the market. he thinks about his time with darpan. The guy asks ria how did it get hurt? Ria says a stupid man hit her. Its not bleeding but I am sure that she is hurt. Is there any hospital for animals. He says yes there is hospital and there is a hotel too. She says are you joking? He says there is no hospital for humans and you need one for animals. do you see any people around, ria says but there must be any medical store.

Shubha and her husband are on the way too. He says call ria and ask her if she needs anything, she calls but her number is out of coverge. She calls on landline, the maid picks the phone. she says ria has gone to dalma with kajal. Shubha is shocked, she says why did you let her go you should have asked me. Her husband says relax its not her mistake. Shubha says i think she has got her letter. he says we tried but i think this is what fate has decided. she says we have to find her before she is in some trouble. He says we should go by road.

The medical store is closed. The guy says no one cares about humans here why would someone care about animals. She says i will take him my home, there is a vet hospital i will take her. Kajal says but how will we go, boats must be closed by now. the guy caress the lamb . He takes them back to forest and take out the lamb, Ria says where are you taking him? he needs treatment. He says i am doing that as well. trust me. Suddenly they hear a fire, the guy has killed the lamb. Ria and kajal are shocked.

Ganesh comes to the men who took his cloth. They say ganesh go from here. Ria says why did you kill it? He is digging a grave. Ria says do you have any emotions? A heart? we were taking it to hospital? We wanted to save its life and killed it. didn’t you feel ashamed while kiiling it? He says it would have died in pain, rather i gave it easy death. it needed sleep so i gave it to it. Ria says who are you to decide his life? are you God or what> we are humans we have to try. He says i have no hope in God or humans. I left it a few years ago. They leave.

He says i will take you to your city. kajal says thank you. ria says i wont take help from someone who has no humanity. He says okay fine. he leaves. The drunk man says you will be after me? I will hit you with bottle. Ganesh moves towards them and breaks their tables. Ria and kajal are alone in forest and its night. kajal says what did you get? he would have dropped us to taxi stand. ria says we have no other way. lets start walking. ganesh runs after the two men on bike in the forest. Ria and kajal are alone, kajal says i am so scared.

precap-the orange cloth comes and falls on ria’s face. Ganesh comes running after it. Ria is shocked to see him. .

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. dat young man will help ria to regain her memory back nd also help her to reveng against vishwas and his famipy……but. …….where are de family of vishwas..????someone to explain it for me plzzz yaaaarrrr……

  2. One precap 4 3days…hmm I guess d young man is raghav

  3. What time is it going to show tonight
    And how come it going to show tonight it is Saturday after all

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