Sasural Simar Ka 31st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 31st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shurti says i have to live here forcefully. She hears sattu screaming. She goes in sattu is calm to see her. She gives him a quilt. sujata is watching them. sujata says how is sattu so calm? she says everyone thought shurti is the reason for sattu’s condition but he would have been scared of her. He holds her hand and says don’t go. Sujata comes in and says leave her sattu. Shurti says he fell from wheel chair so i.. sujata says yes i saw. Shurti leaves, sujata says calm down.

Mata ji says to someone on call you didn’t tell us that sarla is in hospital Rajhinder takes the phone and says dont worry and take care of bua ji. Mata ji says i am really worried for her. uma comes and asks her what she has to make in meal, mata ji says make anything. i am so worried for sarla. i am going to my room for rest. fake roli comes to simar and asks where is mata ji? uma says she is in her room, she wasn’t feeling good. Simar goes to anjali, she swipes simar’s tears and says mama don’t cry simar says i am sorry. please pardon me. simar hugs her. prem comes in he is still mad at her. Prem says anjali i promised you i will never let tears come in your eyes, i didn’t know that your mom will make you cry. simar says a daughter is the shadow of her mom. this has pained me more than you. promise me i wont do that again i will never bring tears in her eyes. prem is about to leave, anjali stops him and says papa please dont be mad at mama, please be friends with her. Shake hands with her. She gives prem’s hand in simar’s. anjali says hug her like always. mama papa are friends again, simar hugs anajali. prem says i was worried for her. make sure this doesn’t happen again. simar says to anajli now drink your milk. sujata comes in and tells simar about what he saw in sattu’s room. simar says there is something wrong, simar says i don’t have to tell her. simar says maybe we were thinking wrong. sattu might have seen something else. this is good sign that sattu is not shocked anymore. please dont worry everything will be fine soon. sujata says i hope so.

Fake roli goes to shurti’s parents i will mix sleeping pills in the found, you will leave the city after that, vash calls her and says i know your entire game. fake roli is shocked. She syas if you want me not to tell anyone meet me at 11pm. fake roli says what will you do if i dont come? Vash says i will reverse the magic on you. fak roli says how you know? Vash says meet me you will know everything i will be waiting for you.

Simar calls mata ji from her room, mata ji syas i will take you out of this trouble, i brought roli here. now you have to tell roli that she is roli not shurti, simar says until this woman is here i can’t talk to her. Mata ji gets a call from amar, she asks simar to wait. mata ji says to amar i was talking to simar. he says bring her on a conference call. simar says mata ji amar was arrested? mata ji sys i released him. simar says i am sorry amar. he says i know you were forced. He takes vash on call, simar says i can’t talk to rol till that woman is here. this woman should go out. amar says we have made a plan that will take her out of house, vash tells her everything. vash says if she tries to harm me amar will be there. simar syas what you did. she can kill vash. you don’t know what she is. did you tell her your name? Vahs says yes i have. simar says you should have asked me. vash says whats the problem, suddenly she is shocked fake roli is standing in front of her.

vahs says how you know my house? fake roli says you knew my secret i knew your house, vash says waht you want? She says your death. –

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. Fake roli is going to kill vaishnvi… ???? Omg


  5. Ridiculous…that day fake roli said that they had deprived her of something and that’s why she is there to live forever as roli. What’s that “something”..its high time to reveal it. Vash won’t die..always good wins over evil in ssk.

  6. Anjali is such a sweet kid…

  7. Guys pls high time to reveal the truth n end this track.

  8. i think vaish will win simar or aman will save her.but its time to end this fake roli character

  9. I know! Anjali is just too adorableee <3

  10. oh no dont kill vash

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